5 Tips For Email Marketing Success

email marketingDon't listen to those who tell you email marketing has had its day!

Nothing could be further from the truth as email marketing is alive and absolutely thriving for people who are using this strategy correctly.

These days the 2 key stats for email marketing are open rates and “click through rates”


Open rates are simply as the name implies, the number of emails you send that are actually opened by the people on your list. These have fallen for many people as many email marketers have fallen foul (often inadvertently) of the ever increasing spam regulations.

The key is to have a subject line that grabs their attention, promotes enough curiosity and grab attentiontemptation to make people want to open your email whilst at the same time, not harassing or “shouting” at them in a way that could be deemed as spamming them.

Click through rates is the statistics that show how many of your email subscribers actually open your email and then click on the links you provide in the body of your email.

This is determined by your ability to not just grab the readers attention but to also generate enough interest to encourage them to find out what you re offering by clicking the link in your email.

Another challenge is getting your emails to actually land in your subscribers “inbox” and not in their “spam” folder where they will never be seen.

email marketingNever assume your emails will automatically “inbox” and the chances of them being caught by spam filters is high if you use certain words and phrases in your subject line or the body of your email.

Avoid using words and phrases like “free”; anything about “selling; anything that looks, feels and sounds even a little bit like “hype”

Here are some simple tips to help you improve your email marketing stats:

1. Make sure your subject line is short, sweet and to the point.  You need to grab their attention so try and be different but not spammy!

2. Get personal – if you know the subscriber's name then use it in your email but avoid going “over the top” in your use of their name. The use of their first name in the subject line is still an effective way to get their attention and a simple “Hello John” to start the body of your email definitely will be good start.

3. Try creating some test or “seed” email accounts with Gmail, Outlook, AOL and Yahoo. Before mailing to your email list test out your subject lines and email body and see if your emails actually “inbox” with your seed accounts.

 The secret is to keep your emails focused and on topic, conversational, interesting and above all avoiding any semblance of sales hype – after all you don't like getting that type of email so why should anyone else!

4. Add value in your emails. Over time build a reputation with your email list for adding email marketingvalue. Provide them with solutions to their most asked about problems and give them free good quality material and advice.

For example use PLR (Private Label Rights) products that relate to your niche on occasions. There are many places you can find these resources – simply do a search on Google for “your niche or target market” + PLR

5. Be consistent. Get your subscribers to know your sending schedule as you build both your reputation and the interest in what you have to offer. Whether its daily, every few days or weekly make sure your emails are sent out on a consistent basis.

Use common sense here. Blasting out way too many emails at one time will damage your reputation and not contacting your list for some period, like say a month, will result in them forgetting you.

Remember your subscribers are probably on many lists and you have to earn their respect and their interest. So by consistently providing emails that are both of value and stimulating interest will quickly differentiate you from most other email marketers.

Email marketing is a great way to promote the specific products and services that you endorse.

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