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“You’re About To Discover My Step-By-Step System For Attracting Large Numbers Of High-Paying Clients – Without Sacrificing Your Values Or Turning Into A Pushy Salesperson”

If you’d like to double the number of clients you’re getting – and attract enough clients to have a 6-figure income – read on to learn more about this powerful training program

Peter Beckenham

The Village Marketer



Dear Business Owner,

Are you tired of having one-on-one consultations with potential clients who say “This all sounds really great but I can’t afford it right now? Let me think about it…”

Yes, it’s painful to just say “OK” and let them walk away, isn’t it?

How many clients have slipped through your fingers because you didn’t know what to say during a consultation?

And what happens to the potential client? They still have the challenge or urgent problem they came to you with. They stay stuck, you feel rejected, and nobody wins.

So… what’s the alternative?

Learn How To Enroll 8 Out Of 10 Potential Clients From Your One-On-One Consultations

What if you could be authentic, confident, and enrolling during your consultations, instead of nervous, pushy, or sales-y?

Ready For A “Selling Makeover?”


Do you have amazing gifts and experiences to share?

Do you love doing the work you’re doing, because you’re passionate about serving other people?

Are you ready to attract MORE CLIENTS easily and effortlessly?

If your heart is responding with a resounding “YES”, then stick with me, because I’m here to offer you the same “transformation” I’ve gone through.

I’ve gone from total fear of rejection to looking forward to every single sales consultation.

Because I know it’s my chance to help create a new possibility in someone else’s life, that they are unable to make themselves.

I want to show you how to overcome your fear and discomfort of having “enrollment conversations”… so that you confidently offer your services, help more people, and make more money in your business.

“The Attract More Clients Program: Secrets To Enrolling New High-Paying Clients Without Selling”

This program is specifically designed for service-orientated online marketers, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and other businesses that provide expert services.

Your Exclusive Investment Offer Today



Yes, you're getting exclusive preferential access to this proven training.

And you’re about to learn the EXACT SYSTEM I've used over and over to increase the number of clients I get from my one-on-one consultations.

You'll learn the same step-by-step process I use to convert 80% of my potential clients to paying clients. 

I guarantee that if you follow my Attract More Clients Program, you'll easily earn back 3 times your investment in this training (all you have to do is enroll 1 new client).

In fact, the Attract More Clients audio-based program gives you ALL THREE critical elements you need to be successful with consultations:

(1) A Step-By-Step System For Consultations That Lead To “Yes”

You will have a proven step-by-step system that you can follow during each and every time you have a consultation with a potential client. In fact, I’ll give you a detailed script that shows you exactly what to do at every step of your consultation. No more guessing, fumbling and fear of rejection during your initial consultations.

(2) A Training Program For Getting All The Consultations (And Clients) You Want

You’ll discover new strategies and step-by-step methods designed to help attract as many 1-on-1 consultations as you want. The more consultations you have, the more clients you’ll be able have, using the Attract More Clients system for conducting consultations that lead to YES.

(3) The Tools to Transform Your Inner Game And Build Your Confidence

If you dread holding complimentary consultations, if the thought of “selling” your services makes you uncomfortable…

And if you’re ready to have a breakthrough… then the Attract More Clients program includes bonus tools designed to help you step into a whole new level of confidence!

Important note:
You can easily download the MP3 audios to listen and learn at your convenience. 
The thing I’m personally excited about is that we get to work together to help you increase your impact and make a bigger difference in the world. Every client you enroll is another person you can serve with your unique gifts and talents.

Are You Ready To Learn Exactly How To Attract And Enroll More Clients Than Ever Before, Raise Your Fees And Cut Back Your Workload? Does That Sound Like Fun?

Yes, I Want the Attract More Clients Program!

To Start With, You’ll Get My Complete “Attract More Clients System For Having Successful One-On-One Consultations That Consistently Lead To High-Paying Clients:

1 Enrollment Consultation Formula: 

My Exact Step-By-Step Method For Holding Powerful ONE-ON-ONE Enrollment Conversations (aka Sales Conversations) That CONVERT PROSPECTS INTO CLIENTS.

In this module, I’m going to share with you the exact step-by-step formula I use to inspire 80% (that’s 8 out of every 10) of potential clients to say YES to hiring me as their sales coach. And by the way, this formula works equally well for high-value, high-investment clients.

I call the “Enrollment Consultation Formula” a formula because it works consistently, time and time again.

This is a skill you can learn too! Graduates of the Attract More Clients training have learned to be successful at 1-on-1 consultations, and there's no doubt in my mind that you can learn it too. Just follow the formula, it’s just like following a recipe.

This module alone will revolutionize your consultations with clients because you’ll never be stuck wondering what to do or say ever again. I guarantee it.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The EXACT words and questions that I use throughout a successful sales conversation.
  • 3 simple things you can do during your consultations to DOUBLE the number of people who hire you.
  • How to deeply and authentically connect with your potential client. (Remember the saying, “they don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”)
  • The #1 thing that is likely sabotaging your success with one-on-one consultations (most business owners aren’t even aware they’re doing it).
  • How to start off the enrollment conversation as a confident expert who has a clear, valuable agenda and knows how to lead. (Because when your potential client takes over the consultation, there’s little chance it will lead to a sale.)
2 Making An Irresistible Offer: 

You’ll Get My Step-By-Step Formula For Confidently Offering Your Services During Your Consultations So That Your Potential Clients Enthusiastically Say YES!

