Mindset: Is Your Mindset Killing Your Business?

mindsetApologies as it’s been some weeks since my last post and to a large extent let’s put that down to my mindset.

Yes, like all entrepreneurs experience at some time or another, recently I have been going through a tough time with my business.

 And yes it seemed to me that I had experienced the “perfect storm of challenges.”

But my message to you today is to NOT do what I did but rather learn from my mistakes!

Yes, I made a huge mistake in my mindset that I’ll share with you soon.

If you have been following me then you know I always share and say things as they really are.

This post is no exception even if in the process I reveal a personal weakness that I had to fight hard to overcome.

However, before we look at how your mindset can kill your business let’s define what “mindset” is all about.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, “Mindset is an established set of attitudes held by someone. It’s a person’s way of thinking and their opinions.”

In other words, what you think HAS a huge impact on the actions you take (if any)

To start with, if you are an online entrepreneur, then you need to be completely honest with yourself, identify any negative mindsets, face them, overcome them and move on.

That process is very easy to say in one sentence but it’s mighty hard to actually do in real life.

That’s the very point of this post.

AM I Being Honest with Myself?

Before we look at the key mindset shifts critical to your success please take a copy of the following questions that was created by well-known blogger and marketer, Glenn Shepherd.

Take a few minutes and answer the following questions.

Your honest answers will help you understand why your business is in the position it is right now:

Have I done all the required training?

Am I applying the training or just bits of it?

Am I taking action or holding back?

Am I really giving this my all?

Am I being consistent?

Am I making excuses?

Am I allowing myself to be distracted?

How do I really view myself?

Do I really want this? And just how much do I want this?

What is my “WHY” – my deepest motivating reason why I want a successful online business?

 Critical Mindset Shifts for Your Business Success

So let’s look at some mindset shifts you MUST make if you want to succeed in your business.

Firstly, you need to take your online business seriously and understand that there are nomindset “magic buttons” or easy short-cut solutions. In other words, you will need to take action and lots of it.

If you are looking for a way to escape doing any work and still make a success of your online business then best forget your online journey right now. Save your money, time and disappointments.

It will take a lot of consistent effort so please don’t fool yourself that some magic bit of software will do all the work for you – sounds great and this approach sells a lot of stuff but it’s not that easy.

With consistent effort, you can and will build a know, like and trust relationship with your prospects and customers

Second, never beat yourself up by comparing yourself with others you think are to be doing better than you. Rather use other’s success as an incentive to push yourself forward.

If others are more successful then study what they do

After all “success always leaves clues”

So see what they are doing and take action

Above all make sure you avoid making these 5 deadly marketing sins 

Thirdly, always believe in yourself – this is so critical

You MUST believe you can do this and you can if you really want to.

Low belief can be the key reason why you’re failing. That's why you keep changing what you do and never focus on one approach. You dabble with this strategy and that. You jump from one idea to another. And you never master any of them.

This is a sure way to fail.

However, there is nothing about YOU that can stop you from achieving success apart from the actions you are NOT prepared to take

People have faced far more adversity than you and have achieved incredible success so…

Stay focused
Follow your dream

Jump those hurdles
You CAN really do this
Take MASSIVE action

mindsetFourthly, this one is a bit of a reminder of things you already realize most probably.

Just know that 99% of the time your “excuses” are not real

For every reason (excuse) that tells you that you can’t do something there are counter reasons that you really can do it

Find it within yourself to push past every excuse that stops you taking action. It will not be east and some things you need to do will take a lot of guts and self-belief…

But you have to fight through these things

Be mindful of your “excuses” as they can easily play a real part in stopping you from achieving what you are really capable of

Fifthly, focus on giving ethical valuable service to others in a professional sales approach.

Never focus on the money – don’t chase the money. It’s so obvious when you do and you immediately lose credibility and authority.

If you focus on helping others in the best way you can then the money will chase you

The sixth factor of mindset is to accept FEAR is your friend

FEAR more often than not is “False Evidence Appearing Real”

Fear in business is a sign of a push for more growth. It’s a sign that you should be taking action in that area of your business

Seventh mindset factor is to acknowledge that NOW is the only time – this is so very mindsetimportant

Or as Tony Robbins said: “When will now be the best time for you?”

Don’t procrastinate and puts thing off.

Don’t be always waiting for tomorrow or “some day” as that day will never come

Please don’t take your hopes, dreams, visions and aspirations to the grave!

As Les Brown once said “The richest place on the planet is the graveyard” as buried there are so many dreams of people who failed to take action 

Never wait until tomorrow – this is a HUGE mistake


Eight mindset factor is to realize that education online is your currency.

The more you can teach and provide real relevant value, the more you’ll get paid in the marketplace

It’s your essential and critical responsibility as an entrepreneur to continue to educate yourself

If you are not taking the time to educate yourself then I’m sorry to tell you but you are NOT an entrepreneur.

[Tweet ““Don’t be afraid to fail, nobody is perfect, stumble on” ― Bangambiki Habyarimana”]

Ninth mindset factor that critical to your business success is to take responsibility for your current circumstances in your business.

To be honest, this is something I failed to do not that long ago and looked to others to help me out of a difficult situation I was facing.

If you are not where you want to be right now in your business then you need to OWN THIS issue

It may be hard to make some of these changes but you have to do this

Act now as once you own the issue you’re then back in control

Ultimately, the responsibility for your success lies with you and you alone.

A Successful Mindset Shift Outcome

Finally, the real reward of implementing these mindsets is not the money that will most definitely start flowing for you but the person you become- the person you grow into!

Think about being able to finally live your dreams and not just dream about it.
Commit to yourself and your life will change for the better

Put in the effort and be repaid 10-fold in ways you could never imagine

Money and freedom is an awesome combination

But this combination only comes when you are prepared to sacrifice what you have now for your future lifestyle dreams

Life is easy so why do we make it so hard?

mindsetA Business System for Positive Mindset People

Now you have identified your key mindset shift changes and have implemented everything you can, then you need to cast that same honest eye over the business system you are using.

Think carefully about the program/platform/system you are using now.


If you don't have an online business yet then the following link will also be of great help and interest to you. 

If you don't have an online business yet then the following link will also be of great help and interest to you. 

Is it working for you?

Are you happy with your progress?

Are you getting the support you need?

Is the training as good as you hoped?

Are you making lots of cash flows?

Does your business system do the selling for you?

If you answered an honest “NO” to any or all of the above questions then you definitely need to rethink your business strategy.

Here's an video of a profitable business system that is proving to be a great success for me. 

Your Turn:

I know how busy you must be so many thanks for your comments.

Do you find yourself putting things off? Why?

Are you making excuses for your business progress? What are they?

Do you doubt your ability to help others? Why?

Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve success with your business? Are you sure?

What is your “WHY” that drives you through good and bad times?





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