How to Create Memorable Stories?

How to Create Memorable Content?

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Storytelling will improve the way you communicate

  1. Know your history – we’ve all got lots of experiences to share and grab those that had big impacts on your life and provided great lessons to share
  2. Know your audience – not every story works with every person – know their inner conflicts and interests – then you can make a connection between your story and their experiences
  3. How to craft your story – include dialogue, means knowing the key elements like failures, betrayals, overcoming adversity, conflict, good v evil – these types of stories have emotion and the reason we love them is that they teach us something about ourselves
  4. Learn how to tell stories properly – be a bit theatrical, master the art of communication – use descriptive and emotive language to paint images in people’s heads, build intrigue/suspense to keep people engaged


How to Create Memorable Stories?