marketing to baby boomers

5 Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers

If you’re not marketing to baby boomers then you’re missing out on a huge potential marketplace.

Officially I’m not a “baby boomer” as this generation of “self- centered,” “individualistic” guys who have driven every other generation mad, are folks born between the years 1946 – 1964.

This old Aussie marketer was born in 1945 – one year earlier right at the end of WW2.
But close enough to be able to accurately share my thoughts and experiences about marketing to baby boomers. Agree?

Why Should You Consider Marketing to Baby Boomers?

Let’s put things in perspective here.

If you live in the USA there is 76 million of my generation of baby boomers.

Not only that, they have the most disposable income of all generations so far and they comprise 50% of all retail sales.

The majority are quite “tech savvy,” in the USA alone, more than 66% of my baby boomer generation regularly purchase online AND these very same guys will be inheriting trillions of dollars over the next 20 years.

So if that’s not a viable marketplace, what is?

Watch my quick video below for some critical elements about how you should be marketing to us baby boomers



marketing to baby boomers

The next obvious question is…

How to Optimize Your Marketing to Baby Boomers?

Here come the tricky bits and if you really want to succeed with your marketing to baby boomers then make sure you watch my quick video right here in this post.

As we are well-known as the “me” generation for our self-centered attitudes, you MUST be aware of some critically important elements if you want to make your marketing to baby boomers as profitable as it certainly could be.

marketing to baby boomers

1. Pre the Personal Computer
Remember when many of us were born, personal computers had not even been invented yet.

As a young Aussie, I can clearly remember in 1962 visiting Sydney University that proudly boasted that it had this amazing computer called “SILLIAC” that was a five-ton machine.

We were all suitably impressed even though we had no idea of what this “punch-card” monster was all about.

Enough to say that its capacity would not even match 15% of my laptop today!

As marketers be aware that a proportion of my baby boomer generation are still not all that familiar or confident using the internet. Yes we are learning quickly but still behind the other generations in our willingness to “shop online”

Perhaps 50% of us are tech savvy and about 33% of us have “smart phones.”

However, unlike Generation X (1965 – 1980) or the Millennials (1981 – 2000), the way we use our smartphones has big implications for the way you try and market to us.

Most of us with “smart phones” use them to check our emails, surf around our Facebook account, maybe watch the occasional YouTube video but rarely would we even consider PURCHASING anything online via our phone.

By all means, we’ll purchase online if you’ve approached us the right way with your offers but we’ll complete the transactions via our PC or laptop.


Maybe it’s because many of us are still coming to terms with the sheer power of mobile technology.

Keep this in mind when you’re planning your campaigns for marketing to baby boomers.

marketing to baby boomers

2. Handle With Care on Social Media

More and more of us baby boomers are becoming very active members of social media, especially Facebook.

Actually, more than 70% of us now have Facebook accounts. 

This is probably one of the reasons why many of the Millennial generation are leaving that platform and seeking some peace from us baby boomers on sites like SnapChat or Periscope!

But as marketers, you better be aware that the fastest growing segment of the Facebook colossus by far, are women over the age of 55 years – absolute prime baby boomer marketing candidates.

However, when attempting to market to us on social media, remember that we’re there really for social reasons and are not impressed by you “friending” us and then immediately pitching us whatever you are trying to sell.

You’ll be wasting your time if you adopt this stupid yet extremely common “push marketing” approach.

PRICELESS TIP: Find a baby boomer friend, be a friend, help a friend and let things develop from there.

marketing to baby boomers

3. Our Baby Boomer Mindsets

Remember our self-centered attitudes and whatever you do NEVER refer to us as “old” or even “seniors.”

Yes, I know we’re getting old but we hate to be reminded of that very fact.

I can clearly remember being told as a teenager to “never trust anyone over 30.”
We now proclaim that 50 is the new 30! We’re a “self-preserving” lot when it comes to mindset.

So in your marketing please make sure you keep this in mind and use subtle measures to grab our attention.

For example, my eyesight is nowhere near what it was even 10 years ago and I if I come across emails, blog posts or offers of any kind online (or offline) that are in font sizes of less than 14 then I simply ignore them.

