8 Ways To Get More Blog Readers

8 Ways to Get More Blog Readers

Are you getting all the blog readers you want and need?

Are you getting the amount of blog traffic you want?

More importantly, is the traffic you’re getting engaging with you and subscribing to you?

As a relatively new blogger, getting consistent traffic to my blog is one of my biggest challenges.

I probably think too much about my Google analytics statistics but after 6 months of blogging I was hoping for more blog visitors than I’m currently enjoying.

However, there is a real thrill whenever I open my blog’s dashboard and see the little red number icon showing me how many comments I have received since the last time I checked.

This is one of the highlights of my day as it gives me the opportunity to engage with my readers directly.

No longer are you talking to yourself so to speak!

Why Focus On Returning Blog Readers?

I love all my readers but sadly I only get the chance to meet with those who engage with me in some way. Actually it frustrates me that I’m not better at grabbing and keeping the attention of more of my blog visitors but I guess you can’t win them all.

The interesting thing about returning blog readers is that these folks are usually the ones who leave the very best, thought provoking  comments. And for me the comments on my posts are just as important as my actual post content as far as providing real value to my readers.

Blog ReadersThe Power of a Tribe of Blog Readers

I got this idea from Donna Merrill and her highly successful blog called Donna Merrill Tribe  

To me a tribe is a small but dedicated group of supportive people who believe in you and what you stand for. They may not always agree with your opinions but they are willing to share and tell everyone they know about you and your tribe.

People like to be part of a group, especially one that is not too large that they may get lost in.

A tribe (some call it a community) seems like the perfect option to encourage engagement and communication.

The key is when you create your very own tribe or community then you will benefit from more and morereturning readers adding to the value you create for all your readers. 

In addition to that, your blogging tribe or community is a great way to build relationships with other like-minded folks who could very easily one day become a joint venture partner with you on some project.

Who knows what the opportunities may be if you consistently support and care for your tribe.

I’ve even created my very own Facebook “VIP Tribe” along exactly the same principles where people can join, share, learn and support each other, in their online journey.

Let me know if you’re interested in joining our Facebook tribe in your comments below.

By the way if you are looking for the expert in how to build an engaged community then look no further than my friend, Adrienne Smith for a free consultation where you’ll also get access to her superb “Build a Blog Community” program – and no this is not an affiliate link but I can speak from personal experience about the value of her training program.

Let’s look at 8 simple things you can do to attract more blog readers.

1.Do Your Blog Readers Feel Welcomed?

Make your place online feel safe and welcoming.

Don’t have your blog readers blasted everywhere they go with links and popups.

Just like if you’re at home, don’t shut the front door on your visitors.

Make them feel like they are welcomed guests to your blog and give them every encouragement to at least become a reader.

There’s a heck of a lot of competition out there online so think about how their visit to your blog can be a stand-out experience for each and every reader?

2.Let Your Blog Readers Discover the Real You

Make it easy for them to get to know the real you and what you stand for.

Make sure your message is very clear.

If you go to my “About” page you’ll see exactly who I am, what I stand for what is the burning mission in my life.

On the “Home” page you see a welcome video from me but the real purpose of these pages is to make my new visitors feel welcome with lots of invitations to connect with me so I can help them if possible.

3.Talk with Your Blog Readers

Never talk “at your blog readers”

When creating your posts imagine you are talking to (or with) a particular member of whatever your target audience is.

Write as you speak and let the conversation roll along naturally. Try to avoid the first person like “I” and “me” too much and instead focus on your blog readers by using the words “you” and “yours”

It may come as a shock to you but I have learnt to realize that your blog visitors really don’t care about you until you can encourage them to engage with you in some way.

Always be authentic, conversational and interested in your blog reader’s situation and you will attract even more blog readers.

You’ll also have them coming back in droves for more of your particular “doses of reality”

This will differentiate you and make the visits of your returning blog readers a memorable experience.

4.Engage, Connect and Serve Your Blog Readersblog readers

 In a world full of noise people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.

Always try to show real interest, real passion, real belief and real empathy with your target audience, your returning blog readers.

If you want your blog readers to remember you and come back again first you must engage, connect and then serve them.

Yes serve them as the privileged guests that they are to your place online.

You’ll get your blog readers to notice you if you are always adding relevant content but to get them to care, even a little bit, you need to create empathy.

