Have Fun With Your Sales

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If you are not having fun, chances are your prospects aren’t either. 

What would you say if you could sell more, but with less stress and effort?

Happily, there’s little mystery to it, although almost no-one does it.  Here’s the secret:  instead of thinking about how to make individual sales, think about how to turn each of your customers into walking, talking adverts for you.

 You see, selling is about perspective. You can either have an attitude of “Who is going to help ME reach my monthly quota?” OR the mindset “How can I share this awesome product/service with someone to help solve THEIR problem?”

See the difference?

Both approaches involve sales, but only one is going to have fun while doing so because their ultimate goal is to help someone else – not just make a sale. Trust is established, relationships are built, and a mutual benefit is formed.

Watch this video where I share a few suggestions that will help you make the sales experience more enjoyable and a whole less stressful

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