Also, make sure that your content shows me “how to” do particular things as all of us baby boomers LOVE devouring lots of information before we make any decisions.

Just make sure your font sizes are relevant to us plus use lots of white spaces and images.

We’ll react much more favourably if we can read and enjoy your content with straining our already “ageing” faculties – but please don’t quote me on this or I’ll deny saying it!

marketing to baby boomers

4. Do As You Say and Keep your Promises

My generation was brought up with the mantra that “your word is your bond.”

So never, ever make promises that you cannot deliver.

If you fail to deliver, even by a day or so, you’ll only ever do this once as your baby boomer prospective customer will never trust you again.

We baby boomers are savvier and more discerning consumers than any other previous generation.

Rather than just sticking to the “tried, trusted and true” approach of our parents when it comes to buying things, we are more likely to switch products until we find the one that really meets our needs.

So don’t play games with us and focus your marketing on honesty and reliability.


TIP: We have been exposed to exceptional customer service experiences all our life and if you can’t meet our expectations then this extremely profitable market segment is not for you.

marketing to baby boomers

5. We Baby Boomers are a High Touch Generation

We like to see, touch and feel the things we want to purchase. Don’t ask me why – we just do.

We like to check everything out but when we can do this and you can deliver as promised, you’ll probably have a customer for life.

So when it comes to our online digital world, if you’re serious about marketing to baby boomers then let us “inside.”

We love to be able to see “behind the scenes” and those marketers who let us baby boomers check out what you do, how you do it and how you can really help us, will be the real winners in marketing to my generation.

If you want to get our attention, engage us and get us interested in whatever you have to offer, please take these thoughts into consideration when planning your next marketing to baby boomers campaign.



Lisa Jahred  is one of my wonderful regular readers and she posted a comment that reminded me of another key issue. Thanks for the heads up Lisa!

When I call you could you please answer your phone? Responding to text messages seems to be far more important to some folks and we baby boomers prefer to talk not text. OK?

Baby Boomer Future Posts

I have many baby boomers as regular readers and they have asked me to help them out with their online aspirations.

For many baby boomers who are nearing or at retirement, they are finding this is a time of disappointment and regret.

They’re disappointed because they didn’t plan better for their retirement years and regret that they have to get at least a part-time job to make ends meet.

Embarking on a second career for baby boomers isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Now, with the powers of the Internet at their backs, baby boomers can learn new skills and build an Internet business they can use to supplement incomes and keep their minds sharp.

By the way, even if you’re not a baby boomer make sure your parents get this blog address as what I’m planning to share may be of great help and interest to them.


So watch out for future posts where I’ll be covering topics including:

Why More Baby Boomers are Launching Online Businesses?
What’s the Learning Curve for Online Entrepreneur Baby Boomers?
What’s the Easiest Way for Baby Boomers to Get Started Online?
How to Start an Online Business for Less than $50 a Month?
What Types of Businesses Can You Launch Online?


marketing to baby boomers

Baby Boomers Guide To Making Money Online

Click that link if you’d like to learn how Baby Boomers can make money online in a way that’s easy and highly profitable.

Your Turn:

I know how busy you must be so many thanks for your comments.

Are you a baby boomer who has had challenges trying to create an additional online income?

Are you are a marketer who has successfully marketed to baby boomers care to share how you did it?

Would you like more details on how best to market to baby boomers?
As a baby boomer, do you agree with what I presented?

After all, we are the “individualistic generation” so I fully expect some differences of opinion.

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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    • Hello Harry and welcome to my place,

      I’m delighted you found the information helpful.

      Can you please let me know what you were looking for and how I can possibly help you some more?

      All you have to do is ask me OK?

      Cheers – look forward to hearing back from you

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


  1. Hi Peter,
    Our team had never considered baby boomers till now, Thanks for remaining us that baby boomers are also important to us . We had no idea how to get our products into them after reading this article we have got some ideas. Thanks for sharing this article with us

  2. Hello Peter
    Great post! It was very insightful and informative and me being a baby boomers I am in total agreement with you.” We grew up your word is your bond”. My third visit to your site and first comment but each time I come you have a lot of food for thought and some phenomenal very relevant information. Again thanks for sharing this value packed post and have a great day.


