why haven't you got started with your blog

Why Haven’t You Got Started With Your Blog?

Welcome to my latest dose of blogging reality and if you have not yet got started with your blog for whatever reason then this blog post is exactly what you need to read TODAY.

Most folks are aware of the many reasons why you must seriously consider having a blog for your online business. 

Being a blogger enables you to run our very own public relations campaigns and be continually building your personal brand, creating trusted connections, developing your leadership and authority, getting free search engine traffic are amongst the main reasons.

You can read more about these here with Kim Willis’s excellent post about
Why network marketers need a blog  

bloggingWhy I Blog?

For me having a blog as my central business hub is giving me the chance to build more credibility, authority and trust with my subscribers in a fun and enjoyable way that I could never have achieved using only an email marketing approach.



My blog allows me to express my thoughts on things that are important to my target audience (others like me who are interested in learning about blogging and internet marketing) in a way that does not look, smell or sound like sales hype – but still has the objective of attracting my readers to my affiliate offers.

It’s all a matter of positioning plus making sure you really give first with no strings attached – people absolutely respond to this type of approach because they’re sick to death of being pitched to everywhere they seem to go online.

So my question to you is why haven’t you started blogging yet?

When I asked that question recently in a Facebook group of affiliate marketers I got a range of answers that included:

Don’t have enough time
Lacking confidence in writing skills
Not sure what to blog about
I’m not sure if what I have to say is really worthwhile
I need to get everything in order before they get started
People will see through me as I’m not an expert in anything really
And the list goes on.

Perhaps all this is a fear mindset of finally putting what you have to say out there, for the world to see.

I can clearly recall my feelings of uncertainty when I first clicked that “Publish” button

Today I’d like to answer these reasons for not getting started yet with blogging, and if you are one of these folks, read on as this will definitely help you to overcome these procrastinations.

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The Time Issue

Yes we all have 24 hours in every day and to be a successful blogger you have to organize your schedule to ensure you consistently provide valuable content.

You can never go back in time. What you did in December, 2015 is now history and you change things that you planned to do but somehow never got around to actually doing it.

Blogging is not an overnight success journey and it does take an investment of time to attain benefits that may be months down the line.

By consistently creating your content you will experience a compound effect over time. The problem is these days many folks just can’t wait for a week let alone months or even years to enjoy the benefits of a well established blog community.

The growth rate for most bloggers is slow and steady but during that growth you can experience some wonderful new relationships that can open opportunity doors you may never considered possible previously.

Sure it does take time, especially when it comes to the promotion of your posts.

Reaching out to other leading bloggers in your niche by providing valuable comments on their posts is something many people are not prepared to do. In fact, with the changes made by the search engines, the whole concept of blog commenting for links is no longer a viable strategy.

But blog commenting is far more than “links” – it’s by far the most effective way for new bloggers to learn from leaders in their niche, create relationships with these leaders and attract high quality relevant traffic back to your new blog site.

If time is your concern think about what you can achieve by investing into your blogging journey compared to the potential return of doing something else.

Once you have developed your style, build new connections with leading bloggers and have mastered the power of syndicating your blog, then you will truly start to see how you can really make a difference in the lives of your readers.

This is a priceless ROI for you.

But none of that can happen until you make a start.

The Perfection Issueblog marketing, blogging

If you are a perfectionist then it’s no wonder why you haven’t started your blog yet.

And I have news for you.

Unless you change your mindset you never will start your blog – it will simply be a pipe-dream.

Forget the perfect web design or perfect blog theme.

You can always work on this as you go but if you insist on getting that perfect look and feel for your blog design before you can start then forget blogging – it’s not for you.

Bloggers must have the courage and determination to “put it all out there warts and all” and be prepared to be criticized for your efforts. This is the real world and the way you react to your circumstances will determine your status and authority.

As Jim Rohn once said “It’s not what happens that determines the major part of your future. What happens, happens to all of us. The key is what you do about it.”

