Content Creation is Profitable Part4

How to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Reports?
Part 4 OF 4

 One of the biggest complaints among many online marketers is that they don’t know where to get good traffic.

Reading this report will solve that problem for you once and for all.

See traffic is all around you. It’s everywhere.

And the best sources of traffic are from the people producing content that caters to large audiences in their niche. These are known as “influencers” 

Influencers have created a close bond with their audience. Their readers and viewers look forward to their content and their recommendations.

No matter what niche you are in, there are influencers.

These influencers don’t just churn content for free though. They’re not stupid!

They want to make money too!

They need people like you with products that they can recommend to their audience and get paid when you get sales.

This is known as affiliate commissions.

This is great for them because all they have to do is write up a quick review article or email or video and send it out to their audience(s) via email, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, Instagram followings and etc.

Most influencers work multiple platforms and social networks so you can reach different types of audiences in your niche.

Two ways to leverage influencers:

  1. Pay commissions per sale like an affiliate.
  2. Pay them a flat fee upfront.

Affiliate traffic is the favorite of many highly successful online marketers because the influencer recommends (in other words, pre-sells) your product to their lists without you paying out of pocket.

They will collect a percentage of the profit from each sale that is sent via their special link or promotion.

There are systems that handle this and do it all automatically for you (we’ll go over that in a bit in the technical stuff).

In addition, you can offer bonuses and cash contests to your affiliates as a bigger incentive to promote harder and get more sales.

The other option is to pay upfront, usually a flat fee.

And to find out the price, simply ask.

Ask them how much they would charge to do a promotion of your product to their different networks.

Influencer traffic is the best paid traffic in the world.

It’s really as simple as that.

This is because it’s HOT traffic that the influencers are literally PRE-selling for you.

Meaning these people want to buy before they ever even hit your sales page.

Now you can’t get better “traffic” than that!

So I know you’re asking “where” to find influencers but honestly the answer is everywhere on every platform around you.

Look for big Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or Twitter or Pinterest accounts, in your niche that have a large number of followers, and contact them about paying for a “shoutout” or post to their page.

It’s very inexpensive but word of caution here.

Make sure the influencers you select have followers in your specific niche and are not just using “traffic bots” – sad to say but there are “fraudsters” everywhere online and if the price sounds too good to be true then it more than likely is exactly that.

There is no point in paying $20 for 5000 visits to your link for people who have no interest in what you are offering.

So it’s not just their price but also their target niche you need to assess

Everyone speaks the language of money and anyone with a large following has been approached numerous times before, they know how to handle this question and probably even can copy/paste all the info right there for you.

In the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online world you are looking for affiliates you want to go to JV groups.

Here is a list of groups to get you started.

These are Facebook groups that are great for learning, networking and promoting. Some of these groups are strictly for networking while most are for just straight “promote my product” posting.


IM Super Friends 

The biggest & best group for internet marketing networking)


It is strictly for learning and networking.

Nearly everyone who’s anyone in the IM space lives here.

JV LAUNCH GROUPS – Post your launch in these


Very popular launch group, post your launch on launch calendar first before posting in the Muncheye FB group.

JV Launch Calendar

JV Launch Notifications

JVZoo Affiliates

JV Launches, WSOs, JVZoo, Affiliates

 JV Launches & Promos

IM Product Launching

WSO Launch & JV Network

JVZoo’s Official FB Group

In just about any niche, there are also groups like this where influencers hang out and discuss their topic as well as “live in person” conventions.

Putting yourself in those places can take your business to a whole different level.

There you go.

Now you have all the info and knowledge to get as much of the highest converting traffic as you could ever possibly want/need.

Good luck with your “Short Report Business”


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