Virtual Meetings


Just imagine this:

You're in a live sales meeting in a conference room with three decision-makers, and one of them, while you're talking, pulls out their phone and starts responding to text and email messages.

They continue to check the news and start fiddling on social media. You even hear a light snicker.

This wouldn't happen – well, generally speaking at least!

But it happens all the time in the virtual world, especially on Zoom (“zoom fatigue” creeps in)

Buyers are constantly distracted by email or social media or their children or a pet or eating lunch or something else during your virtual meetings.

So, if you want to discover 4 reasons why people simply turn off in your virtual meetings and 10 tips about how to keep them engaged then this little PDF is what you need.

Grab your copy of my “10 Ways To Keep People Engaged During Virtual Meetings” and enjoy a much more productive use of your time!

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