Working with Joy and Integrity

Enjoy my podcast interview below with leading change-maker Carol Davies. Find out what makes me tick and why I love what I do. Carol who is so aptly called the Passion Motivator, is a certified Professional Coach and Reiki Healer who is well known throughout Canada and the US.

As the Passion Motivator, Carol has an enduring passion for assisting busy and stressed Entrepreneurs to Find Passion, Get Focused & Achieve Success…

Carol has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people awaken to their true passion and empowering them to pursue goals that will give them the success and sense of fulfillment they need.

It's no wonder why Carol stands out as the premier authority in top quality life coaching for business leaders, corporate decision makers, and others.

Here's Carol's Interview with Peter Beckenham called “Working with Joy and Integrity” 

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