Eagles or Pigeons

eagles and pigeons

Full Disclosure: I grabbed this critical concept from a great marketer called Dov Gordon.

Warning: This text post is a little longer than normal but, in your heart, if you’re struggling in any way, READ IT ALL AND ACT ON THE LAST LINE

And no this is not about me either.

It’s all about YOU and the quality of people you attract.

To attract great clients, you need to BE a great client.

You know the old saying that “Birds of a feather flock together.”

It's true.  Eagles don't hang out with pigeons.

A great client is someone who respects you and the transformation you can help them make.  But they take full, 100% responsibility for their own lives and their own results.

They carry what is theirs to carry and don't look to blame you or others. Or gripe and moan.

They implement. They get off their butts and cross the bridge right in front of them.  Even if they don't know how they'll cross that second bridge over yonder.

They don't sit around waiting for the fear to go away. They know it won't – until they act.

They follow their gut. Even when their brain imagines worst-case scenarios.  If their gut says “You should do it,” they'll invest. They'll take the step.  

When you last read a biography of someone you admire, you read about someone who followed his or her gut. Isn't that true? 

You didn't read about someone who followed the Voice of Caution and Excuses.

Last month a struggling coach asked me for help. “I want ten clients paying me $1,000 a month,” he said.  

But when it came time to invest in his own coaching, to become the person who could charge those fees – he had every reason why he couldn't afford it.

Whatever.  Consulting, coaching, sales – these are all forms of leadership.  If you want to lead, you've got to act like a leader.

As long as he tells himself pigeon stories, the best he'll do is attract pigeon clients. 

Clients who listen to their own excuses.  

Who finds all sorts of reasons why they are not responsible for their situation in life?

This is a lesson I've had to learn the hard way.

I still clearly recall the time when I thought “This marketing stuff is easy.

I don’t need anyone’s help” – wow that was my ego showing my ignorance.

YEP, I've been as tempted as anyone to point fingers.  

To feel sorry for me.  To be lazy.  To be fearful. To blame. To worry, “What if I spend the money and it doesn't work out?” 

And to fret about what so-and-so will think.

But I've learned how useless all that is.  The only answer is to follow your gut and do what scares you.  That's how we grow.

So, find someone in your field you can relate with and trust
and at least start a conversation with him or her TODAY

Let's talk to make sure this program is the right fit for you. If so we can then come to an agreement on the investments required