Are Your Website Visitors Profitable?

Targeted Traffic + Conversions = Profits

The above looks too simple but that is exactly what you need in order to make money online.  Drive targeted traffic to a web page that both educates and converts your website visitors. This is the secret of making profit online.

All online businesses need to be able to maximize the potential of every website visitor they receive. In order to do this requires some thinking and planning.


Check out my video above before going any further.

First you need to decide what your goals are for a particular marketing campaign. Maybe its list building or brand awareness or education or a combination of all 3.

Clarifying what your goals are for every campaign you run will give you the chance to check how your results relate to your goals and show you what needs to be adjusted. 

Whatever your goals are make sure you reflect them in a flow chart you plan that shows how you will handle every visitor that comes to your site for any particular campaign.

Planning your flow chart will make it easier for you to them go step-by-step in implementing the various strategies you need to do at each stage of your website conversion funnel.

Once you have implemented your flow chart including your follow up tactics and strategies, then you need to continually test the conversion results against your goals.


maximizing your website visitorsIs all this flow chart stuff way too hard right now? I can easily see if these concepts are just too much to take in, especially if you are floundering and failing right now.

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