And yes there is one more step, the “enrollment” of a new client and I’ll cover that in a separate video.

However, below you’ll find a direct download of “Your Discovery Call Checklist” that gives you many of the “enrollment-type” questions you can ask any prospects as long as you have built rapport and earned the right to seek your prospect’s opinion on specific matters. 

Follow this proven process or you could do more harm than good, you’ll help no one, you’ll blow whatever reputation you have and end up losing any small thread of confidence you might have just had

Check out this important but very personal Discovery Sessions video called “The Frist 6 Steps of a Discovery Session”

And yes, I have permission from Josh Stanier, who is now a client, to share this interview publically 

And as a bonus here are
“Your Discovery Call Checklist”

Read it, Use it, and DON’T just save on your hard drive!


Go here and check out my Stress-Free Sales Success training program – you’ll love this  

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