You can never achieve perfection so stop trying to chase it.

Take risks rather than hide behind the “perfection position.”

Be imperfect, be unique, be strong, be persistent, be consistent, be yourself.

You’ll never know who you’re inspiring with your posts and comments.

Blogging requires you to have a mindset of giving high relevant content to your readers and subscribers.

So make your readers feel like you are interested in them and that you understand them. Make sure your message is clear and always relevant to your readers. This will be one of your biggest challenges but get it right and it will dramatically improve engagement and your credibility.

TIP: Teach but never preach!

blog marketing, bloggingThe Making Mistakes Issue – We All Do!

Don’t be scared of this.

In my last post I had 2 hyperlinked statements that linked to the wrong page. I honestly thought I had checked this before I published but on reflection I realized that when I was going through the post editing phrase I was joined by my 2 year old grand-daughter who wanted to help grandpa out with his “bogging.”

And yes that is not a miss-spelling. That’s her terminology for the work I do on my blog.

However, thanks to Kerrie and Ryan, 2 of my blog subscribers, who private messaged me on Facebook re the link mistakes, all was easily fixed

No big deal really and no need for panic. Just learn to roll with your mistakes and let your readers see you are real.

Naturally I’ve learnt never to do the important editing bit with my grand-daughter again!

We’re all human so never worry about making mistakes and again I quote from Jim Rohn:
“Take risks. If you win, you’ll be happy. If you lose, you’ll be wiser” – just love the wisdom of that man.

Give the very best you can in everything you do with your blogging and people will relate with you, will respect you, will come to trust you and will follow your recommendations.

So go on give it your best shot. You’ll kick yourself 12 months down the track if you did not get started TODAY – no excuses just get started.

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The Writing Skills Issue

Let me tell you I’m not a great writer. I’m far more comfortable creating a video or a podcast.

A Blogging Tip for You

Write as you speak and keep in mind that all you are doing with your post is communicating with a particular person with a particular problem about a particular solution you have to offer.

Just like this post.

If you look back at the very first sentence of this post you can see my target audience this time is that person who has yet to get started with their blog even though they are fully aware of the benefits of such a website.

When you are sharing your ideas, your opinions, your “spin on things” then I feel it would be very difficult to make any mistakes. Just communicate and engage with your readers in your own awesome style and see what happens.

What’s the worst that can happen? You get no comments or you may even get negative feedback. Handle it and move on.  

Blogging is your personal branding platform and people WILL relate to you if you are authentic even when you make mistakes – and you will.  

Just start writing and see what happens

The What Can I Blog About Issue?blogging, blog marketing

Before you start blogging you need to do some research.

I have news for you here. Everything on every topic you can possibly imagine has already been published within the 2 million blog posts that are published EACH DAY.

So now I hear you saying. “I told you I didn’t know what to blog about” and now you tell me “it’s all been said before”

Well not quite. No one has heard your take on things before.

Here’s your chance to tell the world YOUR story.

Word of Caution

Before you tell your story, whatever that may be, you need to identify WHO is your target audience. Not only who they are but WHAT are their needs and wants –the “pain points” you can possibly solve with your particular take on a particular solution.

TIP: See what my friend Adrienne Smith, one of the top bloggers on the planet, has to share about “target audiences” and writing content that guarantees the results you are seeking. This is awesome content you should not miss.

To identify these particular wants and needs go to the places where your target audience hangs out like forums or social media groups and simply listen to what is being shared.

TIP: Use FAQFOX to search the various forums for your selected keywords Here’s a video all about this simple research method that will give you tons of topics to blog about.

With this research done you’re ready to start your first post

The Self Belief Issue

No one expects perfection, no one expects you to know all there is to know about any particular topic. Your job is to simply communicate with your readers in your own way, your experiences, your stories, your opinions on the particular topic you have selected.

The very fact that you have created a blog post sharing your thoughts and ideas is awesome.

Believe me the more you post the better you will get. So face your fears and give everything you have to making the post the best you can give. That’s all anyone can expect from you.