If you show your weaknesses as well as your strengths, people will relate to you, begin to trust you and really start to care about the message you are trying to deliver.

Let the real, imperfect you shine through as believe me there are many people out there online who look far better than they actually are.

Just yesterday in a Facebook chat following up on one of my post responses, I was shocked to discover that this well established blogger was not making any money at all from his blog.

Now I realize money is not the be all and end all but if we as bloggers can’t generate some well deserved income then we won’t be around very long to serve the blog readers you are trying so hard to attract.

By simply sharing my real if relatively inexperienced circumstances in relation to my Google analytics stats, it promoted a great conversation that spilled over onto Skype and in the end resulted in him joining my blog subscribers list.

All I said was “I’d like to help you if I can. My newsletter has lots of simple practical tips and advice for internet and affiliate marketers. Would you like me to add you to my list?”

No one ever says no to this simple request, especially if you have genuinely tried to help them in your comment replies and follow ups.

The best ways to be a real but imperfect person is by:

Telling them about the mistakes you have made

Telling them the story of your biggest failure

Sharing a fear or a challenge you still haven’t conquered (Here’s one of mine: I’m hesitant to reach out to top bloggers in my niche and ask them to share my posts)

blog readers5.Make a Difference to Your Blog Readers

Follow up any comments left that you feel showed a real need or cry for help. Email them and share your concern for them re their particular issue.

NEVER provide some paid solution you have even if it’s highly relevant.


Wait for a response from them as that’s what you are really after – another potential long-term relational with a blog subscriber. 

Make the objective of every post one of making a difference not just making a noise.

Even as a newbie blogger I’ve been blessed to have had feedback from some readers that my message has really helped them and is changing their lives. When you get this reaction it makes you feel good knowing that you are really making a bit of a difference to some people’s lives.

That to me is the ultimate result of all my blogging efforts.

The more blog readers you can impact with your own bit of awesome value the more your blog readers will want to come back for more.

TIP: Before I publish any post I always read it out aloud and see if it sounds like me – not too formal and that it sounds like a real conversation.

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6.Respond With Personality

Always, always, always reply to all your blog reader’s comments but do so in a friendly, easy to read conversational tone just as if you were talking to them face-to-face.

Address them by their first name both at the start of your reply when you are welcoming them and at the end of your response.

Whenever someone shares your content follow up and thank them.  You are continually building your brand, your reputation out there online and every piece of content you place out there will reflect back on you in some way.

TIP: When you are sharing other people’s posts (and you should if you were engaged enough to leave a comment) make it unique. For example, when clicking their Twitter social share icon, always edit the pre-written message with your “own take” on the post you are about to share with the world.

The blog post author’s will really appreciate this and you will attract their attention.  Actually I try to leave at least 2 unique tweet shares as well as other social media shares for every blog post I comment in.  

It only takes a moment but can easily differentiate you as a true value provider.

7.Put Away Your Sales Kit with Your Blog Readers

Whatever you do make sure you never come across as someone wanting to make a quick sale.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of these types of blogs out there and you don’t want to be perceived by your blog readers as being as one of these or they’ll leave in a hurry and never return.

Billionaire Donald Trump once said “Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way of keeping score. The real excitement is playing the game.”

Well US politics aside, I never want to be a Donald Trump but I do enjoy “playing the engagement game.”

The simple process of showing each and every blog reader that you genuinely care and will take extra steps to be supportive, will open all sorts of “relationship doors” for you.

Just recently I gave a longer than normal reply to a blog reader who, by their comment, was having a real battle with a particular issue.

My reply, which was more like a mini-post, not only resulted in a follow up Skype conversation but also attracted the interest of 2 other blog readers who commented and emailed me with their kind words.

I simply replied to their emails a thank you but explaining that I was just doing my best for my readers. However, I did mention to them that I had a great newsletter with lots of tips and ideas just like what we had been talking about. I then politely asked if they would like me to add them to my list.

Why not? You work hard to provide great service so never miss an opportunity like that.

8.Always Be Building Your List of Blog Readersblog readers

Last but probably the most important way of ensuring you get a steady stream of returning blog readers is to be always building your list.

Encourage your readers to be part of “your tribe” by giving interesting incentives both in your sidebar banners.

Your list building can be even more effective if you can blend your list building invitation into the body of your blog post.

Did you see how I did this a few times throughout the post?  Did it bother you?

By the way another great source of new subscribers from my blog readers comes from my popup. Don’t worry it’s an exit popup that you’ll only see once you’re going to leave anyway.

