Get Started Online the Smart Way

get started online“Get started online” must be one of the most asked questions online.

In a sea of complete confusion and information overwhelm with more than 760 million search engine results why would I even bother to add my paltry 2 cents worth to this HUGE topic?

Why? Because despite all those 760 million results I am still getting asked that same question.


AND more importantly, if they trust me enough to ask me then it behoves me to provide the best answer I can.

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From sites like Quora and via email I’m got so many questions lately about the best ways to get started online. 

And they usually involve things like…

“Hey Peter what can I do to make some money online?”
“Peter how can I best get started online?’
“Hey Peter can you show me a simple way to get started online?”


They know I'm no multi-millionaire marketer but it makes me feel good inside that these folks really do want to know what I think about topics like this.

You can roll all these questions into one that’s simply…

“Hey Peter what’s the best type of business for me to start online?”

Get Started OnlineIs this a question you've got running around in your head right now?

If you're just getting started with your online journey then more than likely you have had these same thoughts and I want to help you answer that question as clearly as I can.

The question about the best type of business to get started online with comes with some amazing statistics that you MUST be aware of.

Want to know why?

Well when you look at some available stats it would make you wonder why any of us ever bothered to give making money online a shot in the first place!

The success results are staggeringly poor! Shameful really.

We all start out as enthusiastic beginners trying to get started online and the real message I want to leave with you today is learn from those who have achieved success online.

See what they do, never be afraid to ask questions and never stop learning.

Now as far as the statistics are concerned I know my latest figures are a bit out of date but at last look there were more than 700 million websites and the number is growing rapidly.

Stats Never Lie Or Do They?

At the end of 2014 there were nearly 24 million online stores or businesses but less than 650,000 of these ever made more than $1000 a year and that was in annual sales not money in your pocket!

Many, many people try and fail with their online attempts and it’s highly likely that you, as a beginner online, will become one of those statistical failures.

You may not like me saying this but if the statistics are right then you will fail as less than 10% of new online marketers even make it to the 120 day mark.

Some figures thrown around have the success rate of only 3% for people who want to get started online. Whatever the right figure is the message is clear…

Very few ever started online successfully.

Most beginner marketers have well and truly given up before the 3 month time period and gone looking for some other “overnight success opportunity”

But if you're one of these then let me tell you. You’ll probably come back and try it again, and again, and again.

I know for sure as the stats also tell me that more than 73% of those who fail the first time come back and try again (and again!).

The thing that grinds me here is that so many beginners never listen and never learn until it's too late.

Let Me Digress Please…

Stick with me here as this bit is important and don't miss my video at the bottom of this post.

Before we talk what’s the best type of business for you to get started online with let’s get some reality and honesty into our conversation.

I’m not really digressing at all but if you’re thinking about how to get started online with anything then you really need to hear what I’m about to tell you.

And not just listen to my “pearls of wisdom” but act on them and save yourself a fortune in lost time and money.

So Why Do So Many Beginners Fail Online?get started online

That’s another great question that has been answered many times by those entrepreneurs who have made it online.

But sadly most beginner marketers either didn’t get the answer or more likely they did get it but simply ignored it in their rush to make money overnight on this “magic carpet” we call the internet!

So as you drag yourself out of bed to check out my thoughts on this topic before making your boring commute to your JOB, you are probably thinking that there must be a better and easier way to make a living.

Yes you read just the other day about some ordinary guy who “made it” and is now raking in millions. They quit their boring “real world job” and became their own boss working with their laptop in the comfort of home.

This powerful dream is very attractive to many people.

If you’re unhappy with your work then the internet business option becomes an obsession.

Sadly most people simply jump right into the first internet marketing opportunity that comes their way.

Think about this for a moment.

If you’ve never been your own boss before, never been held accountable for your actions and success, and never run a business before…then how in the heck do you expect to suddenly operate a successful internet marketing business?

