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Are You Engaged Yet?

 communicationCommunication is critical for entrepreneurs and I’d suggest it’s almost impossible to build any business if you don’t communicate. 

But it’s HOW you communicate that will determine if you succeed or fail in your online (and offline) business.


Look at your last blog post, blog comment, video, Facebook chat or even the last email message you sent out.

Did you aim to provide valuable information?


Did you focus on creating engagement?

There is a vast difference in these 2 approaches that is often very much overlooked by not just new online marketers but also the more experienced operators as well.

It’s great to provide valuable information that helps others and I strongly encourage that.

However, it’s the approach you take when communicating your valuable information that can make all the difference.

Just providing information – no matter how valuable it is – will rarely if ever build any relationships online let alone make you any money.

I am suggesting you always strive to be engaging with your communication.

In other words be completely open with people, be talking to them about what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

If you want to stay in business for the long haul then always be showing your target audience not only that you understand them but that you are prepared to engage with them.

Challenge For You: If you know who your target audience is, have you managed to find them yet? Let Tom Southern show you how in his excellent How To Find Where Your Potential Readers Hang Out

As Tom very cleverly points out “It’s very difficult to find an audience for a product. It’s a lot easier to find a product for an audience!”

The clear message I am trying to give you here is that the more you engage with people, the more relationships you will build, the faster your business will grow and the more money you will make.

It’s that simple

People wonder why they’re not making any money and they email their list once a month and wonder why they have been forgotten about. Or they email everyday with affiliate offers with absolutely no engagement process at all.

No wonder their business is flagging – you’ve got to be out there engaging with your audience

And also out there meeting new people – growing new business relationships with people who are interested in knowing what you’re doing and WHY!

Fessing Up Time!communication

We must make the time and be prepared to engage and chat with new people online like on Facebook.

I’m not talking about spending hours simply chatting to all and sundry – that is definitely a complete waste of time and a real business killer.

Instead use social media to focus on developing both new and existing relationships with folks who look like they may be in your target audience.

This is something I had not given much priority to until it was pointed out to me by my friend and very successful marketer, Kim Willis, that growing our online business is all about people.

Yes I must admit this is something I was guilty of not doing well until Kim pointed out this flaw in my communication strategies recently – thanks mate.

I was relying on closing business opportunities via well constructed email messages and engaging videos!

I had completely overlooked the huge power of engaged communication. 

The more you engage people the more they’re going to want to understand you, appreciate you and maybe even do business with you

Engagement Is Not a “One-Night Stand”

Engagement is a process and people will more than likely will not do business with you the first time you connect, communicate and engage with them. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

And it doesn’t mean they won’t be potentially great business partners at some point in the future.

It’s all a matter of timing and persistency (but not in any “pushy way”).

Give people time to get to know you via your on-going engagement process.

Get out of the “I need sales” mindset and prepare yourself for the long haul.

When you start building relationships for long term success in business that is where all the excitement and fun happens as a result of engaged communication..

That is exactly where you’ll start to see better results.

In my relatively few short years online I have discovered that the more I can engage and give to others, the more I enjoy my online communication experiences and my online relationships and the more consistently my PayPal account balance increases.

Truth Time

How do you engage people? Are you good at this?

Are you “selling” or “engaging” people who are looking at what your business is offering right now?

What do you do every day to make sure you are engaging your audience in the most effective way?

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Let me help you with your engagement process.

Your Daily Engagement Checklist

Here is a 5 step engagement checklist for you – there is no priority order apart from the fact you MUST do these things every day.

Smart successful entrepreneurs will already be focused on their “Income Producing Activities” such as creating traffic, generating leads and converting prospects into paying customers.

Your 5 step engagement checklist will underpin these IPA’s and ensure you maximize your potential.

communicationStep 1 – It Always MUST Be “All About Them”

Whenever you want to engage with somebody make it all about them. It doesn’t matter if it’s on social media, email, direct mail, skype or if it’s through face-to-face meetings.

The first thing is you’ve got to make it about them!

You’ve got to make everything you do about them


Every message you send, ever offer you promote has to always be about them.

This could mean a complete rethink in your marketing strategy but if you are new or struggling in any way then these 5 steps could make the difference you are seeking online – and in doing them you will become a far better professional anyway.

Always be asking questions that connect with your target audience’s “pain points.” It’s all about their fears and their concerns INSTEAD of you just talking about the things YOU think they need to know.

This is the single biggest challenge that most new entrepreneurs have but even some seasoned vets also face this challenge.

If you have yet to make your first sale – start with these 5 daily engagement steps.

If you have made sales but you want to make more sales start with these same 5 daily engagement steps.