Never compare yourself to other bloggers – learn from them for sure but do not let it become a “comparison contest” – everyone is different , people’s expectations are all different and you are NOT aiming to please everyone.

You focus is only on that particular reader with a particular issue that you are setting out to give them your unique solution.

That’s it folks.

It’s time for you to stop procrastinating and go give it your best shot.

Start of by blogging as if no one was reading your creation because that’s probably right.

blogging, blog marketingSOME MORE TIPS:

Always reply to your reader’s comments, always be nice even if they are being critical – this is YOUR community and your leadership and competency are always on display

Break up your text with white spaces and relevant images. I use these creative commons images and then create a relevant meme using PicMonkey, a free image editor.

You can easily leverage your content by creating PowerPoint slides and uploading to Slideshare; create a video of your Slideshare Presentation and upload it to YouTube; create a podcast of your post and upload to iTunes – with all this re-purposed content having links back to your blog post – great for highly targeted free traffic.

Publish your posts at pre-determined times and days – this not only requires you to be consistent but also builds expectations in the minds of your blog community.

As you progress as a blogger, you will discover new skills, new relationships, new readers and all the while be building your blog community around you.

Always be learning from your mentors, leading bloggers in your niche, your readers and subscribers. The learning process never stops and is a never ending source of blog post material.

FINAL TIP: Become as valuable as you possibly can by learning, implementing and then teaching others. Spend time on developing your skills as you grow your blogging community.

The more unique and valuable you can become in your own style, the more successful you will be and your income will be dramatically changed for ever.

Update: Maybe all the things that are stopping you are not really reasons at all. See one of the comments on this post by Kim Willis,  said about this ” When I look at your list, my only response is that they’re not reasons at all. They’re excuses. So people need to put the excuses behind them and just get started. It isn’t hard. It’s a methodical, step by step process designed to take people from where they are now to where they need to be.”


I know how busy you must be so many thanks for your comments.

Care to share your blogging story?
What challenges have you faced and overcome?
How did you do this? Have you tried blogging before and failed?
Are there things you would like to know more about?
Please leave me your thoughts and comments below – I always respond and so should you!






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I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I used to think that I had to wait until I had the perfect blog post, before I could start publishing. But I realized after reading your post that blogging is really just a way of connecting with your readers and building credibility by telling your story. I used to think of blogging as a method of selling the services and products my website offers. But it really is more about being a real person that readers can connect with. Just the opposite of what I previously thought.

    • Hello and welcome to my place Melvin,

      I am delighted that you found some value with this post.

      It always makes me feel good when I get feedback like yours. Thank you.

      Yes if you put away your sales skills manual and instead approach your blog posts as having a conversation with a particular person who is typical of your target audience and who has a specific problem.

      Then show that you understand their situation, their “pain points” or challenges and in a conversational manner provide them with a solution to their problem.

      Conclude by giving a strong call to action to join your email list for more tips and ideas. Then you can approach them with a relevant offer.

      Rather than sell from your blog, use the blog as a “safe enjoyable learning haven” to build a mailing list. Once on your list you can then, away from your blog, start fostering relationships with your potential customers.

      Of course, you can sell directly from your blog if you want to but I think that detracts from the value of your post.

      People are buying into you and learning to trust you with your blog posts.

      Once you have this trust and their email details then your sales potential is greater than ever. Agree?

      Best wihes from Thailand


  2. Very good post and very true. It might sound stupid, but the perfectionist issue is a pretty big one. I had many blog ideas over the past few decades or so, but never got them to the point I wanted them – I never had timer to get the design quite right, or find the perfect menu layout or structure, or article ideas. So much of them never happened. It is actually quite debilitating if you are a perfectionist. So After a long struggle with it, I finally had to talk myself into a more fluid approach. “It will do for now” instead of trying to hit perfect first time. There isn’t even such a thing as perfect as it is different for everyone. But defiantly, start blogging now, start slow if you want. You will improve, in your writing and in your blog. Just start!

