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Discover How To Build Highly Profitable Services Packages and Double Your Income

Want to learn how to at least double your fees—while providing real transformations for your clients?


Of course, you do.


Well this “It’s a Deal” program is what you want.


It provides you with a proven 5-step plan for turning your experience and expertise into compelling “high-ticket” programs that can bring you thousands of dollars per client.

Discover How to Package Your Services and Make Them Irresistible

Rather than trying to just raise your fees by “winging it”—which rarely works anyway —you need to learn the secrets of how to put together, price properly, market effectively, and ensure you deliver premium services that give your clients a total solution. 

The “It’s a Deal” program will result in big results for your clients—and because of the tremendous value you’re delivering, it means that you’re very well compensated.


This "It’s a deal" program will teach you the mindsets, design, pricing, marketing, and delivery expertise to:

Charge double, triple, or quadruple what you were charging before


In your "It’s a Deal" program I’m going to show you:

The 3 major mistakes you are making that are inadvertently repelling the best clients and keeping you undercharging and underearning

The most important differentiator between premium offerings and low-end offerings, and what you can do to make the leap to premium with confidence and ease

The biggest mindset shift you need to make to be practically irresistible to high-end clients


So, get ready to rapidly increase your client base?

You’re about to learn the EXACT SYSTEM I’ve used over and over to enjoy a coaching career that has been both highly enjoyable and very profitable.


You’ll learn the same step-by-step process I use to convert 80% of my potential clients to paying clients. 


I guarantee that if you follow my "It’s a Deal" Program, you’ll easily earn back 10 times your investment in this training. 


In fact, the “It’s a Deal” audio-based program gives you ALL THREE critical elements you need to be successful with sales:


(1) A Step-By-Step System For Consultations That Lead To “Yes”

You will have a proven step-by-step system that you can follow during each and every time you have a consultation with a potential client. 


(2) A Training Program For Getting All The Clients You Want

You’ll discover new strategies and step-by-step methods designed to help attract as many potential clients as you want


(3) The Tools to Transform Your Inner Game And Build Your Confidence

If you dread holding “discovery sessions”, if the thought of “selling” your services makes you uncomfortable…


And if you’re ready to have a breakthrough… then the “It’s a Deal” program includes bonus tools designed to help you step into a whole new level of confidence!

no more fears of rejection

Here's What You're About To Get:

you'll enjoy helping and serving yuour ideal clients

Module 1 – 5 Key Mindsets: This will help you break through your invisible money ceilings and finally charge what you want and get it.

Module 2 – Designing Your Service Packages: This is where you’ll learn to design your services packages that naturally attract highly committed clients.

Module 3 – Pricing Your Packages: This is the module where I teach you the art and science of pricing that will help you decide on the pricing level best suited for your current business and for your level of experience and expertise.

Module 4 – Marketing Your Services: In this module, we’re are going we are going to be concentrating our efforts on the “art of marketing”

You’ll also discover the key, proven marketing strategies for reaching potential clients, holding high-value perceived calls with potential clients and converting them into paying clients

Module 5 – Delivering Your Services: This module is where I break down three important elements of delivering big results and premium experiences:

How do turn what you do into a system that delivers results that not only help your clients feel like they have hit jackpot in hiring you but also helps you get a lot more YES’s from your potential clients as a result of your marketing and enrollment processes

The Value of This Program Based on Skills Learned from Coaching Masters Bill Baren, Ted McGrath, and Eban Pagan Is PRICELESS...


To put your mind at rest have a conversation with Peter to make absolutely sure this program is the right fit for your requirements.

Our conversation will simply CLARIFY what are your key sales challenges.

Then YOU make the decision and if you FEEL it's not the right fit for you, then that's OK with me as well!


Let's talk to make sure this program is the right fit for you. If so we can then come to an agreement on the investments required