Check it out and please join me and my tribe. You’ll see it is once again inviting my blog visitors to join my tribe and grab a range of benefits.

Update: It’s so important to not only be seeking more blog readers but also ensuring that what you provide encourages them to come back to your blog.

The following comment on this post from Don Purdum says it all ” According to report by Google in 2012, it on average takes 10.6 pieces of content before someone initiates engagement with you. That could be a comment, opt-in or a purchase. That means our content has to be worth someone continually coming back for.”

Your Turn

I know how busy you must be so many thanks for your comments.
As I said right at the start of this post:
Are you getting the amount of blog readers you want and need?
Are you getting the amount of blog traffic you want?
More importantly, is the traffic you’re getting engaging with you and subscribing to you?
About 50% of my blog traffic comes from returning readers. What about yours?
What’s worked best for you in getting blog traffic and returning blog readers?


Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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    • Hello there,
      I would not normally approve this type of comment as it looks like spam. However, I’m giving you the chance as I visited your site and saw the fantastic job you have done promoting your huge range of chocolates and sweets – and yes I’ve got a “sweet tooth”

      But I could not see your blog on your site so please let me know where its located and I’ll see what I can do for you. OK?

      And yes I can provide you with some great traffic training to get lots of visitors to your website. Just click on the banner on my site that says “25 Hot Ways to Get Highly Targeted Free Traffic” – that will get you started.

      I hope your enquiry was genuine as it was lucky to get approved.

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger with a very sweet tooth!


  1. Hi….very nice article as I want to know more about blog readers…important that you have provided…i would like to read articles of these types….good tips…traffic is very important for any blog success. Thank you for sharing these tips so I can make my blog site better…

    • Hello and thanks for your visit,

      Traffic is important to our blog success.
      Care to share with me your blog so I can see what content you are sharing?

      Thanks from a remote Thai village blogger


  2. Hello Peter!

    Well done my friend! You gave some powerful information about increasing blog readership on your blog.

    Although they are all brilliant, number 5, Make a Difference to Your Blog Readers really resonated with me. So many blogs are nothing but self-serving and sale-related. That’s fine every now and then but does not make for interesting reading on a regular basis, nor is it helpful.

    I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing bloggers, including yourself!

    I like blending list building into the body of the post. We need to let the reader decide but they can’t do that if it’s not there! Including it more than once is smart because someone may not notice it on first look.

    Thanks again for reminding us that getting traffic is one thing, but increasing your readership takes another set of skills.

    • Hello Lisa And welcome back to my place,

      I’m glad you appreciated number 5 – making a difference. You know the very fact that I actually followed up some readers who’d left comments actually amazed them. They were probably expecting some sort of pitch rather than a genuine expression of interest.

      Don’t get me wrong, I hope over time by providing enough relevant content that solves specific problems for folks, they will consider me as a believable and ethical solution provider and become a customer.

      Blogging to me is an all-encompassing on-going experience that provides us with the opportunity to share the best most relevent content we can create – not just in our posts but also in the comments we leave for other bloggers in our niche.

      It’s amazing how many first-time visitors I am starting to get from seeing my comments left on some other people’s blog posts – that is really exciting and very satisfying as at least I know I’m heading in the right direction.

      My objective is to be regarded by my blog tribe as someone worth listening to and following my recommendations – but yes that takes time and lots of effort.

      As always thanks for your valuable comment Lisa.

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger


  3. Hi Peter,

    It’s awesome you mentioned two of my favorite bloggers in Adrienne and Donna!

    Building a blog is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. It requires incredible content that is relevant to one person, with one problem/need/desire and with one solution.

    You have brought up some excellent points.

    One of my biggest irks are bloggers who don’t respond to their comments. They apparently don’t realize what they are missing out on?

    Not only are they indirectly, or directly, telling their readers they don’t value or have time for them; they are missing out on business.

    In 2015, I earned well over $30,000 from people who read my blog, engaged with me in the comments and then I earned the business.

    According to report by Google in 2012, it on average takes 10.6 pieces of content before someone initiates engagement with you. That could be a comment, opt-in or a purchase. That means our content has to be worth someone continually coming back for.

    Building a list, connecting on social media and engaging there, and engaging on our blogs means we move closer and closer to either earning business or a business referral partner if we do it right.

    Great post Peter! I appreciate your insights.