It’s all about making everything you do about the person you are engaging with!

Make the person you are communicating with, the niche audience you have, the center of your  communicationworld.

Make everything you do every day be about the people you are engaging with.

They have to understand that you are tuned into their radio station WIIFM – what’s in it for me?

They want to know what your business, your offer, your training, your blog or even if it’s something free – like opting in to watch and or share a video you’ve created – they’ve got to know what’s in it for them.

So tell them…

Communication Case Study

Just this week I released a brand new “traffic training video” program and invited my list to watch it with the proviso that if they loved it and thought it may benefit others in their network, then to share it with them.

This gave them something more than just valuable content.

They’re going to look like a rock star by saying “Hey I just found this person who is pretty cool and they just shared this information with me. You should check it out.”

My email list is not the most responsive group on the planet but I got many replies thanking me for this training with many of them telling me they had shared it as well.

If you can do this then guess what?

You are the one who gave them that opportunity to help and impress their network connections – as well as very effectively spreading your brand.

It’s NOT “Us vs. Them”

By the way there’s an interesting result if you follow this strategy.

You’ll discover that it takes all the stress away because we’re not worried about the sale or the money.

That’s not what it’s about for us any more – right?

What it’s about is THEM

It’s about them coming agreeing to follow you and your recommendations and as a result changing their lives – and yes by the way you get paid when this happens.

You get to make money once you have built the relationship – forget the “fast buck” mentality.

I mean after all – do you like being “stalked” by some salesmen in the store trying to sell you something?

Of course you don’t – and neither do I?

But we all love to buy things – especially from people we know, like and trust.

It’s that easy. So don’t forget that when you communicate.

Are you engaged yet?

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communicationStep 2 – Conversational Not Transactional.

A conversation is a 2-way event and one that forms the basis of nearly every successful business contract.

Transactions are as the name implies a 1-way directive to take some sort of action.

We all guilty at times of using transactional behaviors like “check out my link” but remember this on its own has nothing to do with helping anybody.

If you want engagement and the chance to build a relationship then you MUST be conversational in your communications.

Open up with a question. For example lead with something that’s important or call attention to a challenge that people are having.

Never be afraid to highlight the “pain” your audience is facing a little bit.

“People don’t want you to tell them everything is OK if they find themselves not being able to make their first dollar online.”

They want the solution and by being conversational you can show them this is what happened to you.

Tell them how you also experienced exactly the same challenge or pain that the people in your audience are having.

Tell them you had the same problems, faced the very same frustrations, felt those terrible feelings of being lost and totally overwhelmed when nothying seemed to be working out for you.

So you researched and found the solutions and you took massive action on it. It wasn’t cheap but man it was worth it and now your life is so much different.

That’s basically the story you tell about your business but you have to tell it in a conversational way – add in the emotion, the failures, the fears, the elation of success. People will be drawn to that.

If all you do is give facts and figures then it has no emotion.

I recall that old adage: “Logic opens the mind but emotion opens the wallet”

A conversational approach gets the person to want to get to know more about you. When you engage with people in a conversational way it’s very powerful and really attracts people who want to follow you and find out what’s going on in your heart and mind.

Conversation keeps people engaged.

Conversations build relationships, trust and are a real factor in converting a prospect into an advocate not just a customer.

Are you engaged yet?


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Step 3 – Speak TO Them

If you are face to face with them it’s about making eye contact

Use their name.

Be authentic because your body language will tell more about you than your words – this even applies to video.

Be more than real, Be Interested NOT  Interesting!communication

It’s about being a great listener with engaging with them.

It’s no fluke that the word SILENT is an anagram of LISTEN.

You can’t hear if you never stop talking – and when people are nervous they tend to speak way to fast and way too much!

With your blog posts always speak to your audience.

Be conversational using language and expressions that are the real you and that you know your audience will relate with.

Are you engaged yet?


communicationStep 4 – Give Them What They Want

This sounds inherently obvious right?

But here’s the deal – what tends to happen (and I’ve been guilty of this as well) – we have a tendency to make the message about something we want people to know about

Find out what your people really want – not just your agenda but your story.


People are not the slightest bit interested in what’s on your agenda or your plans right now unless you can clearly show how they will benefit your audience

So in your own business ask yourself- what can I tell people that they haven’t heard before but they need to hear?

Because that’s what people want!

What do they want? The truth – never ‘sugar-coat” things

And they don’t want “doom and gloom” either.

Tell them exactly how it is.

What else do they want?

They want your story – they want your opinion – your values, your beliefs, your spin on things – so give it to them.

