Marketing ROI


The spreadsheet you'll get access to below will enable you to very easily compare and identify which ad spend is working best for you.

The final decision depends on what you are seeing.

It could be Return on Investment (ROI) but it also may be “Total Revenue” earned or the “Number of Leads” or a combination of all these factors – that's your decision based on what you need in your business.

For your convenience and at the risk of boring you to death, here are the key elements used in these comparisons and to help you even further, click here for a download of these Marketing ROI Comparison factors so you can keep them handy.

AVG CPC = costs per click

IMP = # impressions (How many people saw your ad)

CTR = Click Through Rate (How many people clicked the link in your promo and go to your website)

Clicks = # clicks received that comes from the # Impressions * CTR

CVR = Conversion Rate (How many people actually convert into a lead by taking an action like completing an application form or providing their contact details (for a lead magnet) or a phone/Zoom call

Leads = # of leads obtained

Your Known Data from Your business Includes:

Cost = Amount spent on advertising

Close Rate = The % of people who call in and then over time do business with you

AVG Value = Average value of what you sell on different advertising platforms (results may differ )

Sales = # sales made ( Leads * Close Rate)

Revenue = Amount of revenue earned (AVG Value * Sales)

ROI = Reurn on Investment (Revenue/Cost)

Click the image below to download your own calculator


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