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Make sure you check out the "Start Here" page for some specific directions and steps you can take to get going online.

 Also, make sure you bookmark the "Helpful Hints" page that is full of short, helpful videos on a variety of topics - I'm always adding more and please ask me if there is a particular topic you'd like me to create a training video about. 

If you're a beginner blogger or online marketer then I hope you find help, enjoyment, and support right here on my blog.

Getting started with anything new can sometimes seem like a real challenge but take things one step at a time and let me guide you through the process. I promise to keep things very simple for you because that's the only way I can realistically do things!

What's It All About?

My name is Peter Beckenham – an Aussie coach, blogger and internet marketer who lives with my family in a remote little Thai village. 

I'm excited to have you visit with me and I look forward to helping you. Yes, I am 72+ years of age but still loving every bit of our online businesses. For sure age is not a barrier to online success!

I'm known as that "remote Thai village marketer who cares"

The real focus of my coaching is to help people just like me who have been trying like crazy to achieve success online.

Now I'm not talking about some "overnight success" hype but simply to help folks who are seeking a realistic, honest and ethical way to make money on the internet.  

I'd love to show you how you really can leverage the internet to achieve success online.

So if you have tried all sorts of things to achieve success online and you are still dazed, confused and maybe frustrated, join with me on my journey.

I'll no guru or millionaire marketer but for sure I can definitely open some "opportunity doors" that you will never have seen before. 

But don't let my age fool you. Despite my past successes, my journey of discovery online has just started and I'm experiencing an amazing transformation about what really is possible if you are truly committed to your success. 

Prefer Videos to Reading?

If you're the visual type then you'll love the Helpful Hints page - every week I add another quick video training on a whole range of topics.

Short videos will be consistently added for your help and guidance. 

Please contact me if there is a topic or problem you need help with. Always happy to help if I possibly can.

You Have a Standing Invitation to Join Me

Why not follow me on my blog and see for yourself how I love to engage with and help folks who connect with me. There s no obligation so why not enjoy the excitement of finally making a real success of your online experiences?

With my blog, I'll share with you all the things I'm learning, implementing and experiencing every day on my journey to online success- even my disasters get a mention! Plus you'll have access to a whole lot more tips, ideas plus free video training and reports - and have some fun at the same time! Deal?

Join Me And Make Your Online Journey More Enjoyable!

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Think about it for a moment.

I'm not just an ancient Aussie marketer but a technical idiot as well yet I can still create great income online!

So there's definitely hope for you to achieve success with me.

My Guiding Principle - KISS -  Keep It Simple Stupid.

I like to keep things as simple as they can be -then I know for sure I'll implement them and get the results I want!

This applies to everything I do including our family and our family businesses.

With my wife Amnuai, who is a Thai national, we have 2 daughters and a grand-daughter!

Although the power supplies and internet connections in our Thai village are a real lottery we have managed to be able to establish successful online businesses.

So if we can make a success online from our isolated location with very frail and often broken-down infrastructure then surely you can – and we’ll help you if you want!

Go Here if you want to know all my grizzly details - nothing is left out!

Here's a Little Video Tour Of Our Village

One of our businesses has a major “marketing” focus of helping people to achieve success online, this blog you are on now is part of our latest business venture.

My WHY: My mission in life - the thing that gets me going every single morning apart from wanting to take care of my family is the education needs of the kids in my little Thai village.

My earnings from my online businesses not only look after my family but also enables me to help our village kids.

Our Thai village is very poor and I want to give the children the chance to have better chances in life than their parents and grandparents.  So I want to give them the best chance to have the best education they can get and then be able to break the vicious cycle of poverty these village families have.

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Our Business Ventures

My Coaching Programs

I run coaching programs for those folks who are either online already but struggling and confused OR people who are wanting to get started online but have no idea of the steps to take to create a profitable business.

"Contact Us" if you would like to know more. 

Thai Silk Magic

Our Thai Silk Magic business is a very high quality handmade Thai silk site that exports all over the world the wonderful silk creations of our village folks.

ALL the profits of this business are shared to help improve the educational opportunities of the children of our remote and very financially poor little village. 

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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