Are You Making These 5 Deadly Marketing Sins?

Before we look at the 5 deadly marketing sins here's a simple question for you.

Let's Start With a Dose of Reality

Are you really doing whatever it takes to succeed and make money online or are you setting yourself up for failure?

If your honest answer to that question is “I’m not sure” then listen up.

97%+ of online marketers fail to make it to 120 days.

Yes, less than 3 months pulls up and often emotionally destroys the vast majority of eager beaver marketers who set out online with all sorts of hopes and often wildly misguided dreams of success.

Forgive me for the negative start but what amazes me even more than this 97% failure statistic, is the number of these online marketers who are made aware of but simply ignore this very sad statistic in their blatantly ignorant rush to “make money online” 

If you're new online and have at least been attracted by the title of this post then please read this post in its entirety as I'll show you exactly why most internet marketers fail online and how you can avoid the pitfalls of these 5 deadly marketing sins. 

Be aware and overcome the 5 most deadly online marketing sins before it’s too late.

Let's get started. 

deadly bmarketing sins1. Having the Wrong Mindset

A wise old grandma of mine once said: “You can’t always choose the situations you find yourself in, but you can always choose how you react to it!”

Now please don't dismiss this post after seeing my first “deadly sin.”



The first of my 5 deadly marketing sins is often completely overlooked.

Way too many folks consider “mindset” as some sort of fluffy thing that bloggers and other online marketers use to explain away poor performances and that these “mindset issues” don't apply to them.

Really? Is this how you think as well? 

If so then I don't expect you to continue reading this post but please be aware as you exit that you are heading for failure…precisely because your thinking is completely astray.

Let me ask you:

How bad do you really want success with internet marketing or are you just playing around?

If you're really serious then are you prepared to do whatever it takes?

Will you quit at the first hurdle or even the 10th hurdle? Just realize and accept that you’ll hit roadblocks nearly every day.

Think about how you would think and react if the following happened to you:

Your laptop crashes and you lose all your files followed the very next day with your PC also failing to start; Your IP address is hacked by a Russian “botnet” thing that starts sending out multiple hundreds of spam emails from your IP address resulting in both your IP address and all the domains associated with that address being blacklisted; The reputation of your email adresses are subsequently wrecked and your email marketing campaigns destroyed after spending so much time and money to build a list of more than 10K; Your WordPress website is hacked and fails to load permanently; You have a YouTube video flagged for no given reason and on appealing the decision YouTube turns around and in an act like a “wilful schoolboy” terminates your entire channel YT channel of 78 videos again with no explanation or option to defend yourself.

This all happened to me this year, 2015. And I'm still here online even though my domains are still blacklisted and many of my emails are sent to spam or simply blocked – this is the most challenging problem I have ever encountered online – SO frustrating but… 

I'm also fighting back (AND I WILL WIN!) as I am so determined to overcome these setbacks, 110% committed to giving my very best content to my readers and subscribers – and in so doing I am convinced I will achieve my goals. 

What About you?

Let me ask you and please let me know in the comments below – what would you have done if this had happened to you?

All of these hurdles I endured, admittedly at times with some deep frustration and bitter disappointment, but I never ever considered quitting.

How you handle these hurdles is the difference between success and failure. So many people get so close to becoming successful online and then they just gave up for whatever reason.

Often this can be on the very verge of achieving the success they want so much.

It all goes back to mindset – you have to be committed. There is nothing that can’t be overcome if you are determined enough.

Are you scared of failing?deadly marketing sins

This sounds a bit crazy but hear me out. It's another aspect of your mindset that can completely ruin your chances for success.

Have you ever tried to do something online and discovered it would a lot more difficult that you first thought?

Have you ever been surrounded by people who question why you are spending so much time, effort and money with your online journey?

Doubts can creep in if your friends or family question the hours you are spending at your computer.

You have to be prepared to sacrifice many things and life can sometimes become a real battle between having more fun and relaxation time or spending those extra hours over the weekend finishing your latest creation.

Naturally, we all need to keep some balance between family and work but we also must be prepared to sacrifice some things we enjoyed in the past whilst we build up our online business potential.

Maybe you start thinking things like “What if this doesn’t work?” This self-talk will destroy you and you just have to say to yourself “I’m not going to let this stop me from being a success online – I’m going to keep going no matter what.” 

That's how powerful and important “mindset” is so make sure you don't ignore this vital factor of your online success. 

deadly marketing sins2. Stupid Expectations

The 2nd of the deadly marketing sins revolves around people's expectations. Every day I see so many people who want to earn money for nothing

Sure we'd all like this to happen for us but it never will happen.

John Thornhill, a well know UK online marketer says “Wanting to earn money doing nothing will do nothing to earn you any money” – could not agree more!