That’s what people love and that’s what people buy

They buy YOU so let them do this

You know the truth about your business, your industry – tell them that

That’s what engaged communication is all about.

They’re going to appreciate you doing this but if you lose some readers or prospects by being realistic and telling the truth – guess what. They were never going to buy anyway

You will never push away your ideal customer if you’re telling the truth. Tell them that “You just have to work your butt off to make a success online”

If people don’t like to hear this from you then they are not the type of person you want to do business with either.

Don’t waste your time and emotional energy worrying about upsetting anyone if you’re simply telling the truth.

Telling your story and giving your thoughts and opinions about things is highly appealing.

People want you to have the courage and the clarity to stand up and say what you truly believe – that type of story is impossible to resist.

Be courageous, be a leader and go out there and give people what they want – your thoughts, your story, your dose of reality!

Are you engaged yet?

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5th – Be Available – Be There For Themcommunication

Let people know you’re there as this alone will give them the confidence to have a fighting chance to succeed.

Don’t disappear once the sale is made – before, during and after the sale you need to be there – be available, be consistent with your communication and engagement.

That’s how you keep your customers close- plugged into to you – work with you for the long haul.

You’ll then have many communication opportunities to provide them with products and services that can take them to the next level in their business evolution.

Don’t walk away from this obligation.

This chance to be perceived as a professional caring individual…

This opportunity to further build your own business in the most enjoyable and profitable way possible.

The power of engaged communication is awesome.

It says “I’m here to build this business WITH YOU

I’m here to be your partner in success

I’m not going to do it for you but absolutely I’m going to be here to answer questions, to guide you and support you.  

That’s what people want.

Show your willingness to be available in your marketing, messaging plus all types of communications such as the way you interact and with people and even in your sales funnels

So go and apply these 5 steps daily to create far better engagement and enjoyment in your business.

Engaged communication will make a fantastic difference not just to your business but also to you as a person as well.

You will look, feel and be perceived so much better in the way you go about achieve success.  

Are you engaged yet?

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Your Turn

I know how busy you must be so many thanks for your comments.

Do you engage in the same way with your prospects, subscribers and customers?
What communication experiences can you share that shows the power of engagement?
Do you have a daily communication checklist you follow?
Please leave me your thoughts and feedback in your comments – I always reply and engage as much as possible.  

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Absolutely fantastic post, my friend! As you know, I’m all about engagement and putting people first before thinking about the end result and, just the same as Adrienne, I can’t think of any points to add to the ones you mentioned. The only tiny little thing I would mention is that, keeping in harmony with everything you mentioned, an introduction can go a long way to adding to that personable aspect, I believe. It’s not a major thing, but I always equate it with a face-to-face conversation. The very first thing you would do is at least say, “Hello” when talking with someone face-to-face, on the phone, etc. and I believe that the same protocol should be followed on our blogs.

    A good example of the personable approach is Han Fan. If you ever see any of his videos you’ll notice that he always greets his audience and says how fantastic it is to see everyone. Of course it’s recorded and he can’t actually see anyone, but it just adds that little something to the presentation, I think.

    I do see a lot of very successful bloggers just launch straight into their content without so much as a “Hello” so it’s clearly not a big issue. But personally, I just think that nothing is lost by spending literally just a few extra seconds to write a greeting.

    I believe that engagement is absolutely vital to any business. The form in which it’s done will vary according to the business and circumstances, but you want your visitors, subscribers, customers, etc to feel a connection to YOU. You want yourself and your business to stand out from the rest and give people a reason to notice you. As Donna mentioned above, this is something that bloggers often ‘get’, but many sellers don’t give it enough, if any, attention. As you know, Dean’s customers usually get a phone call, not to pitch anything to them, but simply as a courtesy and to welcome them. I recall him saying about one lady crying when she received the call because she couldn’t believe that he had taken a personal interest in her as a customer. Do you think that makes a person stand out? You bet!

    The other side of the coin with this subject is the aspect of actually getting the subscribers, clicks, sales, etc. While we do want to always put the other person first and always strive to give value, meeting the needs of our audience, there is absolutely nothing wrong with expecting some kind of compensation in return. Some get this wrong too, doing very well with the engagement side of things, but then feeling almost apologetic if they try to sell something.

    At the end of the day, we’re in this to make money, of course. But it’s getting the balance that’s important. As you said, we shouldn’t be focused on getting the visitors, clicks, subscribers, customers and so on. Rather our focus should be on giving the best value that we can. But at the same time, it’s right and proper to have a system set up on our blogs so that we can monetise our visitors and not be afraid of doing so. But, if we do everything in the right way, this side of things will largely look after itself in the background.

