Be Real Not Perfect

self belief

Are you guilty of being stuck in neutral gear whilst you try to perfect that blog post, your video presentation or that mind-shattering article you’ve been preparing for what seems to be ages?

In business and in life just be the “best that you can be” rather than chasing the perfect solution to everything!

Far too many people waste time, effort and money always being in “preparation mode” as they continually put on the finishing touches for their perfect creation….which never happens.

self beliefDon’t go down that “road to perfection” which is really just delaying the actions required to implement your marketing strategies. This is just another form of procrastination.

Let it go as it is and get going with your business activity….people will accept you as you are.

OK…Now that you know that to take action and be the very best you can be is far better than being frozen whilst you chase perfection, what you need to do next is….

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Step 2 – Look forward to helping and sharing with you

Peter Beckenham

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  1. This is a wonderful post Peter! I feel you’ll attract more customers, viewers, whatnot if you’re “one of them”……I know for myself, I want to see the natural person…..I can’t stand superficial people. And it’s obvious to most when the seller is fake. (And don’t get me started on reality TV….I’m tempted to throw out our TV!)

    • Hello Stacey. Great comment and I have similar feelings about reality TV! It doesn’t matter what market niche you are in or what product/service you are selling my mantra is that “people buy people” well before they buy whatever is being offered. So yes, be real and natural and you’ll earn respect and become profitable

  2. Being too much of a perfectionist not only wastes time, but can make you appear fake to your audience. There is currently a huge push to see the real thing – people want more transparency and authenticity, less Photoshop and filters. To show that you’re a hard working person who still faces obstacles and at times, even failure, shows that you’re a real human being. People can connect with this and relate! You can use these opportunities to inspire people who may be dealing with similar struggles. Show that it is possible to bounce back quickly from problems and not wallow in negativity or worry! The resulting discussion can go a long way to forming meaningful relationships with your readers and/or clients.

    • Hi Cian. Reality and authenticity is the name of the game. There are way too many “fake” personalities online these days and coming across someone who is totally natural and sincere even to the point of admitting their mistakes, is like a breath of fresh air! Relationships online are just as important and formed the same way as relationships offline – unfortunately many internet marketers fail to grasp this simple yet critical point. Many thanks for your comments

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