    • Hello Luke and welcome to my place.

      Thank you for sharing your personal sitautionand your struggles with “perfection”
      I am so glad you finally found a way to get around this difficult issue for you.
      Perfection is something that I have not really had to face previously although I am aware of others who have – and who have ovecome it.
      Sometimes it can be used as an excuse but for others it can be a real burden to overcome.
      I agree with you that perfection can be different for different people but I only hope your new “fluid approach” will allow you to finally get your blogging up and running as you want.

      My best wihes for your continued success with your blog and please met me know of your progress.


  3. Hi Peter,

    Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog! I appreciate it for sure. I directed that post at network marketers, but the same points apply to almost anyone who has a business.

    Having a blog is a very smart thing to do, no doubt.

    So why don’t more people blog?

    Well, you’ve given the main reasons including lack of confidence, not enough time, not ready (need to get everything in order), etc.

    When I look at your list, my only response is that they’re not reasons at all. They’re excuses. So people need to put the excuses behind them and just get started. It isn’t hard. It’s a methodical, step by step process designed to take people from where they are now to where they need to be.

    Sure it can be scary in the beginning but I found that the thinking about it was more frightening than actually doing the work!

    You also mentioned that many think they’re not good writers, so they can’t become bloggers. But as you say you don’t need to be a good writer to become successful at blogging. My writing is never going to win a Pulitzer prize for sure.

    The main thing is to communicate in an engaging way. Keep it simple, and more or less write the way you speak. But you (Peter), already said that. And for sure, clean up the grammar with the help of tools like Grammarly. Too easy.

    The reality is that almost anyone can write and by extension, blog. (Tip – an alternative to writing is to create video blogs.)

    Thanks for this excellent post, Peter. I also urge your readers to take up your ‘targetted traffic’ offer


    • Hi Kim,

      Always great to have you visit mate.

      I agree with you re all the reasons for not starting a blog being really excuses.

      But these issues are very real in the minds of many prospective blogger and its going to take more than my blog post (or your comment) to change that mindset.

      My only advice is to make sure you know WHY you are blogging, WHO you are blogging to (your target audience) and WHAT specific problems are you going to resolve with your blog posts?

      Kim I realize as an experienced and successful blogger that you also endorse this approach to blogging.

      If you follow this process and simply share your experiences, your thoughts, your particular “spin on things”, then you will be well on the way to becoming a successful blogger.

      However, if you are not all the passionate about becoming a blogger then I also have given you a range of ready made excuses for not starting.

      For any readers contemplating a blogging career, the balls in your court! People like Kim (and myself) can only share what we know and do everyday with our blogging.

      By the way Kim, great to see you give my FREE traffic training program a plug – I have had some wonderful feedback on that video.

      Thank you as always for your excellent contrbution to my blog post Kim – always greatly appreciated.

      Best wishes from Thailand


  4. Hello Peter.

    How are you?

    Loved your post.

    We are a married couple from Mumbai, India and started our blog in the first week of this New Year – not much success with it at all.

    Also, we do not agree with you about this part where you say – getting free search engine traffic – it does not happen easily. In fact, our first post was 8507 words – NADA traffic.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Vee and welcome to my place.

      Wow you are my first ever visitors from India so thank you so much for your interest.

      Vee you say you started your blog at the beginning of January, 2016. That is just 4 weeks ago.

      Without knowing anything about your target audience, the relevance of your posts or the consistency of your posts, I have to say that you need to be patient.

      4 weeks is not very long to create free traffic to your blog.

      My comment about SEO and search engine free traffic is based on building your blog presence over a period of time. Months not weeks. I am aware of some very skilled SEO bloggers who can generate targeted traffic to their sites.

      To be quite honest with you I am not a SEO expert and do not rely on it as my main way of geting traffic.

      One of the main ways I get free traffic is by reaching out to leading bloggers in my niche and providing them with as valable a comment as I can to their posts.

