Profitable Traffic Generation Methods Revealed

Profitable Traffic

You’ve finally done it! After lots of effort your website is finished and looking great!

But I have news for you and it’s not good! If you want to be profitable your work has only just begun.

Your biggest challenge was not creating your website but generating targeted traffic to your website.

Watch my video to see how even newbies can finally understand profitable traffic generation

So how do you go about attracting your target or niche audience to your site?traffic7 - FB Share Link Size

Traffic is simply a stream of people who are visiting your website

These visitors can be “Targeted” or “Untargeted”

As you will see in the video the essential thing is to focus ALL your time and efforts only on generating “Targeted” traffic.

For more information and to help you some more I suggest you read my post:
“Tips In Targeting Traffic To Your Website”

Want more Traffic to Your Blog Posts?

Publishing a blog post and sitting around waiting for people to find it is not an effective method to build your blog audience.

You need to actively promote your posts and engage new readers if you want the exposure your blog deserves.

Need some ideas about how to do this?

Then I recommend you check out this excellent post  31 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts and Get More Traffic from Stuart Walker of NicheHacks.

Linking to other blogger’s in your posts will also greatly help your blog traffic as well. This is explained in a really interesting and fun post from Ryan Biddulph called “How To Increase Blog Traffic Easy” 

Breaking News!

The simple secret success formula of internet marketing is this:

Targeted Traffic + Conversions = Sales (Revenue for You)

To help complete the “secret success formula” training here is another training video “All About Conversions” – I hope these training videos bring you more success (and profits of course!)

So watch out for that post but in the meantime…

I Have A Question for You

Think about this! How much money could you make if you had unlimited free traffic forever?

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Your Turn

What are your biggest traffic concerns? What types/methods of traffic generation have worked for you?

Would you like me to create more training videos for you. If so let me know on what topics you’d like me to create the training videos. OK?

Please leave me your questions, queries and feedback in your comments below. I always respond and my readers will appreciate you sharing your experiences – both good and bad! 


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  1. This is most definitely job one isn’t Peter?

    So this is always a welcome evergreen subject to
    shed some light on.

    And the more targeted we can make it on the all important
    front end of our marketing process, the much more profitable,
    doing so will be for us, on the back end of our entire sales process!

    Thanks!Mighty good and extremely practical stuff!

  2. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your comment. Traffic seems to be a chalenge to so many people but really there is so much of it available right now the real question you should be asking is how to find the most targeted traffic for my site/page. There are pros and cons for both “free” and “paid” traffic sources and personally as far as paid traffic is concerned I prefer selected solo ad providers rather than PPC. I have had some success with Facebook ads but you have to be careful you monitor daily your campaigns otherwise they could cost you an arm and a leg. Would you like me to create some extra training on “traffic generation”? Let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with OK?

    • Hi David and thanks for your visit and supportive comment. Targeted traffic is the name of the game and then all we need to do is CONVERT it. I have a post coming soon that looks at the important issue of conversion. All the best to you David.

    • Hello Roy and thanks for your supportive comment. I’m glad you found the video helpful and look forward to sharing more with you in the future. All the best with your solo ads.

  3. I always thought that I would never get traffic. I tried for many months to keep my content fresh and coming along each week, but there just didn’t seem to be much coming my way. Then all of a sudden there it was. Google finally ranked me and it was off to the races after that.

    • Hi Jason. Great to hear from you. Glad to see you finally got your traffic moving. Care to share how you got so highly ranked with Google? That is a sure way to get free targeted traffic and both me and my readers would love to hear how you did it.

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