    I hope you have an awesome week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hello Don and welcome back to my place,

      It’s always an honor to have such a highly recognized blogger like you take the time to share your wisdom and support – Thank you so very much Don.

      Let me please add that you, Don Purdum, have been a major source of learning and inspiration for me. Every single post you create has so many lessons for me. Yes Adrienne and Donna have taught me many things but your guidance is a stand out experience.

      I agree with you re those bloggers who fail to respond to comments left for them. Not only is it discourteous but as you said, they are missing out on so many potential relatioships that are the life-blood of a blogger’s future.

      Wow if it takes being exposed to 10 pieces of content before any engagement may start then that right there is a huge message. We must make absolutely sure our message is crystal clear, consistently delivered and that the content we are providing to our blog visitors is highly relevant.

      Now I see what you mean when you stated that blogging is more like a marathon than a sprint. It’s going to take time and a lot of creative effort to build a reputation that will encourage our blog readers to keep coming back for more. But you have already demonstrated that the end results are definitely worth all the effort.

      My focus will definitely continue to be on attracting potential business partners or business referral partners, who believe in the relevance and competency of the value I provide. Great advice and fully understood Don.

      Thank you for your superb contributon to my post Don – awesome stuff mate.

      Best wishes from Thailand


  4. Thanks Peter,

    Super post!

    The concept of building a tribe is not new, but it sure is relevant. I see it becoming one of the huge issues for bloggers who want to prosper. It’s all about the people and how we connect with them now.

    You mentioned Donna Merril and Adrienne, two stellar examples of marketers who have built a tribe of followers. Another marketer I’ve recently come across is Bevan Bird. Bevan is doing remarkable things on Facebook to grow his tribe. That said, I don’t think you can beat running a tribe building program via your blog.

    Regarding your eight tips, all of them hit the spot. Interacting and engaging with our blog readers is critical. It annoys me when I visit a popular blog and see plenty of comments from readers, but zero response from the blog owner. Some of these gurus preach engagement and community but fail to walk the talk themselves.

    Finally, building the email subscriber list is vital. Bloggers need to have an attractive lead magnet offer on every page of their site. Then they need to communicate with their subscribers at least once a week (frequency can increase when the number of subs reaches a pre-determined level).

    Emails can encourage readers to read the latest blog post, and share and comment, thereby creating a virtuous loop. Sending subscribers back to the blog is integral to community building.

    Relationships can be further built by connecting with subscribers on Facebook and sending personal emails (as mentioned by you). Bloggers should always see themselves as problem solvers and solution providers. I have no hangup about offering a paid solution, but only after establishing a relationship first.

    Thanks, Peter – great work!


    • Hello again Kim,

      Always a real pleasure to have you visit my place as your feedback is extemely valuable, not just to me but also for my readers.

      Actually Donna, Adrienne and you Kim, are the bloggers who have guided me towards the critical importance of building your own “blog tribe”

      Recently I realized that I needed to be inviting visitors to join my tribe more often than I was doing. Up until then I was just relying on some sidebar banner to do the job. Notvery effective at all.

      That’s why I have introduced “within the post invitations” plus I created the most recent popup that visitors will see when leaving my site. The “inpost” liks have proved to be really good and the exit pop ups are not as effective but still gaining me 5 -10 subscribers a day.

      Both these methods are improving my chances of building even more relationships with my blog visitors.

      I also make sure all my new subscribers get to “meet me” on video as part of my way of building engagement.

      I agree with you re those authority bloggers who never bother to reply to their comments. Really disappoints me in fact. They probably think it takes too much of ther valuable time but when other top bloggers (who are getting even more comments like Adrienne Smith) still manage to always reply, it does make a bit of a mockery of their so called “blogging advice” that they more often than not, want to charge you for.

      The combination of email and blog marketing is an essential part of my overall strategy. I not only encourage my subscribers to visit my specific blog posts but I also ask them for suggested blog topics as well. Linking my posts to social media and my email csubscribers is my version of a “social loop”

      By the way, just for interest, I find if the subject line of my emails indicates its a blog post, I always seems to get a better open rate as its starting to seem that folks enjoy visiting my place. And I’m excited about that new trend.

      Just recently after learning from another great blogger, Don Purdum, I added a new section to my blog called “Start Here” where my blog visitors can get a very clear message about What I do, Why I do it and more importantly, WHAT’s IN IT for my visitors. Visitors are then asked to “Join My Tribe” if they haven’t already done so. Early days yet but I’m very interested to see how this new addition will help me convert even more blog visitors to becoming members of my blog tribe.