  3. Hey Peter,
    What a stellar post!!
    Indeed I am a baby boomer trying, again and again, to start up the additional line of income.

    Now I have the hope to start up the online business with new fire and enthusiasm. I think you are one of my favorite guide providers who help every newbie by excellent points.


    Thanks for sharing this original post!

    Keep sharing such useful tips!!
    Sathish Arumugam recently posted…7 Foolproof Ways To Build An Authority Blog In 2016 And BeyondMy Profile

    • Hi Satish,

      I am delighted you found such good value in my posts – come back again soon OK?

      Please let me know if I can help you getting set up online with your business – happy to help you

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


  4. hey , First of all let me admit here that before reading this post I do not have any idea about Baby Boomers. After reading the whole article I can say that there are many people except these baby boomers who are new to internet world.

    I personally feel that these people will take time to learn such thing and only those will learn who have some sort of interest or need . Otherwise people will not be willing to learn. That my thought . What you think ?
    Jessica Brody recently posted…Best Baby Strollers for Online Shopping USA 2016My Profile

    • Hi jessica,

      Thanks for your visit and comment.

      We baby boomers are not all “tech stupid” but we often do take our time to implement the latest crazes

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


    • Hey Armit,

      Great to have you visit with me and thanks for your feedback

      Please reach out if you’d like nay help with your blogging OK? Happy to share and help if I can

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


  5. Hey Peter,

    There are many people who are trying to understand this new world of the internet. I have met many baby boomers.

    People who haven’t used the computers during their study time are now showing their talent to the world.

    It’s important to handle them with care on social media. The marketing tips you have mentioned are helpful.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Boost Your Business Growth With Facebook Marketing Tips?My Profile

    • Hello and welcome back Ravi,

      Yes we Baby Boomers are an interesting generation but we are learning fast to catch up with technology.

      Marketing to us is easy if you follow the advice I provided here.

      Ravi lookout for my future posts where I will expand on the potential to market to us Baby Boomers from lots of different angles.

      Thank you for your visit and feedback

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


  6. Hi Peter,

    Great post and – being a baby boomer myself – I can identify with everything you say.

    Yes, my market is also baby boomers so your tips are really useful.

    I’m not “phone savvy”. To me the smartphone is still mainly for speaking, texting and a few apps – like the weather! I’m old-fashioned enough to prefer my landline for talking on because even in my London suburb the mobile phone reception comes and goes. This means I have great difficulty hearing what babbling youngsters are rabbiting on about, ten to the dozen. Slow down, or email me, I say 🙂

    I particularly like “our word is our bond”. I will probably forgive someone who has let me down, but I never forget 🙂 There are a several “silver-tongued” and brash youngsters who have talked me into “purchases” with glib promises, and not delivered. They are on my “never again” list 🙂

    However some, like you and a few others we both know, are “preferred suppliers”.

    It’s a big marketplace and I wish us both success along the journey 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hi Joy,
      Always a real pleasure to have you visit with me – and a fellow baby boomer as well!

      Sounds like we’re the same when it comes to smartphones but I do use it for one other purpose that U know you don’t (as yet anyway) and that’s to make quick videos. lol

      Our word really is our bond and that is something I truly live by – and yes i’ve been conned many times before so I’m also gullible – but getting wiser by the day!

      Great feedback as always Joy – thank you

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


    • Hi Karan,

      Nice to see you back at my place. Appreciate your kind and supportive words.

      Please if there is anything I can help you with as far as your marketing is concerned just ask me OK?

      Best wishes from Thailand


  7. Hi Peter,

    Amazing how tech savvy this Boomer generation is. My dad has an iPhone and iPad and texts more than me. Head stuck to the iPhone, wheeling and dealing LOL, no, just connecting with his buddies. But he is tech savvy and methinks he’s about on the cusp of the generation because he’s 69 years young. All great tips and an important reminder too: even with texting and social messaging many Boomers prefer talking. My dad still talks 10 times more than he texts. This is because of his age and his pro background, as he held many sales and customer service spots in a shipping company and lived on the horn for nearly 40 years.

    Thanks for sharing Peter 🙂


    • Hi Ryan,

      Great as always to have you back at my place.

      Your dad sure sounds like one switched on boomer!

