Why YOU Will FAIL Online

Why YOU Will Fail OnlineToday I'd like to share some thoughts with you about why so many people fail to make money online.

Statistics show that around 95% of people who start out in internet marketing will fail to make even their first $1 online.

Now that is scary. Are you struggling to make a success online? Are you awake late at night wondering how you are going to share your online failures with your family?


Apologies for these leading questions but I just want to be totally honest with you. Maybe it's about time someone told you the truth!

Let's look at the most common mistakes people make (and are still making as we speak!) in any online marketing venture. Please read carefully as according to statistics this is probably YOU!!

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Below are some of the top reasons why people fail(I personally have done a few of these)

They will:

Get led down the wrong path by some guru that promises them that they will make a million dollars overnight
Want to see instant results in a few weeks ( They don’t understand that an online business takes lots of work)
Fail to get the proper training on how Internet marketing works.
Never want to put in the time and effort that it takes to be successful online.
Be attracted to every shiny object that comes along

Here are the top five reasons why people fail to make money online

1. Time- Let’s face it, we all live very busy lives. From doctors appointments to working a full time J.O.B, to attending your child’s school and sports functions. Life can get very hectic!

2.Information overload- There is so much to learn when you get started in your own online business. It’s like you are learning a whole new language.

3. They want to make money fast- The internet is full of scams out there, that promises you will make a ton of money in a small amount of time. These internet gurus have everyone brainwashed into thinking that you can make a million dollars overnight.

4. They aren’t a good writer- People think they aren’t a good writer and they could never run a website, because their  grammar and spelling is bad. What they don’t realize is that you are writing everyday. Whether its sending emails, texting your friends, or updating your status on Facebook.

5. They don’t see results right away- This should probably be higher up on my list because I see this happening all the time. When you decide to start an internet marketing business you have got to realize that you aren’t going to see results right away.

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