Tips In Targeting Traffic To Your Website

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targeted trafficAll new marketers seem to be completely lost when it comes to the topic of “traffic” to their site of an offer. Without traffic, no online business can succeed but I must tell you that traffic is NOT the only factor for success.


You will also need a product or offer that has perceived value and a webpage that grabs people’s attention and holds it long enough to get a particular desired action.

Don’t let this bother you – it’s easy to achieve and if you need help with this just ask me in the comments below OK?

These actions you want your traffic to take are called a “conversions” and the action could be things like clicking a link, leaving a comment, joining your mailing list or purchasing your offer.

CRITICAL: Be absolutely crystal clear what actions you want your traffic to do. Whatever you decide make sure you only give them ONE decision to make – otherwise, they will be confused and take no action at all!

If you are a newbie marketer or someone who is struggling to get traffic then check out what I have just uncovered for you below…

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targeted traffic



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