Making Money Online: It’s Not That Easy

Many studies show there is less than a 5% chance that anyone starting attempting to making money online will survive 120 days let alone make any money.

making money online

Most newbies experience an initial excitement followed quickly by a seemingly ever-increasing need to spend more and more of their limited funds to make up for their failure to achieve anything like they hoped and dreamed about.

When figuring out how to start making money online, there are two types of people:
1. Those who look for money
2. Those who look to help others

Which one are you?

It's a stark contrast, but an important one for you to understand.

Sadly, the majority of people have the money mindset, not really understanding that money doesn't come from going after money.

Money is a result of delivering perceived value that usually solves someone's pain or problem.

If you change your mindset to ask the question…
“Are there people who will value the help I could offer?”
…then you're following a better path.

Of course I can't answer that question either because I am not the person you are looking to serve, but I can tell you how to go find and study them.

Just Tell Me What Questions To Ask!

It's difficult sometimes to sell a course. 

People expect the training to teach how to do keyword research to find the ‘money words' or to give them the exact survey questions to ask to figure out where the money is.

Questions like this usually come from a person who is too focused on money and looking for copy-and-paste solutions.

making money onlineA Sadly Highly Predictable Outcome

Most people looking for a quick solution to their “making money online” dreams almost always not just fail but lose money, confidence and self-belief in the process.

It's not uncommon for many newbie marketers to become extremely frusutrated, disappointed and skeptical.

They lose trust in anything they read or see online and this is very sad but true.

The result – busines failure and sometimes huge conflicts within their family once it is disclosed just how much money has been wasted (usually on “Shiny Objects” that offer overnight/instant solutions to btheir make money online aspirations!

Making Money Online – The Truth!

The fact is, there is no easy way to succeed online. There is no “system” you can just copy from someone else and get the same results.

Yes, people talk about ‘systems' and ‘formulas' and ‘templates' that you can copy (I also use this terminology), but there is always a need to fine-tune lots of things and to learn how to drive traffic to your offer

hat I try and do with all my programs, blog posts and videos, is to try and make you aware of possibilities that hopefully leads to a permanent change in your behavior (and success potential!)

If I can make you think more about ‘how to serve and really help others' instead of ‘how can you make money', then I know I'm pushing you in the right direction (one that leads to profits as well!).

I learned this important lesson from a fabulous marketer by the name of Louis Doughty.

Believe Me…There Are No Short Cuts

I learned a long time ago that if you want to build a business that delivers true long term financial freedom, you need to think differently.

For example…
· Study people in your market like a psychologist(emotions, desires, language, motivation, personalities, their problems, roadblocks, limiting beliefs, etc)
· Focus on the long game, because you need time and experience to understand your audience at this level
· With a deep knowledge about your audience, comes the potential to go deep with what you offer them – and this is the true path to long term sustainable income

It's a hard truth to swallow, but when you are starting out the biggest deficit you face is your own lack of knowledge about why people buy things.

This is a serious problem, because of another harsh reality…

Convincing Someone To Buy From You Is Not Easy!making money online

The reason why you have to spend so much time narrowing your niche, building up trust through content marketing, creating long sales pages and videos – basically hustling like crazy – is because this is what it takes to make sales!

Have a look around… Take a look at people you respect, admire and model online and see how much work they put in to get to where they are.

They create significant amounts of content, huge blogs, hundreds of podcasts, YouTube channels, daily posts on social media, regularly speak at live events, write email sequences and on and on and on.

The fact is, making money online is a big job, and that's also why there is no quick-fix to find a money making topic either.

You're going to have to put in the time to learn about your audience, then you're going to have to translate that knowledge into just as much work to build trust with them.

making money onlineWait. This Sounds Like To It's Too Hard and Way Too Much Work!

Yeah, it does. I don't blame you if you feel like just giving up on your laptop lifestyle dreams.

But wait… I can make this easier for you, and I can do it through the power of simplicity.

Your job is not to figure everything out about your audience today, nor do you have to build this huge online empire immediately.

Lets just go one step at a time OK?

The process of “getting a deep understanding” of a niche market is a journey. Understanding, empathy and insight about other people is built up over time, it can't be instantly created.

The only thing you need to focus on now, is this…

What Do I Have To Do To Make Just ONE OFFER succeed?

You're not building a business now. You're just trying to make one offer convert.

You need to know just enough about your audience and deliver just enough value to them through your marketing, to convince just a few of them to buy from you.

This is so important because those first sales are a doorway to filling the big gap I mentioned earlier – knowledge about why people buy.

Ultimately the only way to learn about customers is to get some customers.

That's the trick. That's the first big step. You just need one converting offer to get the snowball rolling.

Keep things as simple as you can, but do enough to make one offer succeed, and you've taken a huge step forward toward building a successful online business.

Let Me Show You How To Take The First Step

The reason I created Lifestyle Income Solution is to help you with two core objectives –

1. To show you EXACTLY what you need to learn about your audience to come up with your first offer
2. To help you CREATE your first offer using as my simple step-by-step process.

The program is NOT about doing keyword research.

It's NOT about handing you a copy-and-paste survey that will give you all the answers (if that kind of survey existed we'd all be rich!).

It DOES give you a step-by-step method for conducting research, which you then have to apply to the people you are considering making an offer to.

It's simply all about helping you to come up with your first ever offer!

Let's talk to make sure this program is the right fit for you. If so we can then come to an agreement on the investments required