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Attract High-Quality Clients Without Becoming A Pushy Salesperson

Are you tired of having one-on-one conversations with potential customers who say “This all sounds really great but I can’t afford it right now? Let me think about it…”

Yes, it’s painful to just say “OK” and let them walk away, isn’t it?

How many customers have slipped through your fingers because you didn’t know what to say during a conversation?

And what happens to the potential customer? They still have the challenge or urgent problem they came to you with.


They stay stuck, you feel rejected, and nobody wins.


So… what’s the alternative?


Learn How To Get 8 Out Of 10 Potential Customers From Your One-On-One Conversations


What if you could be authentic, confident, and enrolling during your consultations, instead of nervous, pushy, or sales-y?


Are you ready For A “Selling Makeover?”

Do you have amazing gifts and experiences to share?


Do you love doing the work you’re doing, because you’re passionate about serving other people?


Are you ready to attract MORE CUSTOMERS easily and effortlessly?


If your heart is responding with a resounding “YES”, then stick with me, because I’m here to offer you the same “transformation” many of my clients have gone through.


They've gone from total fear of rejection to looking forward to every single sales conversation they hold.


Because they know it’s their chance to help create a new possibility in someone else’s life, that they are unable to make themselves.


I want to show you how to overcome your fear and discomfort of having “customer conversations”… so that you confidently offer your services, help more people, and make more money in your business.

no more fears of rejection

Here's What You're About To Get:

you'll enjoy helping and serving yuour ideal clients

Enrollment Consultation Formula:  

My Exact Step-By-Step Method For Holding Powerful ONE-ON-ONE Enrollment Conversations (aka Sales Conversations) That CONVERT PROSPECTS INTO CLIENTS.

Making An Irresistible Offer:  

You’ll Get My Step-By-Step Formula For Confidently Offering Your Services During Your Consultations So That Your Potential Clients Enthusiastically Say YES!

Transforming Objections: 

How You Can Authentically And Powerfully Work With “I Can’t Afford It”, “I Need To Think About It”, And Other Forms Of Fear And Resistance In A Way That Allows Your Clients To Say YES

Getting Your Client’s Commitment: 

You’ll Learn How To Eliminate The Painful “Clients Changing Their Mind” Problem Once And For All

The Art Of Enrolling High-End Clients:  

I’ll Share With You My Top Secrets For Finding And Enrolling Clients Who Are Willing To Pay Premium Fees

Here's All You Need To Do Now

To put your mind at rest have a conversation with Peter to make absolutely sure this program is the right fit for your requirements.

Our conversation will simply CLARIFY what are your key sales challenges.

Then YOU make the decision and if you FEEL it's not the right fit for you, then that's OK with me as well!


Let's talk to make sure this program is the right fit for you. If so we can then come to an agreement on the investments required