      I have trouble even checking emails with my phone bt I’m 2 years older than your dad! lol

      Yes, we all love to talk – texting is fine but I much prefer the old-fashioned way if possible. Actually, as I become a bigger and bigger user of Facebook and Twitter, my texting skills have improved dramatically – and it pays results which is even better!

      Thanks again Ryan and I love following you as you walk the halls of fame and fortune- very, very proud of your achievements that have also been well deserved.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village “boomer”


  8. Hi Peter. Great topic for a blog post, once again. I’d like you to share with us (maybe in another post) how you choose such relevant and targeted blog posts. As for this post, I’m greatly interested because a huge number of CEOs and decision makers whom we target as our ideal customers are Baby Boomers. So I’d definitely like to see a lot more tips on how to market to them. Thanking you in advance.
    Anand recently posted…Dramatically Improve Your Google PageSpeed Score by Using One FileMy Profile

    • Hi Anand and welcome back to my place.

      Sorry for the delay in responding but for some reason some of your comments were caught in my spam filter.

      But never again – I’ve marked your email as a “priority comment”status.

      I always enjoy and appreciate your visits and feedback Anand.

      As far as the “Baby Boomers” target audience is concerned in my very nest post coming soon, I’m sharing exactly what you just asked me – how to create relevant and valuable content for this specific market.

      However, if you want to jump on Skype some time we could have a chat about this as well – My Skype address is: peter.beckenham (the only one in Thailand!)

      Best wishes as always from the remote Thai village blogger- come marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome Mandy,

      Welcome to the world of the baby boomers!

      Actually, the year you were born, 1962, was the year I finished high school so that dates me well and truly.

      So don’t feel weird – there’s a stack of us around and the generation age gap is pretty wide.

      Thanks for your visit and come back again soon – OK?

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  9. Hey Peter,

    While many baby boomers are using sites like Facebook, fewer are using the sites targeted more towards twenty-somethings, like Instagram. For that reason, it’s wise to link up your social media tools and ensure that everything can be found in one place.

    You need to build trust with the brand. That stems from relating to other users, identifying with the product and developing rapport with the sales people they interact with when deciding to make the purchase.

    For online marketing, there is no more effective channel than search engines.There are other important online channels as well. We know that about three quarters of boomers use social media, primarily Facebook.

    One of the primary rules of social customer service is never attack or argue with those who have posted something negative about your company. It will inevitably fuel the bad publicity and ensure that even more people hear about the complaint.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar and a very big welcome,

      I totally agree with you about marketing to baby boomers via Facebook. The trick with social media marketing like that is the recognize that they are on social media to socialize NOT to buy stuff. So you have to be clever to grab their attention whilst at the same time, not pushing anything don their throats.
      Search engines are a great channel if you have the time and expertise.

      Many thanks for sharing Amar – always very much appreciated

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  10. Hi Peter. I guess I’m technically a GenX but I definitely identify with a lot of what you said about the Baby Boomer generation. My phone handles phone calls and text messages. That’s all. I’m not interested in getting on the internet with such a small screen.

    I successfully market to boomers. I think the internet is perfect for that. I can give all of the information that I have about a topic or product and you as my customer can scan it for as little or as much information as you need to make your decision. Like you (or Lisa) said, when I receive a phone call, I respond with a phone call.

    Everything you said feels like common sense to me. Honesty, integrity, openness. I think that’s the way all marketing, all interactions between all people, should be. It is unfortunate that it’s not.
    Ben recently posted…Miserable at WorkMy Profile

    • Hello Ben and welcome back to my place,

      I’m with you Ben – not the smartest person in the room when it comes to technology!

      You know when you think about it sales is simply a transfer of your knowledge and enthusiasm about a particular topic and if you are honest and open then your success in sales is easy to understand. People harden to a sale and soften to a genuine offer of help – it’s the same old story Ben.

      Great to hear you are having success with your marketing to my generation – well done mate.

      Thanks for your awesome comment and addition to my post

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  11. Peter, I truly enjoyed read 5 tips for marketing to baby boomers. As a boomer myself I was forced into early retirement due to medical issues and I am trying to enter the online business world to try to make ends meet. I read every email I get from you and download all your videos to watch time and time again. I try to learn all I can about this business but so much of it is fluff. I find truth in what you say in both your articles and videos. I thank you sir for all your lessons.

