Success Questions


One great way to learn how to succeed is to hear how other people did it and follow their leads.

So if you ever got to pick the brain of Warren Buffett, Shonda Rhimes, or Megan Rapinoe, do you know what you’d ask?

Don’t lie: some of you already do, and that’s great.

But when it comes to formulating good questions to ask SUCCESSFUL people, the rest of you are likely going to wing it.

WARNING: Don't ever wing it. You may not ever meet a red-carpet superstar, but your chances of bumping into someone whose career path you'd like to follow—at a networking event, in the grocery store, or maybe even in an elevator—are considerably higher.

When that happens, take advantage of it.

To save you some time check out this 1-page thought-provoking PDF called…

 “10 Questions For Your Success”


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