Spam Words that Kill Your Email Marketing

In 2016 there was an average of 269 billion emails sent every day or 149,513 emails sent every minute.

Average # emails an office worker receives each day is 121

The “Open Rate” for emails sent in the USA in 2016 was 34.1%

The “Clickthrough Rate” for emails sent in the USA in 2016 was 3.1%

The % of people in the USA who check their email in the bathroom was 42%

The % of people in the USA who check their email whilst driving was 18%

The % of people in the USA who check their email in bed was 50%

Top reason why users unsubscribe is “I get too many emails”

Source: DMR Business Statistics
So on average, one should consider that a 30% open rate in email marketing is pretty good.

That means in 10 emails sent to inboxes, only 3 may get read, not to mention the click-through rate of only 3% is expected.

So what open rate would it be if your emails land in customers’ spam boxes?

Based on numbers above, more than likely they shall never get seen, opened and finally be deleted months later. Email ending up in spam boxes is, for sure, on the top of common mistakes that break your email marketing.

Why is our email so likely to end up in spam folders?

Spam filters of email provider services are getting more sophisticated and effective in helping people receive the right emails, save time and work more efficiently.

One main key reasons are that spam filters focus on triggering words that are typical of spam content.

Below you can get access to a list of nearly 80 spam words that are highly vulnerable to spam filters. Some of these words will truly surprise you but my advice is to avoid them in writing your subject lines and email content.

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