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Who Else Wants Massive Pay Days Using The
Ultimate Ethical 6 Figure Short Cut System? 

The Only All-Inclusive Business System That Puts $10, $10, $50, $200, $500 and $1,000 Commissions In Your Bank Account On Autopilot!

Instantly be able to make $1000 without ever having to actually sell anything

Live coaching every week to make sure you are taking the small amount of action required

Perfected and proven sales funnels with a great sales team doing the selling for you.

Everything setup for you – the funnels, the products, the follow ups, EVERYTHING!

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This is truly the closest thing to guaranteed success you can get, so if you’re looking for the answer, for the program that will give you your breakthough then look no further…

iPro is not like any other programs you’ll see online.

It’s not only one of the most ethical businesses online but as well you won’t be left with any guess work wondering what the next step is – it’s all set out for you in a very easy to understand system.

As an iPro partner, having full use of Dean Holland’s already highly optimized sales funnels, you simply drive traffic to the squeeze page offering the free product.

Dean created automated and complete sales funnels which he allows people to license for a one time investment which results in the investor becoming an iPro partner and enables them to use the exact same funnel to drive traffic to and keep 90% of the commissions.


Let’s go through an example.

1000 visitors to the free product squeeze page – say 40% opt-in – 400 subscribers.

Of those 400 subscribers, 5% purchase the front end offer at $20 – 25 front end customers = $400 profit

Then 40% of those 20 front end customers go on to purchase an upsell offer at $100 – 8 repeat customers = $800 profit

Then out of your subscribers, 8 of them choose to purchase the monthly membership site at $47 p/m – 8 members = $376 p/m

Then out of all your customers 1 of them choose to invest into the high ticket program (iPro partners) at $1000 – 1 customers = $1000

So just from 1000 visitors you make $2,576 with $376 of that being recurring!

See how having a high converting and solid sales funnel in place can benefit you?

Now, here’s where the real magic of Dean Holland iPro program happens.

As you’re a licensed iPro partner, the only thing you have to do is drive traffic to he free offer.

That’s it.

Dean and his team do the rest.

They follow up with your leads, they funnel them through the system and they even personally close them into the high ticket offers meaning you bank BIG for minimum effort!

I mentioned before that you get 90% commissions, this accounts for all the products in the initial funnel. $5, $10, $20, 50, $100, $200. The other 10% covers the costs of Dean running his business, paying for hosting, payment merchants etc.

Then with the high ticket items you make 50% which include commissions up to $500 and even a $1000! And yes, there are membership products in the funnel as well so you earn recurring income.

But, this one-of-a-kind opportunity isn’t finished yet.

Dean also backs up the whole iPro program with what I honestly believe is the strongest guarantee in I.M.


Yes you read that correctly!

If you haven’t made $20,000 in your first 6 months of joining then Dean and his team will work one-on-one with you personally until you have made $20,000! 

You also get access to all these products in the funnel yourself.

On top of that you get expert training from Dean’s traffic masters program, this turns a total traffic newbie into a master in 10 days or less!

All the customer support is taken care of for you by Dean and his team.

Dean’s team follow up with all your leads and close as many as possible into the high ticket programs.

Plus on top of all this you get live, weekly mentoring for 3 months!

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To your success,

Peter Beckenham

PS. Please contact me if there is ANYTHING at all you would like to know more about iPRO.
I would be delighted, excited and extremely proud to share with you!

Email me at : [email protected]  OR Call me on Skype (peter.beckenham)

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