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7 Awesome Ways To Get More Blog Post Comments

blog post commentsGet More Blog Post Comments: State of the Nation

How do you feel when you’ve created and published your post only to see no blog post comments. Not a single one?

In fact you may not have even had any readers let alone any blog post comments.



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Just today I did a quick tour of my niche and of the 57 blogs I quickly scanned, only 8 had any blog comments on their last 5 or 6 published posts and of these, only 3 had more than 20 comments on any post.

In fact, 11 of these blogs had not created content for at least 6 months – they were completely dead in the water and more than likely because their posts did not attract any engagement at all.

So if you’ve done your best to create a post that attracts only crickets then it can be a bit soul destroying especially if you’ve put a lot of work into your blog post.

However, you could also be you’re worst enemy.

After all you can’t make your blog readers leave a comment. It’s completely voluntary but you certainly can encourage them in lots of ways to leave their thoughts and ideas about your content.

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How To Increase Your Blog Post Comments?

Here are 7 ways I have used quite successfully to increase the level of engagement on my blog posts.

1. Make Your Content Compellingblog post comments

Create your posts with some passion and emotion. Make them interesting and something of real relevant value to your readers. If your posts lack emotion then that will automaticaly reflect in the levels of engagement you achieve.

No one’s going to finish reading let alone leave a comment, on a totally boring blog post article.

Well hang on there a tick. I must admit that this would depend on your niche and target audience of course – bit difficult to express passion on say an engineering blog post or is it?

The key here is to create content that fully resonates with your target audience. So best make sure you know who your audience is as well as knowing with great clarity what are their pains and frustrations. 

TIP: Here’s a post that gives you the all low down about Target Audiences 

An Example of Terrible Blog Post Content 

Today in one of the posts I scanned whilst researching for this article, I saw a post that talked about “How to Sell High Ticket offers to Anyone.”

The entire post simply looked at the potential commision earnings of a variety of high priced affiliate offers that anyone with junior high school arithmetic skills could have done for themselves.

Not only did the post not tell the reader what were the pros and cons of thhese offers, they also failed to educate the readers about how to sell these high ticket items.

And that’s not all – wait for it as this bit will be hard to believe. The post also failed to leave a single link for any readers to follow up (if they were stupid enough to want to do this).

Crazy and the blog owner is probably wondering why he’s not gettting any readers, let alone any sales. 

2. Market Your Blog Post

Visit other blogs in your niche and give the best comments you can that add value to these blogs. The blog owners and their readers will follow you back to check out your blog and hopefully leave you comments

Need some really simple yet practical ways to market your blog post?

Check out this post called 15 Smart Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

3. Ask Them

Why not simply ask your readers to leave a comment but also tell them you appreciate the extra effort and time this takes – see my requests for comments at the bottom of this and every post I create. Don’t just say “Hey please comment” – use a bit of flair and really encourage folks to share their thoughts.

blog post comments4. Working Blog Comment System

Make sure you have a working blog comments system that encourages comments.

This is a bit cheeky me giving you this point as on more than a few occasions I’ve had a blog comment system that simply stops working.


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Boy was I lucky to have understanding, supportive and very patient readers who on some occasions even emailed me or skyped me their blog comments that they could not add previously because of my system.

I use CommentLuv plugin and love it but the problem was some techie thing that simply stopped anyone from giving me their feedback.

And to me interacting with my blog commentators is the most important part of my blogging experience. Engaging with my readers is one of the main ways I build my reputation, my credibility and my business.

TIP: If you’re looking for a blog commenting plugin that’s different, totally free and has helped generate more than 200 commentators and 400 comments then check out this Free Plugin Post post from my dear friend Enstine Muki

5. Always Respond To Your Comments

I would normally assumed this would be the case but with that bit of research I told you about earlier, the only blogs that responded to comments were the same one who averaged more than 20 comments per post.

There’s a simple yet obvious messagec here I think.

Remember your blog is a conversation so please don’t be rude and ignore people who have taken the time to check out your content and then ask a question or leave you feedback

TIP: Always go the extra step with first-time visitors to your blog who have left you a valuable comment and create a personalised 1 minute “thank you video” (not just some crappy “great post” type comment – in fact you should delete these).

I do this and the results are awesome

6. Take a Stand

Why not try to be controversial, stir up your readers and have a good old fashioned rant.

Do whatever you can to attract attention jut as long as its relevant to your target audience.  Simply expressing with some real emotion your shock, anger, disappointment or whatever will definitely generate engagment – some of it you may not like but hey, at least it shows you’re not some “bot blogger”

7. Use a Combination of Content Formats

Try including written, video and even podcast versions in your posts as people will prefer to consume your content in different ways. The video does not have to say exactly the same os your written word – in fact it’s better if it doesn’t. Just as long as you focus on the same topic then all will be fine – see my video on this page for an example of this 

Blog Post Engagement Tip: Here’s a blog post I created all about Blog Post Engagement

Your Turn

I know how busy you must be so many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts – always appreciated

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL MY WONDERFUL READERS: I’ve just been informed that some of YOU are having an issue leaving YOUR comments on this post.

How darn ironic when this post is all about getting more comments!

Please know your comments are the absolute lifeblood of my blog business so if you have any issues at all trying to leave me a comment then reach out to me and let me know.

I respect and totally appreciate the time you spend at my place online and I really want to make sure I get your feedback EVERY time.

Here’s my email if you had any issues leaving a comment: [email protected]

Here’s some things I’d love your feedback on:

Do you engage in the same way with your prospects, subscribers and customers?

What’s worked best for you when it comes to encouraging blog comments?

Would you like some help with your blog comments?

Please leave me your thoughts and feedback in your comments – I always reply and engage as much as possible.  

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