3 Essential Tips For Any Online Entrepreneur

online entrepreneurMany people dream about having a successful online business. The attraction of being able to escape the “rat race” and work from home is very appealing. However, there are traps you must avoid.

I have provided you with 3 essential tips all online entrepreneurs should know that I discovered whilst perusing the web. Let me share them with you below.


A Brilliant Idea Is Worth Nothing

I can have 100 brilliant ideas per minute. And I’m not joking. I know a guy who can have his brilliant ideas in his sleep. Guess what: he’s not an entrepreneur. An idea without action worth nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Focus on your immediate resources to make something plausible working as fast as you can rather than waiting for something allegedly brilliant to grow by itself. It never happened and it will never happen.

If They Copy You, You’re Good

One of the most accurate proofs that you’re doing a great job, is your clone trend. If your site / product gets cloned, you are in for something. If you’re not cloned at all, something must be wrong. Many young entrepreneur have this fear of not being copied. In fact, being copied is the only surefire sign that you’re good. Of course, you WILL have to deal with all the legal hassles of content theft or copyright infringement, that’s for sure, and I’m not advising in any way to ignore that. I’m just telling you this is a sign of success and should be treated like this.

Don’t Look For Traffic, Look For Trends

One of the most present obsession among online entrepreneurs is related to traffic. How much traffic I could generate with this project? In my opinion, traffic is overrated. At the speed of the Internet, traffic is becoming really volatile, users are bombed with loads of information each hour, so rough numbers are not a reliable way to judge your product impact. Instead of numbers of visitors, look for trends: how fast is the site growing / slowing down? Think in percentages, not in thousands of users.

Whilst I have listed 3 essential tips for online entrepreneur success, this article provides another 70+ great tips.

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Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his internet marketing business from a remote Thai village. Like you I was overwhlemed and confused when I first started online but I've worked out how to ethically make money online. If you enjoyed this post then SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG COMMUNITY where you will get lots more information about how to make internet and affiliate marketing work for you.

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    • Hello Deynne and welcome to my place,

      Actually you make a very good point re the “thinking status” BUT if all these ideas ever do is mull around in your head then you will never make any progress with your online marketing.

      Its way too easy to get information overload these days and unless we start to really focus on implementing (taking action) the things we learn then how can we ever expect t make any money?

      Thanks for your visit with me and for providing a valid alternative point of view – much appreciated Deynne

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer
      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Get Started Online the Smart WayMy Profile

  1. Your first point is so important! Amazing ideas kept stashed away in a notebook or on post-its will do nothing for your future! I absolutely understand how scary it can be to take the first steps on a new entrepreneurial project, but I truly hope that people working on online businesses have good support systems and positive people around them. It is so helpful when you need a little nudge in the right direction to have someone close to you give encouragement, support, and feedback. Set goals, find an accountability partner, and don’t let those great ideas go to waste no matter how big or small!

    • Could not agree more Jenn. Everyone needs a “little nudge” now and again just as long as the support and advice provided line up with your goals and mission in life. Actually you make an excellent point about having an “accountability partner” – someone who will tell you what they really think and not just what they think you want to know.
      Peter recently posted…Are You Busy Failing Online?My Profile

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