    Again, a fantastic post, Peter, and one that your visitors should get tons of value from. They would do well to bookmark this post for future reference as it contains many gems that will help them.

    Have a great rest of the week, buddy. 🙂


  2. Hi Peter,

    You’ve made an excellent point, here, not just for bloggers, but also those of us who have already built our own products.

    I have a lot of blogger friends and product creator folks that I hang out with. While bloggers generally “get it” about building relationships and engaging with their readers, people selling digital products always seem to ignore this aspect of their business. Once somebody buys their product, they ignore them… except for a barrage of email sales pitches.

    So what you’ve shared here is really important for bloggers to emulate, but then carry that same engagement process forward to their email list, their customers, clients, Facebook friends… anywhere they connect with their crowd of peeps…

    Besides, engagement is the most fun part of this business in my humble little opinion he he he


    • Hello Donna – always great to have you visit with me.

      I wonder why people who are selling things online so often seem to forget that engagement is such a powerful form of communication.

      It’s sad to see so many online marketers who forget they are dealing with “people with feelings and concerns” rather than just “prospects” or “subscribers”

      I really appreciated your kind and supportive feedback on this post Donna – thanks a million.

      Best wishes from Thailand


  3. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for this informative post, and the links for further research.

    It was interesting what you said in your reply to Chris about paid traffic – I HAD been intending to incorporate more of this into my strategy, but as I listen to webinars etc I’m beginning to think that perhaps I’d do better continuing with what I have been doing – which is blogging. I certainly enjoy blogging and interacting – it’s just that it can so easily run away with time 🙂

    However, I do see it working as the majority of my sales to date have come from people I have connected with on my blog.

    Certainly I have many stories to share about the pain of internet marketing and mistakes I made. It’s only in the last (say) 6 months that I see my previous efforts beginning to pay off. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel:-)

    Food for thought 🙂 Thanks.


    • Hello again Joy,

      Always a pleasure to have you visit my place

      I see a place for both paid anf free traffic strategies but from my own experiences I know that the traffic I source from my blogging is far more responsive than the paid option.

      The problem is free traffic takes a heck of a lot of time (and effort) whereas paid traffic enables us to leverage our limited time to be doing other things that are important in our business – its a hard trade-off and something I am always wrestling with.

      Glad to know you can see a light at the end of your internet marketing tunnel Joy and may 2016 be a stellar year for you and your business.

      Best wisges from Thailand


  4. Hi,Peter 🙂 Like always from your hands Great post and a lot of valuable “nuggets” And i agree with you in all 5 points of your post. we should take out time to communicate
    to new people,help them on start and motivate them on their way.

    I really enjoy in your posts…:)

    Kindest Regards and Greetings from

    • Hello Darja and welcome back to my place,

      Always good to get your thoughts and feedback and I’m really happy you found some “nuggets” that may be of help to you.

      Communication is just so important in everything we do online and I just hope I am communicating in the best way possible for my readers like you.

      If we can engage a few new people everyday then slowly but surely we can build our blogging community around us and with that a responsive and supportive mailing list that will become the backbone of our business.

      Give first and expect nothing in reply could be the real secret to building great relationships and highly responsive mailing lists! What do you think?

      Best wishes as always from a remote Thai village Darja


  5. Hi Peter,

    Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog post here. It’s great to have you introduce me to your readers and to have your support like this.

    You’ve got a great set of points here, Peter. Getting to know your readers is important if you want to get traffic, turn them into readers, subscribers and customers. You put it succinctly when you say, “Don’t disappear once the sale is made… Be there for them.” Success online is all about growing a community, or group, call it what you like, a set of readers who come to see your blog and you as the place where they can find what they’re looking for, be welcomed and respected.

    It the end, this is how you’ll achieve your blogging goals.


    • Hello Tom and thanks so much for your visit here.

      I also apologize for the difficulty you (and others) had in trying to add your comments to this post. I truly appreciate your persistence with me as we overcame that technical issue.

      It was my pleasure to introduce you to my readers as your great content has certainly been instrumental in helping me make some urgently needed changes to my blogging business.

      Thanks for your supportive feedback re this post – engagement is a topic I am very passionate about as it’s proving to be a major factor in building my online presence and my email lists.

      With support and guidance from successful and experienced folks like you I am determined to build my very own community of loyal supporters who will always be, as you said, “welcomed and respected” – that really does sum up the experiences I want my readers, my community to have whenever they visit with me.

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village blogger Tom


  6. Hello Adrienne and as always thanks for your visit.

    Firstly my sincere apologies for the commenting issues I’ve had with my blog.