When you try to make a success of anything online with no education or experience behind you, no real preparation for what’s required for success online and no planning then let me share the truth with you…you have no hope of success.

You will most definitely fail.

Please hear me out. Don’t glaze over this statement.


If you are now aware of this real possibility and are prepared to learn from this then let me tell you…

Now you have a better than average chance of succeeding online.

Yes you can most definitely join that 10% ( or 3% ) of online marketers who actually “make it”

get started onlineKey Factors To Get Started Online

Just know that your success will happen because of some key factors:

Educate yourself, implement what you learn and then share with (or teach) others.

Get your expectations right – be realistic and do not expect to “get rich quick” even though the very thought of this makes you excited.

Hey, go buy a lottery ticket for this thrill requirement!


Let patience and persistence be your guidelines for your online business.

Become a smart boss!

Now you have the most difficult and challenging work colleague you have ever seen…you

Don’t fool yourself like so many others that now you are working from home, you can simply work when you feel like it and still make a success of your new opportunity.

Don’t think that as an internet business you no longer have to get up and go to work. You can’t simply work when the feel like it and still make a good living.

And yes your business needs you.

Understand and accept that any business will need your 100% commitment to work hard and sometimes work long hours.

Sorry if this bursts your “online dream” bubble but far better to hear it from me now rather than discover it for yourself later when you’re in the hole for thousands of wasted dollars.

Your success as an internet or affiliate marketer is far more than having an attractive website and naming it with some fancy domain name.

Don’t think like this – it’s not reality!

No More Shiny Objects Please!

There is no magic button to internet wealth…trust me on this and stop buying those “shiny objects” that make these sorts of promises. OK?

I know this is not an easy request to make of you as the sales pages (and the amazing promises) of these “short-cuts to success” offers have been created by copywriting masters.

They craft their enticing messages right at you if you are an unsuspecting beginner marketer and they're very hard to resist – but you have to. 

I must admit to you that in my early days, I spent way too much money chasing success this way and this ended up causing me huge grief with my credit card debts. True story.

Also, understand that if you can commit to a daily schedule of “income-producing activities” and put in the effort then you WILL reach a level where you can enjoy the results of your actions.

Just now that your business does not run on auto-pilot but over time you can create ESI – extra sources of income that will greatly help you level out your monthly earning potential.

You may start off as a blogger selling affiliate products and then over time add other sources of income like coaching or even writing your own ebooks.

Just remember it takes time and consistent effort. Understand this important principle and give yourself and your business the chance to build momentum.

Get Your Beginner Head Around This

As a new online marketer, you must have the right mindset or “attitude” if you want to succeed.

Be prepared to put the work in

Be patient and persistent

Be prepared and have a plan

Become a great “boss” who takes action, always follows up and delivers what is promised…every single say!

So now back to my original question…

What’s the Best Type of Business for You to Get Started Onlineget started online

Here are some broad choices for you:

Buy items at wholesale prices and sell them online at places like eBay

Sell other people’s products. This is called “affiliate marketing”

Sell your own products

Give away “free offers” like ebooks that show people how to get started online and then follow up with paid offers that relate to the original “free offer”.

The “free offer” strategy is also a common strategy used to build an email list which is something EVERY internet marketer should do from their very first day online.

Which one of these do I recommend to a beginner marketer?

My answer… the short video right to the end for my strongest recommendation. 

Essential Steps To Get Started Online?

In this brief video, you’ll get lots of important stuff like “target audiences” and the best platform to use for your new online business plus my answer to the question of the day are what you should be doing when starting out online.

It’s Your Turn

I know just how busy you must be so many thanks for taking the time to leave me your comments.

Have you ever tried to make money online before? If so what happened?

As a beginner marketer which of the tips did you find most helpful?
Are you having problems choosing a niche?
Are you still confused or lost? If so leave me a comment or connect with me.

What do you think is your biggest challenge for success online?
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