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Hello Peter,
I decided that I want all your friends to know, what a great coach and teacher you are. Remember me? I approached you with the question: How do I RE-gain my confidence in sales, especially how to prospect? Thank you so much for your time and passion.
Guys, if you want to learn how to reach out and know how to communicate with people you meet for the first time, then I highly recommend you have a COACHING SESSION with Sir Peter, the Village Marketer.
Coaching is the way to go forward. Peter has the rare quality of listening and putting himself in "your shoes". There is no rara-talk. He is down to earth and will be ABLE TO HELP YOU - as he was with me.
Go, take him on, on his offer and find out what he has in store for you! YOUR time has come.
Markus Neukom
Thank you very much Peter tor the Skype coaching session' I appreciated that you took the time to get to know me and learn about my business challenges and opportunities. The questions you asked helped me to reflect on what is important and the advice/information you gave me was strategic, authentic, and spot-on what I needed to learn at this point in my business adventure' I very much appreciated your help.
Lisa Anna Palmer
I had my first coaching call with Peter Beckenham today. It was simply a fantastic conversation which I would term as 'Game Changer' for me. Peter was patient to listen me, analyzed and asked me questions which reveled what I needed the most for my success in Online Business. It didn't stop there, he sent me a mail along with two customized documents 'Summery of Conversation' and 'Action plan outline' based on the call. Thanks Peter, I wish this happened earlier, that would have saved so much of my lost time.
Sanjay Biswas
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