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If sales are a problem for you, one simple piece

of advice is to stop thinking about “selling” & “closing” your prospects.

Instead have a mindset of serving and loving them.

Is it easy?

No, but when you can do this your days will be so much more enjoyable,  satisfying, AND profitable.  The challenge is to get your head and heart around the concept of “conversational  selling” – it’s the complete opposite of traditional sales strategies and it empowers your prospect to make the very best buying decision.

So, yes, I’m challenging you to adopt a “heart-based selling” strategy.

I specialize in teaching you this strategy that immediately positions you as a trusted authority with your prospective clients and will significantly improve your sales experiences and your sales results.

If you’re unsure or unsuccessful in promoting your services then we should talk about restructuring your sales process so that you have a sales process that speaks from your heart and aligns with your core values.

To do this we will look at 4 key aspects

of your sales process:

– Empathy

– Engagement

– Education

– Empowerment

If you're feeling unsure or not experiencing success in promoting your services then we need to talk about restructuring your approach to sales. You need to create a mindset that enables you to implement a conversational sales process that speaks from your heart and aligns with your core values.

It's time to empower you to FEEL more comfortable and to really be able to enjoy having highly valued sales conversations that position you as a trusted authority.

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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