It takes hard work …a lot of work day in and day out. Many clever marketers capitalize on this very thing where people are always seeking a magic solution and overnight success (“3 clicks to instant success” or “Just leave your computer on all the time and you’ll earn money with this method”)

Yes, it looks and sounds ludicrous if not completely crazy but people still get suckered in as they want to believe online success can happen this way. They's be far better off buying a lottery ticket

You can and will reap the rewards after you’ve done the hard work.

You need to commit and apply yourself to get things setup and running and then later you may be able to experience sitting on the beach seeing sales revenue come into your PayPal 

Too many people think and believe it’s easy. 

That's why these deadly marketing sins are so difficult to avoid.

If I can just find that secret traffic source that no one seems to want to share with me, that special software, that one product that’s going to do it for me….

Then everything will fall into place and I’ll start making real money online at last in no time at all.

This is dangerous and leads to that cycle of buying product after product after product which is also referred to as “Shiny Object Syndrome”

If it was easy why do so many struggle online? Get your expectations lined up with reality and avoid this deadly marketing sin.

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3. All You Think About is Money

The 3rd of the deadly marketing sins is all about money.

Over the last few months, I have received Facebook messages (and some emails) like ”I’ve tried everything Peter and just can’t seem to get anything to work.”

“Can you please just give me something where I can see results?”

“Peter just show me how to get my rent money for next week I’d be grateful”

“If you can just show me how to earn even $50 a month then I’m sure I can go on from there”

This is absolutely WRONG THINKING and is the 3rd deadly sin for all marketers.

If you are thinking like this then for your own sake please stop.

This is a perfect example of deadly marketing sins that you MUST avoid if you seek success online.

Stop thinking about making money and start thinking about how you can serve other people?

How you can help others? How can I create something that will enrich people’s lives or get them to where they want to be? (lose weight, build a list, get traffic, increase conversions, create a podcast)..whatever

Start to give value to other people and the money will take care of itselfdeadly marketing sins

You'll probably think I've gone bonkers here now but let me tell you…

Forget about making money. Forget about your first sale. Forget about the pressure you are under because you are running out of money AND think about how can I serve others?

Let Me Ask You a Question

If you had a 20 people a day emailing you or on skype asking for help, would you help them if you weren’t going to make any money?

Think about it – maybe you should.

You’re in a great position to give real help, build even better relationships that will build your business and start making you money online.

Think of the most common questions you are asked and then create a product teaching people how to do what you do. 

If you respond to the emails or Facebook “asking for help” messages and you give them the best help you can, what do you think that person is going to think about you?

When you launch a product or provide an affiliate link, do you think they will be more inclined to buy something from next time? Yes of course!

So are you prepared to help others? It’s key to your success online

deadly marketing sins4. The Scourge of Self Pity

Deadly marketing sins number 4 is a very serious issue. So many people online bitch and moan about how hard it is. Their failures are never their fault – things are just not fair in this world.

Well, you're right.

Things are often not fair but the BIG QUESTION is what are you going to do now?


I will admit,  at one stage I was guilty of thinking along these lines,  with all the obstacles that seemed to have been “unfairly” put in my way.

It's easy to fall into this trap and I was lucky I realized it in time. You must always be aware of what may be holding you back from reaching your real potential. 

At the end of the day, the only person who can control your life is you.

No one deserves bad luck or misfortunes in life but when they happen, like you lose your job or your savings run out…you can either slouch around in self-pity or decide to do something about it.

It all goes back to your mindset once again – now you see just how important that is?

If you walk around with a chip on your shoulder thinking the world owes you something.

If you spend your time complaining about everything including your online experiences compared to the success you see others having please remember…

the world owes you absolutely nothing!

It’s all up to you. Only you can change it.

5. Not Giving your Very Best Every Time

The 5th of the deadly marketing sins is taking short-cuts or not giving your very best with everything you do.

Don't just copy and paste some private label rights (PLR) article as a blog post because you want to make sure you maintain your posting schedule.

Never create poor quality content.

News, both good and bad, travels very fast these days in the world of social media. It can and will “make” you or “destroy” you. If you create poor quality content in your emails, Facebook posts, blog posts and even your Twitter tweets then be prepared to lose!

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No Excuses for These Deadly Marketing Sins

When you are stressed, out of time, out of money and/or out of patience don't create that important content piece. Stop, walk away from your computer and take a break. Working in circumstances like that is a complete waste of energy and that is something you also may be very short of at that particular time.

Make sure everything you do is the best you can possibly give EVERY TIME.

If you can deliver your best value then people will appreciate you, like you, subscribe to you and maybe even buy from you. 

Then all these deadly marketing sins will be a thing of your distant past!

Question For You:

Do you think you're mentally tough enough to success online? If you're still even a little bit unsure then I recommend you check out this challenging post from Charles NGO, one of the world's most respected internet marketers.

Your Turn

I know how busy you must be so many thanks for your comments.

Have you ever experienced any of these 5 deadly marketing sins?
How did YOU react to these deadly marketing sins?
What tips and techniques can you share to help others overcome these major marketing pitfalls?
Please leave your feedback in the comments below – they will be appreciated and I always respond.


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