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Get More Prospects, Close More Sales, Make More Money

Module 1

The Success Mindset

Module 2

Home Truths

Module 3

Your Profitable Niche

Module 4

Your Prospecting Blueprint

Module 5

3 Powerful Little Words

Module 6

Asking Your Way to Success

Module 7

How to Uncover Pain Points?

Module 8

The Client Conversation

Module 9

Sales Call Structure

Module 10

Stress-Free Sales Teleseminar

Module 11

Handling Sales Objections

Module 12

How Buyers Buy?

Module 13

Selling to Different Personalities

Module 14

Customer Behaviour Influences

Module 15

Top Marketers Essential Qualities

Module 16A

Bonus – Attract More Customers

Module 16B

Bonus – Dealing with People Who Say No

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