AMC Module 1 – Establish the Gap


Hello and welcome to your Attract More Clients training program

An essential part of getting more clients is how you connect with and build the know, like, trust and respect factors with your potential clients – your prospects. Today there are two key topics I’m going to cover that will act as a catalyst for you to have successful discovery sessions with potential clients. 

Number One:  I’m going to teach you the most important part of a discovery session/consultation, the “Establishing the Gap” method. This is the heart and soul of any consultation because when you can establish the gap successfully, you’re halfway there to having consultations that totally wow your potential clients.

Number Two: I’m going to give you some of the key components of the inner game of enrollment. I’m sure you’ve noticed this already. Having a successful discovery session with your prospect isn’t just about what you say and do, it’s also about your mindset and how you’re being perceived by the person you’re speaking to. Discover the essential first steps of converting prospects into clients with no selling.

Before starting the podcast make sure you download the document provided below as we will use this in the training. Enjoy!

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Establishing the Gap

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