      I do this very consistently. It takes time to build your reputation and credibility with other bloggers.

      However, over a period of a few months I started to see a compound effect on the traffic coming to my blog.

      To become a successful blogger requires not just patience but also persistence and consistency. No bloggers I know ever achieved quick successes – they all went through a learning surve, through lots of ups and downs or bumps on the road where things didn’t seem to be working out for them.

      Most successful bloggers know their audience extremely well, they know what their audience wants and needs and they deliver a relevant solution to those problems in their posts – based on one person at a time!

      The key to success with your blogging is to identify with one person in your niche who has one specific problem and then solving that problem with a post that makes the person reading it think…”wow, how did he know that?”

      If you can achieve that reaction then you definitely wqill get lots of engagment. Then you’ll be well on the way to creating an engaged community around your blog. An engaged community attracts traffic to you.

      But again this takes time and a lot of effort.

      Forget the length of your posts – in fact many people prefer would not read a post of 8500 words.

      Instead focus on knowing WHO your target audience is and WHERE they hang out.

      Then go there and find out WHAT their problems and challenges are. What’s really bothering them or keeping them awake at night.

      If you then select just ONE of these problems and create a post that provides an easy to understand solution to that problem you will be viewed as providing real RELEVANT value to your readers.

      For sure there will be some readers who are not interested in all your posts but if your topics are aimed at your target audeience the chances they will be viewed as valuable are much higher.

      One other thing that helps with my traffic is leverage. I use the content I have created in a blog post to quickly create Powerpoint presentations that I upload to Slideshare with links back to my blog. In addition, I then create a video of the same Powerpoint presentation and upload it to YouTube with popular keyword titles and again links back to my blog. In the near future I will be using the same blog content to create podcasts as well.

      I hope what I have shared here with you makes sense and is of some interest to you Vee.

      If I can help you in any way then please connect with me. I am still learning the “blogging game” but more than happy to share what I know and have learned with you.

      Best regards from a Thai village blogger


  5. Wow Peter!

    You have brought up many common issues of why people won’t take that step and start blogging. I think the biggest issue is the perfectionist. I know a few and it always seems to go deeper than perfection itself. One gal I know wanted to start blogging a few years back. We had so many conversations but when we dug down deep, it was because she was bullied and put down as a child. That’s the short story. But It seems to be that the perfectionist aways has a deeper issue.

    These issues come up so much to people I talk to “I don’t know enough” or “what can I write about?” Gosh when you think of it there are so many people that do need to get their message out there because they are gifted.

    So glad you brought this up. Maybe people will start thinking and get the courage to step forward.


    • Hello again Donna,

      Its always a pleasure to have you visit with me.

      Speaking of perfectionists, I recall an extremely talented artist I met many years ago in Sydney, Australia.

      Boy oh boy this guy was so gifted as an artist as well as being a great bar-b-que chef.

      So many times I remember enjoying great food at his home with lots of other friends he had – and all of us were totally blown away with his paintings.

      We always asked him why didn’t he put them on display for the public.

      He always answered that they were not good enough to “go public” and be put on show in a gallery because he saw imperfections in each and every one of his canvases.

      His paintings never did go on display until after he sadly passed away prematurely and his family took the opportunity to show the world his creativity.

      The paintings were a big hit locally but he never got to experience the accolades.

      Hopefully if there are any “perfectionist bloggers” reading my posts this story will hit home for them.

      People do not expect (or want) perfection in a blog post – they just want the real you.

      Thanks as always for your feedback Donna – truly appreciated

      Best wishes from a Thai village completely imperfect blogger


  6. Hi Peter!
    You gave some great advice in this article! All these reasons why people “cannot” blog are simply excuses. And your insights are right-on. It all starts with our mindset.
    When I first started blogging a few years ago, I was persistent and consistent for a few months without any traction. But my work paid off….I started getting traffic and conversions and life was good.
    I hit a few bumps in the road, starting with I had no clue what I was doing so it was quite a learning experience overall. But that did not stop me.
    I believed with all my heart that blogging was the way to go and it was. That goes back to mindset and belief system.
    Thanks for this information. Hopefully it will nudge someone in the right direction.
    Happy Blogging!

