Marketing Ideas with Peter Beckenham


Firstly, I would like to make a special mention and a HUGE thank you to Fred Gillen, the host of “New Marketing Ideas” podcast, for the opportunity to share with him some ideas and thoughts about sales and marketing.

If you are looking for great marketing ideas, don't go past Fred Gillen.

Peter Beckenham is an Online Solopreneur Sales Strategist. He’s an Aussie guy who lives and works in a remote Thai village. His tag line is “The Village Marketer.”

Previously Peter spent 16 wonderful years as a teacher in Australia and for the last 36+ years he has been immersed in the exciting field of sales

He’s proud of having 2 awesome adult children in Australia from a previous marriage, Kirsty, and Matt, who are both achieving at the top of their fields. And he has an awesome and supportive Thai family

Listen for some golden nuggets as Peter shared 2 decades of marketing ideas with Fred Gillen.

His sales mantra is to empower potential customers to make the best buying decisions for themselves.

Listen to His Podcast

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