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Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Its great to connect with you my friend and than you for your kind comments – truly appreciated. You mention that getting the right kind of traffic was a problem for you and this is something many people have a challenge with. Firstly make sure you watch my traffic training video and I will also create some more training on this important topic. May I ask you if you prefer training to be in video, audio or written format? Thanks for your feedback mate.

  2. Do you have any information or education or experience in working with Facebook advertising? I would like to try and make money that way and even drive great traffic to my site.

    • Hello Kimberly. Thanks for your question and yes I have had some experience and information about Facebook ads. Using FB ads to drive traffic can be a very effective way to build your business especially if you are driving that traffic to a highly converting page. However, be careful as Facebook ads can also become an expensive experience unless you closely monitor what happens with your ads everyday. Rather than give you a long worded answer here Kimberly I will create a short video training session all about how to set up your Fabebook ad plus what things you need to do to make the ad as effective as possible. OK? Watch out for that training coming soon and I’ll make sure as a VIP list member that I email you as well about it. All the very best and best wishes for your future success. Stick with me and we’ll make it happen together!

  3. I am going to join the list and try to learn the most that I can. I really want to know how I can keep up with the changes that come each year in this industry.

    • Hi Jeremy. Great to get your feedback and I am delighted to have you on my VIP list. I will make sure to give you all the latest ideas and advice about the internet marketing industry BUT one thing I must tell you right now is if you want to succeed online then not just learn things but also put them into action! Take action every day – it will not be perfect in any way but that’s OK. Just implement the best you can and you will see yourself and your business revenue start to grow. Just learning only will never earn you any money. OK? Do you best and learn from your mistakes like we all do everyday!

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