Scary Times Success Manual


There's lots of scary things happening in the world

There's the Coronavirus, the economic meltdown, and many parts of the world are in “self-quarantine” or total lockdown.

With all these challenges facing us in the world today, I've been following the guidance on my mentors including Dr. Benjamin Hardy, Christian Mickelson, and Bill Baren.

The common thread of their message is: Stay positive and optimistic.

Don't fall into the herd mentality. Keep investing in your future.

Here's some great advice:

“Never make a permanent decision about a temporary situation” – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Don't close down – been open as with challenges there are always opportunities, IF you're open to seeing them.

Focus on the good things in the world and in your life.

One of my mentors, Dan Sullivan, created a very powerful 4-page article, to help people face the fears, anxiety, and uncertainties immediately following the 9/11 crisis but his words are so very applicable today.

It's so powerful I just had to share it with you.

I know this will be timely for you and maybe something you want to share with others.

Please make time to read this and in your journal (that I hope you are keeping) write about what you're grateful for.

Pay attention to the good in your life. Continue to refine your vision.

You need space to get clarity, and right now, you've got space. Take it.

Stay safe and stay in touch.

Read this short PDF as it will definitely improve your day and give you insights about your business future

​“Scary Times” Success Manual: How To Be A Leader When Times Get Tough”​

My post called “Be a Shining Light” will also be of help and interest for you

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