It’s the moment of truth: you are at the end of your consultation with a client, and it’s time for you to offer your services. Do you freeze up at this point? Do you sometimes find yourself not even making an offer, because you’re so nervous?

In this module, I’m going to share with you the exact step-by-step process I use to successfully offer my services to potential clients, in a way that they feel enthusiastic about saying YES and confident that they made the right choice. When you offer your services the right way, it feels generous and helpful, not something that you’re pushing on someone.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake business owners make during a consultation that kills the sale (this mistake is made almost every time a client says no).
  • The #1 question you need to ask so that your clients sell THEMSELVES, instead of you having to do all the work. (When you learn this, you’ll never feel pushy or sales-y again.)
  • How to confidently and fearlessly offer your services at the RIGHT moment of the enrollment conversation.
  • The worst time – and the best time – to mention your fees during a consultation.
  • How to lead the consultation so that your prospective client will be asking YOU to tell them about your services and fees!
3 Transforming Objections:

How You Can Authentically And Powerfully Work With “I Can’t Afford It”, “I Need To Think About It”, And Other Forms Of Fear And Resistance In A Way That Allows Your Clients To Say YES

If you’re offering services that involve your clients' need to grow, change, or shift to a new level, there’s a good chance that they might feel a little uncomfortable or resistant. Let’s face it, if a change were easy, your clients wouldn’t need your help!

That’s what this module is all about: I’ll show you how to help your clients transform their fears and concerns… because when you’re able to help potential clients stretch and expand so that they’re ready to receive the help they really want, this is a HUGE service to them.

Learning how to transform a fearful “no” into a confident “yes” can result in twice as many clients signing up – and twice as much income coming in – without needing to increase the number of consultations.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to confidently work with the most typical concerns that stop your potential clients cold (money, time, their spouse, etc) – in a way that serves your client.
  • My simple process for “Getting To Yes” without doing any selling (or pushing or anything that feels inauthentic).
  • How to consistently lead your potential clients from sounding vague “interested” to eagerly giving you their credit card to sign up for your services.
  • What “I can’t afford it” actually means… and my #1 favorite phrase to ask in this situation that magically transforms this objection to a commitment to work with you.

BONUS: you’ll get this valuable resource

  • You’ll receive my word-for-word script on what to say when a client says “I can’t afford it,” so that you’ll know exactly what to say when this happens.
4 Securing Your Client’s Commitment:

You’ll Learn How To Eliminate The Painful “Clients Changing Their Mind” Problem Once And For All

Does this ever happen to you?
A potential client says “Yes” to your high-value services during your consultation, but they change their mind a few days later!

I know from experience, that’s one of the worst emails you can get. (Because they usually let you know via email, don't they?) You go from the high and jubilation of getting a new client to the huge disappointment of not getting the chance to even get started.

The worst thing is, the client actually needed what you had to offer. And it’s really tough to turn things around once a client has changed their mind.

When that used to happen to me, I felt so terrible about letting the client down that I had to come up with a system to make sure this never happened anymore. That’s what I’m going to show you in this module!

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The key “mindset” you need to adopt that removes the temptation of your client to bow out.
  • My simple 3-step system that prevents your client from ever having the desire to change their mind.
  • The first step you need to take immediately after your consultation to cement your client’s commitment (hint: it’s not what you think).

BONUS: you’ll get this valuable resource

  • A step-by-step guide on how to get started with clients so that they won’t change their mind
5 The Art Of Enrolling High-End Clients: 

I’ll Share With You My Top Secrets For Finding And Enrolling Clients Who Are Willing To Pay Premium Fees

With this module, you’ll be able to give yourself the raise you deserve, and be more confident in the value you offer and if you implement fully what I teach, you may just find yourself doubling your income.

Enrolling high-end clients is about attracting people who are eager for big results, not a Band-Aid. These are the clients that are the most fun to work with because they are so much more committed.

If you would love to work with a small select group of highly committed and motivated clients, then you’ll want to be here for this training call.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to find high-end clients who are eager to pay for your services.
  • A proven method for zeroing in on the urgent problem that high-paying clients are just waiting to invest in solving.
  • My 3 top ways to filter out the people who aren’t serious about hiring you – this will save you from wasting a ton of valuable time on people who just want some of your time for free.
  • How to shift your inner game so that you’re ready to offer a much bigger level of fees than you are now. (Stepping up and asking a potential client to sign up for a high-end package can be intimidating! Let’s shift into a space of confidence and ease instead.)

Yes, Sign Me Up For the Attract More Clients Program! 

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

 I am completely committed to you achieving amazing results with your business – and getting results with this program that well exceed the one-time investment.

That’s why I guarantee that this program works and that you will get results when you do the work and implement my system.

In fact, I’m so committed that you get the results that you want, if you implement my system and don’t see results, I will make sure that you get extra support to help you create results. If you still don’t get results, I don’t deserve your money and I’ll happily refund you.

Important: I require that you submit your completed homework before I refund you. Because I know if you take action and apply for the Attract More Clients program, you will get results. And if you do the program assignments and you don't see a return on your efforts, then let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I'll be happy to return your investment.

This program has generated breakthrough results for heart-centered business owners and I know it can do the same for you.

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