    • Hello Lisa and welcome back,

      Wow you hit the secret sauce of blogging success right on the head – being consistent and persistent.

      It was great to hear your story of how you kept pushing on despite the “few bumps” you faced as so often this is where many folks bail out!

      We need that sheer determination to succeed. Agree?

      After all blogging can be such a rewarding and profitable venture. But this is only if you are prepared to be 110% committed to helping others with the very best (relevant) value you can deliver.

      Sadly, some folks just cannot wait and want some sort of instant income flow from their blogging efforts. Just this week I had a guy complaining that his traffic had not improved despite spending 2 full days the previous week doing blog commenting for the first time!

      That demand for “instant success” is very common in our society these days but it rarely if ever happens.

      Mindset is so essential to success with anything and blogging is no exception.

      If you are considering blogging then you just make sure you know WHY you are doing it first. If you can only think of how your blog can earn you money then you are doomed right from the start.

      Sure we all need to earn an income and blogging is a great platform for that IF your mindset and focus is one of delivering great value EVERY single time – both in your posts and your comments.

      Again many thanks Lisa – sorry for your initial issue in trying to leave this superb comment for me.

      All the best from Thailand


  7. I really enjoyed this blog, and it was full of useful information. It is true what you say that most people are putting off blogging, and I admit that at times I have been one of them. With all of these useful tips though It will be easy to go forward and blog more.

    Keep up the good work

    • Hello Alex and a big first time welcome to my place,

      If your determined to become a blogger and are both committed and passionate about such a venture then connect with me.

      I am sure I can help you with some simple guidelines to get you up and running in no time.

      Of course it will take some work and dedication from you to clearly identify your target audience and discover what this particula audience are really looking for. This is what gives you the clues about what to blog about Alex.

      If you need any help with any of this just let me know and I’d be delighted to help you out mate.

      All the very best from a remote Thai village blogger


  8. Hi Peter,

    My blog is pretty well-established, but my problem is that I’m a perfectionist and spend too long trying to change the look and feel, put on some branding, add extra lead pages, fix endless technical problems. The list goes on!

    Yes, it’s time to stop fiddling and just accept it in its current state – warts and all!


    • Hello Joy,

      Great to see you back again at my place.

      You remind me of one of my best friends who was constantly spending hours and hours trying to make his website look perfect only to find that very few people ever see all his hard work.

      Why? Because he spends little or no times “putting himself out there warts and all!”

      Yes just like him you have to “stop fiddling around” and just let people see you for who you are.

      Honestly people are not looking for the perfect website they just want a solution to a problem that is nagging them every day.

      So I look forward to seeing you take the next steps and get yourself out there – the rewards are worth it Joy.

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village marketer


  9. Hi Peter,

    Great post about why people dont set up blogs, I would have to agree with a lot of your reasons.
    My big one being my grammar sucks and I don’t know when to put in commas,fullstops etc.
    But I suppose practice makes perfect :). Must be lovely living in that village were you all help each other out and everyone knows each other that is kind of lost in the city 🙂

    • Hello Eugene and welcome to my place mate,

      Let me tell you something. I hated studying English at school and I’m sure my grammer is not all that great either.

      But hey what you read is what you getr with me. I write like I talk and people seem to understand and appreciate that.

      I’ve got a suggestion for you – try the SpellCkeckPlus website – its free and solves your grammer problems quickly and easily.

      But you’re right, the more you write the more confident you will get with your writing. But hey, why not mix it up a bit and embed a video or a podcast in your posts rather than just write all the time?

      Just an idea as people relate differently to different formats.

      Yes I love the Thai village life except when it comes to power supplies and interent connections – these are a real lottery!

