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Here’s Your Easy 1 Up Access Pass 


Many people can’t afford to pay the $1k or $2K or more to get started online with their preferred business model.

Here’s a very simple affordable way for you to start building the cash flow you need and at the same time receive valuable training products.

This is a low cost, 1-time fee (no monthly fees) for lifetime access with 100% Instant Commission payments.

  1. Low Cost

There are four levels, starting at just $25 (plus admin fee of $5), one time.  The top level is $500 (plus admin fee of $50), one time.  Almost ANYONE can join this program BUT highly recommend you join at the top level – $500


  1. I-Up Plan

This is a proven way to generate cash flow fast.  All affiliates pass up one sale (their 2nd sale) to you.


  1. 100% Instant Commission

This is amongst the highest commissions in the industry. The client pays you direct via PayPal or straight into your bank account!


  1. Easy to Promote

People love a hot new deal – this one qualifies! 


  1. Get Paid On the First Sale

Instead of passing up the first sale, and not getting your money back till the second, you get paid on the first sale and pass up the second.  That’s why it’s called Easy 1Up.


  1. The 2nd Sale AND the Person Will Pass Up to You

This is HUGE!  You get all of the residual income down-line benefits, from having the person roll up to you.


  1. Sales Roll Up

Sales roll up when the introducer wasn’t qualified to receive the commission (eg, the new customer purchased a higher level product but and the introducer wasn’t positioned at the higher level).


  1. Many Hot Stories to Leverage

When a business is red hot, lots of stories easily flow.  Leverage them!


  1. Simplicity – Makes It Easier to Promote

No need to learn complicated pay plans, or products or traffic methods.


  1. Valuable Products

Last but by no means least, is the products.  The products are info products focused on the IM niche. There is a lot of value for both newbies and more experienced marketers alike.


PLEASE NOTE: There are no guarantees that this will generate you any cash. It all depends on the people who like the concept and want to join with you.


Here’s Your Easy 1 Up Access Pass 




  1. Funding Source For People Who Cannot Yet Afford Top Tier

Most people cannot afford to position themselves at the top level in a top tier program.  This strategy works on the basis that your financially challenged prospects make money in Easy 1-up first, and then they can channel the surplus into your preferred top tier program.


  1. Build a Larger Pool of Top Tier Leads

Because more people will join Easy 1-Up than will join a top tier program (due to the cost advantage, instant commission payments, AND the Excitement Factor of Easy 1-Up), you will have lots more people ‘inside your tent’. 

Rather than lose them and never see them again, you can stay close to them whilst their build their Easy 1-Up business.  When the time is right, some of these people will instantly upgrade to your top tier program.


  1. Top Tier Incubator

Look at Easy 1-Up as a top tier incubator



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