    I got a guy to look at it and he told me that its working perfectly again and that he didn’t need to do anything.

    I have absolutely no idea what caused the Javascript errors etc but I do very much appreciate all the efforts you took to get your comments posted here. That truly speaks volumes for your commitment to your readers and I just love that!

    As the “engagement Queen” of blogging your very supportive and encouraging comments on this post have really made my day – wow thanks a million as the topic of this post is very near and dear to me.

    Best wishes from a remote and very hot Thai village


  7. Hi Peter.

    Great post. Valuable nuggets here about engagement.

    I know I need to improve when it comes to engaging with people.
    Not saying that I don’t but there is always room for improvement.

    Like you said, it can’t always be all about the sale, like it was with the idiot
    I talked about in my last video post. No engagement there. Just name calling,
    bad mouthing other ways to do things and then right to the sales pitch.

    I just hope I came across as engaging in that video.

    Have a great weekend…….Chris

    • Hi Chris and thanks for your visit mate,

      Really appreciate your feedback and don’t think you’re alone when it comes to engagement skills.
      We all need to keep working on ngagement and communication skills as a consistent “work in progress” so to speak.

      For me engagement is the lynch pin to building relationships both online and offline.

      I learned the hard way that to rely on paid traffic like Facebook ads or solo ads to build a list that we then start building a relationship with, is a fallacy.

      From my experience the open rates of this paid traffic was usually less than 5%.

      Not only that even those who opened were on so many other lists and approached by so many other marketers trying to sell them something that they were extremely skeptical of anything you wanted to share with them.

      So building my list based on engagement from my blog platform really gives me a far better quality of subscriber who at least knows something about me and is at least somewhat disposed to finding out what I have to offer and help them with. Sure the list build up rate is much slower but the bottom line results speak for themselves.

      I still use paid ads on occasions to send specifically targted traffic to a highly converting optin page.

      Thanks again for your thoughts Chris

      Best wishes mate


  8. Hello Barry,

    Thanks for your kind words – greatly appreciated.

    I tend to agree with you re point #5 – there is nothing worse than being convinced to buy something and to then be left completely in the dark as to how to implement and make the most of our purchase.

    So many times I see sales people who spend all thier energy and skills converting the prospect only to then disappear forever as they move on to thier next “sales victim”.

    Not he best way to build any long term business that’s for sure.

    Always great to have your constructive and helpful feedback Barry

    All the best


  9. Well Peter you practice what you preach, because you engage with me, and that drove me to you site (law of reciprocracy) and I’ve discovered this epic post. Great job … And very solid advice. Thanks.

    • Hey Luke and thanks for the visit to my place.

      Yes I do try to practice what I preach mate.

      I actually love engaging with people, sharing, learning, growing my community and hopefully even making a buck or two along the way!

      Appreciate your kind words mate and look forward to seeing you again soon

      Best wishes


  10. Hi Peter
    what a great post,
    really love how you put it all together and
    yes we should take out time to communicate
    to new people,
    There are times that I do get
    carried away when I get in to a private chat
    and the chat turns into an interesting
    conversation and before you know it a few
    hours have passed… 🙂

    • Hi Munir and thanks for your visit with me – great to have you on board mate.
      I think we can all get carried away at times when we engage with people but really that’s not such a bad thing if we are serving ouraudience and building relationships as we go.

      If its just social chatting that is taking lots of our time then for sure we need to be aware of that lost time opportunity.

      Conversations are a key part of our relationship building and something we should all keep our focus on that’s for sure.

      Thanks again for coming to say hello Munir – greatly appreciated and wishing you and your business continued success


    • Hi Eva and yes I totally agree with you.

      Engagement is the secret to success with every business online.

      It’s just sad that many online marketers are not aware of the power of this simple strategy – they are too busy pushing their offers rather than listening to their audience!

      All the best


  11. Hi,Peter:
    Communication has been,is,and always will a two-way street. This is so a fundamental aspect of our of our existence. Yet so easily overlooked.

    I couldn’t agree more that we need to listen while engaged in conversation with someone. We have a tendency to hear what’s being said but we are already preparing an answer in our mind. We aren’t really listening are we when that happens.

    Take care,

    • Hi Tom and many thanks for your visit to my place,

      You hit the nail on the head with the listening issue – far too often we are “listening” just to get our response ready rather than rwally understanding what is being shared with us.

      When we do this we lose so many golden opportunities, not just for business but also for potentially wonderful relationships that are built on shared values.

      Lets hope my post gives folks a reason to be more aware of not what they are saying but also how they are saying it as well.

      Best wishes and thanks for your visit Tom – greatly appreciated


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