      You’re right Kim – we must always see ourselves as problem solvers, even if we are not the top line authorities on any particular topic. Just as long as we can add our own experiences as part of a valuable solution, then you can easily give it away or charge a fee for it.

      We all have to survive financially and like you, I am not hesitant about offering a paid solution if its relevant and appropriate.

      As always thanks for your thought provoking response Kim – great stuff mate

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger


  5. Hi Peter,

    I never like to talk about my “readers.” I always try to remind myself that they are people, first and foremost. Like you say, engaging with them, and really helping them… “making a difference” in their lives, even in the smallest way ==> that’s what blogging is really all about.

    If you focus on treating your readers like people, then your blog will certainly be inviting, friendly, engaging and a place that folks want to visit often.

    PS: I also like your suggestion about reworking your tweets in your own voice. I always try to do that, too.


    • Hello Donna,

      Always great to have you visit with me.

      I really like your concept of making our blogs a place that is an inviting and engaging place that people will want to come and visit with many times.

      That’s certainly going to be one of my main opbjectives in 2016.

      The reworking of the Tweets to me simply is showing you have really appreciated what you are about to share and gives a unique twist to your content.

      Thanks as always for your excellent feedback Donna – truly appreciated.

      Best wishes from Thailand


  6. Hey there Peter,

    Great post. A blog is really about the people. A blogger publishes blog posts online so other people can read them. If it’s all about me…me…me, then no one will ever want to go back anymore. A blog is for the people so it’s about we.

    As long as we create high quality content that’s filled with value, people will always appreciate it and want more. We just have to be ourselves and use our messages to allow people to relate, get inspired and educated with our words.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

    • Hello there PJ and welcome to my place,

      Could not agree with you more my man – blogging is all about people not backlinks and traffic potential and we must never forget that.

      However, I think you need to do more than just create high quality content, we need to create content that is also very RELEVANT to our target audiences.

      The more relevant we can make our content and share it in our own unique manner, the more we will engage our visitors and hopefully convert them to becoming regular readers.

      PJ you are absolutely correct when you say we “just have to be ourselves” – that’s what people are seeking. The real, authentic you – warts and all so to speak!

      Many thanks for your visit and hope to see you again soon PJ

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger


  7. Hi Peter
    Just went through your 25 traffic tips video. I have never seen so much value in one place.
    List building, list building – its so necessary and so far really tough for me. I am convinced your video will solve more than a few problems for me.
    I will be spending some time on your site reading your blog posts in the next few days. Creating a tribe is a great idea.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. I am still digesting what I have learned from your video, but I think I see light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Hello Igert and welcome to my place.

      I am so pleased you enjoyed the “25 Hot Ways to Get Highly Targeted Traffic” video.

      To be honest I put a lot into that presentation so I really appreciate your comment about “I have never seen so much value in one place” – wow can I use that as a testimonial please?

      Yes list building is critical to all of us with online businesses but do it correctly and it will also become your single biggest asset online.

      Enjoy looking aropund my place here and please if there is anything you find that you need some more help with or information on, just drop me an email at [email protected]

      May the light at the end of your tunnel be exactly what you are seeking Ingert

      Best wishes from Thailand


  8. Hey Peter!

    This article is really spot on and an excellent reminder for me to start working on building a list. I couldn’t have said it better myself, one thing that I’m focusing on now is leaving comments on other blogs to increase my exposure. I shared the article on Twitter (and yes it’s always awesome to see the new comment notification!).

    Looking forward to your next article.

    • Hello there Timothy,

      Great to see you again my man. I’m glad the post reminded you about building your list.

      Withut doubt your email list, if you build it correctly, will be your most valuable asset. And if it was full of your blog readers then for sure it would also become an extremely profitable asset over time as you built your relationships and shared your relevant appropriate offers with “your tribe”

      Many thanks for sharing – I appreciate that very much.

      Best wishes as always Timothy and I love your new approach to your blog – very exciting future coming up for you.


