Where Do You Sit?

I learned these awesome mindset thought-provoking questions from a person I hold in the highest esteem, Nigel Henry

As you can see in the mindset pyramid there are 4 distinct levels of performance and mindset and within each level, there are KEY QUESTIONS that people ask – and by doing so confirm that they are in that level

  1. Dying – 5%. Experiencing diminishing levels of health or time freedom or relationships or opportunities or cashflow

The question people at this level ask is WHY? For example, “Why should I do this?” “Why is this happening to me?” “Why do others make it look so simple?” “Why can’t I experience success?” Usually followed by an answer starting with “Because…” – they have difficulty in accepting responsibility and accountability for their situation and are willing to blame everything and everyone other than themselves

See the pyramid diagram above that shows “Why” questions create declining (dying) results and are the lowest level of questions that promote “excuse-type” thinking

  1. Surviving – 75%. I’m not dead yet. Still struggling, treading water, spending the majority of my time trying to maintain my relationships, health, and cash flow so I can stay alive.

The question people at this level ask is HOW? For example, “How can I do that/this?” “How does this work?’ “How can you help me?” “How does this work?” “How can I help you?”

See the pyramid diagram above that shows”How” questions create flatline results and you can get “lost in the weeds” – they are low-level questions that promote low-level thinking

  1. Striving – 19%. I am working hard and using my limited time to increase my health, relationships, and cashflow.

The question people at this level ask is WHAT? For example, “What do I do now?” “What can I do for you?” “What is your problem?” “What do you want to do next?” “What has been holding you back?” “What do you need?” “What has been your experience with…?”

See the pyramid diagram above that shows”What” questions create linear results as you continue to trade time for money

  1. Flourishing – top 1%. I am effortlessly attracting great health, relationships, and wealth opportunities.

I am allowing massive beneficial contributions to flow through me.

I am experiencing absolute time freedom and exponential cashflow.

I am being a master teacher and a role model for others.

The question people at this level ask is WHO?  For example: “Who are you?” “Who are your ideal clients?” “Who do you serve?” “Who do you want to be known for?” “Who referred you to me?” “Who should I be talking with?” “Who would you wish to be known as in the industry?” “Who would you be when you overcome your current challenges?” “Who would you be if you gave up your personal story?” “Who do you respect most highly in your niche?” “Who do you recommend I talk with?” “Who is in your team?” “Who else is in your team?” “Who else is missing from the team?” “Who do you want to talk with?” “Who is he/she?” “Who knows who you really are?”  “Who knows about the transformations you can provide?” “Who makes the decisions?” “Who would recommend you?” 

See the pyramid diagram above that shows”Who” questions create the fastest and most profound exponential results/reality – the highest level of thinking that activates the WISDOM within each of us.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: People will pay a lot more for “wisdom” than for “knowledge”

The link between the “Intentions” you have and the “Results” you achieve requires you to pass through the mindset pyramid of questions. The answers to the questions determine where you are on the mindset pyramid. 

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