    • Hello and welcome Clifford,
      Wow, what an awesome comment. You have really made my day Clifford and I truly thank you.
      I’ll get in contact with you and see how I can help you in any way I can.

      I actually visited your MadSea site and noticed that you don’t have a lot of engagement on your posts.

      Just in case you missed it here is a link to my post abut How to Get More Blog Post Engagement as this will definitely help you to get lots more action on your blog.

      Thank you again Clifford – simply awsome to get feedback like this.

      As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I try very hard to provide trhe very best and most ethical recommendations possible. So wih your comment today you made this old baby boomer feel realy good inside!

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  12. Hi Peter,

    Fascinating topic.

    Isn’t it interesting how different market segments have their own peculiarities?

    It seems like a large share of my following is baby boomer, and I think it’s because I focus on building a profitable blogging business… a later-life “career” or “income opportunity” that makes sense to their “laptop lifestyle” inclinations.

    Like with any marketing, you must know what problems your crowd has, and give them solutions. In my case, it means understanding that baby boomers want an alternative career choice, and blogging is something they can do and want to do. But they have problems learning how to do it profitably, so I help them do that.

    Any marketing works along these same lines. Identify the problems, offer the solutions.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Use Your Blogging Skills To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    • Hello Donna and welcome back to my place,

      It’s interesting you mentioned that blogging for profits is seen as a “later-life” type of online career. The number of baby boomers who are seeking a laptop lifestyle is ever increasing these days and this is exactly why I wanted to create this particular post.

      My generation of baby boomers obviously is a mix of online technical expertise for some and with many others who just don’t have a clue about how to start and build an online presence.

      It’s great that folks can get the training and support for blogging from experts like you Donna. As someone who has experienced your training, I can personally vouch for its superb value.

      Great to have you share your experiences Donna – many thanks as always

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  13. Very interesting article! It’s funny most of the people who leave comments on my website can be considered baby-boomers. Both my parents were born before the personal computer was invented but now they both work online, interesting how things work out. Thanks for this article, it puts a new perspective on things!

    • Hi Timothy and welcome back,

      Yes you’re right. There is a huge number of my generation not only using online services but also deciding to start their own business online as well.

      The most asked question I get as a fellow baby boomer is “what sort of business is best for me to start online?” – this is why I created my short report for baby boomers to read.

      Many baby boomers have become quite tech savvy and have no problems using the internet for any purpose but there are still some who need support and guidance as the internet platform is relatively unknown to them.

      Thanks for your interesting comment Timothy – awesome mate.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome to my place Theresa,

      I am delighted that you found real value in my post. It’s always great to get feedback from my fellow baby boomers.

      I checked your website and wow – we have a similar background. We are both former teachers who just loved building the futures of kids.

      Actually, my story can be found in the free report I mentioned in my post – if you grabbed this then I’d love to chat and share some thoughts with you.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment Theresa

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  14. Hi Peter,

    To be honest, I wasn’t aware that ‘baby boomers’ can open up a whole new possibilities for marketing. So, thank you!

    This is probably the first post I have read on this topic and it’s actually very fascinating. Definitely a lot of baby boomers are looking to make money online and may not be finding a proper platform to get knowledge on this topic. I am sure this post will be very helpful for them.

    Keep up the great work Peter.

    P.S. Shared this on Twitter to get more eyes on your post!

    ~Arpit Roy
    Arpit Roy recently posted…How to Promote Your Blog Like a ProMy Profile

    • Hello Arpit and welcome back,

      Yes, baby boomers as a market segment are HUGE – maybe too big for a really focussed marketing campaign.

      My post was simply to bring an overall awareness of this market and if you found this of help and interest then I’m delighted Arpit.

      The reason why I created my free report Baby Boomers Guide to Making Money Online, was the very fact that so many baby boomers are unsure what platform to use if they want to start making money online.

      Please watch out for more specific posts about my baby boomer generation that are coming soon.

