How To Profit From Twitter

twitter profitsYou may not realize it but Twitter is now a great way to boost your business profits.

However, to use Twitter well for marketing you have to write, write often and write strategically.

More importantly for small online business operators, the real advantages of Twitter is in advertising and especially retarget marketing.


But you need to have your business set up correctly on Twitter to achieve this.

1. Set up a Twitter account the correct way – preferably with a name that makes sense, is easy to spell and matches the name of your business.

. Decide on your Twitter marketing strategy – In other words work out how you can best use Twitter to your advantage and come up with a simple plan showing how you’ll get followers, the types of people/companies you’ll follow, how often you should post on Twitter and when, the types of content you could use, landing pages and even on and offline promotion.

3Identify people of Influence in your niche and start following them – Start following others on Twitter who working in your industry or who are somehow related to your industry. Do some research and see who they are following. Then you should follow some of those people as well.

Don't go overboard following thousands of people right away or your account will quickly start looking like one of the many Twitter spammer accounts out there.


Top 20 Twitter TipsThere are lots more than just these 3 steps and maybe you need help in doing these!

Well if you are a small business online like me then I have a short report that will help you. My latest report called “TOP TWENTY TWITTER TIPS”  is aimed at showing how YOU  can easily and profitably get established on Twitter.

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