  9. Ahhhh Peter,
    You never disappoint. You always over deliver and you deliver with real content. I think what most people fail to do is-and I seem to be saying it a lot lately-is that they don’t keep it real.
    I used to host a meditation/self-empowerment group and I would always try to explain to people that you have to start where you are. When you speak of where you are you plant your feet in the ground.
    Without that you’ve got nothing, you’re just hovering about.
    I really love that, that is what you do, that’s what I try to do too.
    I often see people wanting to by-pass it all and fake it all the way. Problem is there’s no substance to it.
    Anyway mate, once again well done-Jennifer

    • Hello Jennifer and a warm welcome back,

      I’m not sure about the over-deliver bit but many thanks for the kind accolade Jennifer.

      I do always try to give the very best I can and sometimes that is not easy when talking about a topic that is still a challenge for me – like this one.

      Yes I love getting engaged visitors and in this post I am sharing how I go about getting readers just like you Jennifer. What I do is working for me but it’s not enough!

      To be totally open with you (and my readers) as a relatively new blogger I need to be able to scale up my actions and get more of my blog visitors to become my blog readers and then hopefully they may join me and my tribe here as blog subscribers.

      Thanks a million for accepting me just as I am – I liked that.

      It’s easy for me just to be my old, simple yet realistic self with all my readers.

      It’s interesting that I have received some lovely emails from readers who share your same thoughts Jennifer.

      So at least I know I’m heading in the right direction.

      Best wishes as always from Thailand


    • Hello and thasnk you for your first visit to my place.

      I’m glad you found the information helpful and come back again soon

      Best regards from Thailand


  10. Hey Peter,

    Well first let me thank you for the mention, I’m truly touched and I appreciate that so much. What I have come to love about the internet is that we all eventually find where we belong and what we’re good at doing. Mine happens to be how to stand out with your blog and of course, make those necessary connections. But on to the topic at hand.

    Per our wonderful conversation we just had Peter, you’ve heard my story. Our blogs should be geared toward helping our readers solve their problem. So for this particular post it’s how to get more readers to their blogs. Because you’ve given us so many great tips and have asked some important questions at the end of this post, I’m sure you’re going to get some great responses as people start to show up to read your content.

    If they are a new reader then you just start that conversation with them and I don’t recall off the top of my head but I think you have something in place so that they’ll receive an email with your response. That’s how you can really start to help them. When they know that you really care and you prove it by NOT selling to them, you’ll gain their trust in that way.

    It takes time but that’s where friendships are born, that’s how we start to build up those connections and trust me when I say this. Whether those people ever become your customer or not, they’ll recommend you to their friends because they KNOW you would never do them wrong.

    You can take Google away and all of the social media platforms and leave us all to fend for ourselves but you can’t take those connections away.

    I just wanted to prove that point because everything you shared here, they need to be doing in order to really help their readers. Bingo!

    Thank you Peter for this information and you know I’ll be sharing it as well. You have a great day tomorrow, I know your day is winding down now. Thanks for helping us all understand what we should be doing.


    • Hello there Adrienne and welcome back to my place,

      Connections is what its all about thats form sure Adrienne. To me the blog commenting actions I take are ALL ABOUT THAT.

      Creating new relationships online is one of the most exciting and potentially profitable things you can ever do if you approach it the correct way. And Adrienne that’s where your expertise and guidance are so very valuable.

      Just loved our Skype call and apologies for the loss of the video – must have been putting too much strain on our very limited internet connections! Thanks also for the help with Triberr and I will definitely be following that up to further my omline connections.

      I’m glad the simple tips I shared are of interest to you and your followers as it validates for me that what I am doing everyday to get more readers to my blog posts, is the way to go. Sure it takes time but hey, anything of real value alwys takes time to create. Well I think that statement’s correct but not sure. lol

      As always is was great to get your wonderful contributon to my blog post Adrienne – thank youm again

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger


  11. Peter, Another outstanding and worthy article from you. Always love reading your posts. Especially like the comment about not wanting to be a Donald Trump. Ha (me too ). I am at the beginning of my blogging career and your 8 steps to get more blog readers is a great read for me. I will put into practice. Looking forward to learning more from you. Also love your VIP group you have created. Very helpful as well. Thanks Peter again and be talking soon.

    • Hello and welcome back to my place David,

      Always great to have your valuable feedback and support.

      Yes the Donald Trump bit was a bit of fun really but hopefully I made the point clear enough.

      It gives me great pleasure to be able to help others in some small way both here on my blog and also in our VIP Facebook tribe group.

      Best wishes David from a surprisingly cool (believe it or not!) Thai village


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