      Many thanks for sharing this post Arpit – awesome mate

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  15. Great post Peter. Unlike millennials, we baby boomers are not so easily wooed. Where our kids and grandkids are more likely to use computers, smartphones and apps for just about everything such as Instagram, SnapChat and online purchases without giving it a second thought, us “old farts” are a bit more wary (or scared) to give away too much info online. Therefore, the matter of “trust” is vitally important. And you certainly come across as a genuine friendly and trusty person. (Or is that crusty?) ♥
    Johno Ardley recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    • Hey Johno welcome to my place,

      Great to have you visit with me mate and yes we older guys are probably a bit wary of some of the ever-expanding technology that is surrounding us each day. I am constantly amazed at my granddaughter who at just 4 years of age, uses a computer tablet with such ease and confidence. To tewll you the truth I don’t even know how to truth the darn thing on!

      Totally agree with you Johno re the “trust” factor – a very big thing with us baby boomers that’s for sure.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  16. Hello Peter. So glad to be able to read your post. Yes I am a baby boomer and you hit the nail on the head with making sure the fonts are large enough. There are millions of baby boomers who are looking to make money online and don’t have a clue where to start or what exactly they do want. And that is where you come in. You are the man who can teach in a most reliable smart way. I know that for a fact. You know how to help that person, baby boomer or whoever are sincere and ready to get that online income coming in. There are plenty of room in the baby boomer niche for us all. What better person to lead than you.
    Thanks again for another uplifting and motivating talk.
    Wishing you and your students much success
    Sincerely David

    • Hello and welcome back to my place David,

      Yes like you I need to have bigger fonts these days! But we’re not getting “old” are we?

      David thank you for your very kind and supportive thoughts – very much appreciated.

      I’ll certainly do my very best to help any baby boomer (or senior) who would like to investigate the opportunity to make some extra money online.

      Actually, it’s all a matter of mindset – folks need to understand that it does take some investment of time, money and effort.

      As you yourself know, there are no “overnight success stories” despite al the hype we often see online these days.

      Awesome comment David – thank you again

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

  17. Hi Peter

    Fabulous post!

    And so relevant for a Baby Boomer like me.

    Coincidentally today I read an article about the Baby Boomer generation which highlights the current reality: an increasing number of boomers are starting businesses (in Australia). Here is an extract:

    “Between the 2006 and 2011 censuses the number of employers/self-employed aged 60-something jumped by 49,000, whereas the number aged 40-something contracted by 11,000. The shift ­towards older entrepreneurs may be explained in part by ageing boomer farmers who lack gen Y children prepared to take over the family farm. But it also fits with a bigger view of an even greater societal change. Today’s 60-somethings are university ­educated and come with big ­expectations of lifestyle. Settling back into “pension life” isn’t as ­attractive a proposition as is setting up shop as an independent consultant or business owner.”

    To me, this is pure gold. Like me, you’ve recognized the opportunity with this demographic. Onwards and upwards I say.


    Interesting point you make about the texting habits of the Millenials

    I’ve made a lot of money by simply picking up the phone and talking to people. But in many respects, texting is easier. So if texting is what they want, texting is what they will get!

    Great post, Peter

    Kim Willis recently posted…Communication Primer – Don’t Pre-Judge People!My Profile

  18. Hey Peter!

    I really enjoyed this article about marketing to baby boomers. I can relate to a few points you made here, especially the mindset and font sizes!
    One thing that really bothered me a couple of years ago is that everyone, including my grown children, prefers text msg as the number one form of communication. No one answers their phone but they respond with a text. That just drove me nuts.
    I finally had to give in and roll with it!
    New things to learn all the time in the exciting world of marketing.
    Take care.
    Lisa recently posted…United Games Review – Sports App Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa and welcome back,

      I am delighted you enjoyed the first of what will be a series of baby boomer posts, over time.

      Yes, font sizes really bother me as well – but after all I am now 71 so my eyes are not all that sharp anymore!

      Wow – you raised a very good point re text messaging. I’m going to edit my post and add that in as it’s something that I also experienced – and of course I will quote my source of inspiration as Lisa!

      By the way, if you took advantage of my free report for Baby Boomers I’d love your feedback.

      Always great to have you visit and contribute to my posts Lisa – thank you

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…5 Tips for Marketing to Baby BoomersMy Profile

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