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger


  10. Hey Peter,

    What an awesome post and advice you shared. I can relate to it all as well having been right where most people are when they’re thinking about starting a blog or curious as to what all’s involved.

    What I love about blogging Peter and building a business here online is that you can start at any age. You are a perfect example of that and so am I. I’m getting pretty darn close now to 60 years old and I was just shy of 50 when I started. Trust me when I say I had no clue what I was getting myself into and I got ripped off more times then any one person should.

    What I love about blogging though is that if you’re in a niche that you really enjoy then you know your goal is to help others. That’s SO rewarding but in order to do well you have to put everything in place. Learning from someone like you who is doing it and progressing, well they can’t beat that.

    I appreciate you including my post too and I don’t want this to overwhelm too many people. Just take it one step at a time because it’s a process. You’re not going to see instant results but they can come quicker than imagined when you’re on the right road.

    Love this post and of course I’ll be sure to share it as well. Thanks again for the mention and enjoy what’s left of your week.


    • Welcome back Adrienne,

      It’s always great to have your constructive and supportive feedback.

      The very mention of blogging to some folks makes their eyes glaze over as they have a completely different perspective to me when it comes to blogging and blog marketing.

      You don’t have to be a great writer, in fact you could do what many others do and create regular video posts – vlogs so to speak.

      Folks who are concerned about their ability to run a successful blog must firstly think about WHY they want to start a blog in the first place.

      If they want to create a “safe place” online where visitors can come, learn, share and engage on topics you are passionate about, then I’d say….hey, get started right now because your mindset is definitely in the right place.

      You can learn as you go.

      People will respect that and will love your authenticity if you simply tell them the truth.

      Actually I have found it far easier to get people to engage and follow a recommended link to a page on my blog compared to sending them to some external sales page. For some reason the decision is far easier to make and the “fear of being sold to” is greatly reduced, when you provide a relevant and useful call-to-action within your blog post.

      To me this is a reflection that folks are beginnig to trust this old Aussie blogger more and more as they get to know more abput me.

      I totally agree with you re the love of blogging. It has really grown on me over the relatively short time I have had this blog going and I love the idea of being able to impact on people’s lives in some small way.

      For example the comment from another visitor, Gordon, right on this post, is the type of thing that really makes my day! and of course, I just love the accolades you provided as well. We’re all human so who wouldn’t?

      Best wishes as always Adrienne

      Cheers from the remote Thai village blogger


    • Hello Darren,
      Thanks for your visit to my place again. Always appreciate you dropping by.

      Re the researching – make sure it doesn’t go on forever and stop you from getting started. Just a few hours using the tool I gave you plus the download link from Adrienne Smith, the blogger I recommend you all following, should give you a really good starting point for your target audience.

      The trick is then to find out where they hang out and listen and learn. The “pain points” will be very obvious.

      Best wishes as always Darren and really looking forward to your blogging development.

      Please connect with me if there is anything in particular I can help you with – always happy to share what I am learning as I go along..


  11. Another thought provoking and very interesting blog post Peter. I do have a blog which began with all good intentions and somehow I allowed it to lose its way. This priceless info along with the Affiliate Club webinar from Glenn yesterday has really fired me up to focus and put myself and my message out there.

    • Hi Gordon,

      Absolutely delighted if my post helps you in some small way to get yout blog up and running again.

      It’s all a matter of persistence and consistency in delivering the very best content we can to our target audience.

      By the way for your interest my Google Analytics shows that the major age range of my blog visitors is now in the 2 groups 35 – 55 years of age.

      6 months ago when I first started this blog my traffic was all in the 18-24 group!

      Not only that but the interests of my main age groups actually coincide with the limited data data I have on my email lists – interests in travel, computers, financial freedom and personal development.

      Get yourself out there Gordon and look at me. I’m a 70 year old inexperienced blogger who is slowly but surely getting my blog community rolling along.

      If I can do this at my age then anyone with the passion and enthusiasm can also acheive their blogging objectives.

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village Gordon


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