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Your First Blog Post – Make It Count

your first blog postOMG…I followed all the advice and set up my blog but now your first blog post needs some content. Bloody hell what do I write about for my first blog post?

How do I choose a topic? I have so many ideas running around in my head but how do I decide which one to start with?



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At this point I could be brutally honest and cruel by telling you that it really doesn’t matter what topic you choose because as a brand new blogger nobody will see your first post initially apart from your mother, if you give her the correct link!

Will Anyone See Your First Blog Post?

Let me put things in perspective for you with some good old-fashioned doses of statistical reality. If you’re thinking that once you have your first blog post done and dusted and are simply waiting for those hords of interested readers to flood your site then think again.

On average there are about 2.73 million new posts written every day so the chances of your first blog post ever being discovered immediately are “Yours and Buckleys.” In other words there’s no chance at all that your post will make any sort of instant impact so don’t worry about this.

But now I hear you asking – hey Peter, if no one’s ever going to see my post then why bother creating it in the first place? Good question but remember I said “nobody will see your first post initially.”

One Post Means Nothing – And Neither Will the Next One

Blogging is NOT an overnight success journey so stop thinking like this.

To become a successful blogger you have to create valuable, relevant, interesting, stimulating, controversial, funny, newsworthy, shocking (whatever’s your strength) content on a consistently regular basis.

Here’s a great selection of blog post types that have been proven to work

Over time you will grab people’s attention and build your blog community.

Every blogger has to make a start somewhere and your very first blog post is a critical part of that process.

However, you are blessed if you have found this post BEFORE you create your first blog post masterpiece.

Why do I say that? Well because it’s true. Spending a few minutes carefully (not just skimming) going over what I’m giving you here will save you lots of heartache and frustration when you come to creating your first blog post content.

Let’s put everything on the table so you’ll then have every chance of avoiding the mistakes that so many bloggers, including me, made when they first started out online.

Want to Join the Long List of Blogging Failures?your first blog post

According to a survey by Technorati, “only 7.4 million out of the 133 million blogs the company tracks had been updated in the past 120 days. That translates to 95 percent of blogs being essentially abandoned, left to lie fallow on the Web, where they become public remnants of a dream — or at least an ambition — unfulfilled.”

Richard Jalichandra, chief executive of Technorati, said that at any given time there are 7 million to 10 million active blogs on the Internet, but “it’s probably between 50,000 and 100,000 blogs that are generating most of the page views.”

He added, “There’s a joke within the blogging community that most blogs have an audience of one.”

There are so many reasons why blogs (and bloggers) fail. These include a lack of passion, lack of creativity, becoming greedy to earn quickly, lack of personality and authenticity, lack of a realistic goals plus a lack of consistency and persistency.

What is the Key to Success as a Beginner Blogger?

Here’s my simple answer. If you want to be a successful blogger then don’t be lazy!

You have to spend time researching your target audience and the other bloggers in your niche.

Ignore this step and you WILL fail – no ifs and buts – it’s an absolute certainty.

Visit top bloggers in the niche you are passionate about and see what they are blogging about and more importantly what comments their readers are leaving. Also check out relevant social media groups, forums plus Question & Answer sites like Quora. Use FAXFOX to research your niche forums.

Here’s a video all about this simple research method with Quora that will not just give you tons of topcs to blog about but also provide your blog with highly targeted traffic in response to any answers you provide.

Take as much time as you can to do this step – it’s that important.

Once you have clearly identified the readers you are writing for then your blog post topics are much easier to come up with.


Do you know who these folks are?
Can you relate to them? Are YOU passionate about helping these people? What are their hopes, dreams, passions, interests, problems, challenges, pain points, vocabulary?

Let me help you a  bit more with this post I created about What Is Your Target Market?

Your first blog post is simply your introduction to your target audience but even though your mother is the only other reader you get at first, make it count.

So let me ask you Why Haven’t You Got Started With Your Blog Before?

So What Do I Write My First Blog Post About?

You’ve done your research so the answer to that question is…

What Keeps Your Audience Awake At Night?

Your first and EVERY other post must focus on your target audience

Let me help you a bit more in creating some vauable content for your fisrt blog post. Here’s a video all about how to effectively discover the pain points of your target audience.


15 Tips To Help You Write Your First Blog Post

Before I share my 15 tips with you let me give you some simple yet essential advice.

If you are creating your first blog post (and all your other posts) with a mindset that you HAVE TO do this so you can meet some expectations or make some money or prove a point to others then forget it.

With this sort of mindset you’ll fail big time so save yourself all the hassle and use some other approach to your online marketing.

Whenever I feel a bit down or stressed out about whatever, I never try to create a blog post.

You can probably gather that my posts are extremely conversational and I share from deep inside me about the topic I am covering. 


your first blog postSo I make sure “I’m in the mood” and ready to engage, converse and share. To be absolutely open with you if you look at the published date of my previous blog post it was more than 3 weeks ago.

Why? Because I had not been very well and my passion to engage and share was a bit on the low side.


Yes I know what you’re thinking – to be a succcessfu blogger you must not be lazy and always be consistent. Oh well it just goes to show that I’m human after all!

Now here’s some more tips for you. 

On word document rough out your post outline that includes the intro, body and conclusion – never start writing directly on your blog platform. You’ll make lots of changes, lots of mistakes and make lots of edits so keep your creative genius off your blog platform until you are absolutely certain the post is as good as you can make it.

Be an attention grabber. Think of a title that will grab people’s attention. Then think of how you’ll keep that attention in your very first sentence and first paragraph. The key to a successful introduction to your post is “empathy” and “expertise”. Right from the very start your readers want to know that you really understand what they need AND that you know what you’re talking about.

In your very first blog post you can quickly introduce yourself but I hesitate to even suggest this. Readers don’t care about you just now as they don’t know you, don’t like you or trust you. Preferable to direct them to your “About” page IF what you are sharing is of potential interest to your readers.

How long should your post be? I read recently that the perfect post length is like a lady’s skirt – long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep it interesting.

Make EVERYTHING about your reader – not YOU. Show them how they’ll get results or overcome their “pain point” by following what you recommend in your post. Use actual results to make this even more powerful.

Use short and direct paragraphs – let your reader feel that your post is “easy to read”

Use sub-headings that tell your story in snippets. Accept the fact that everyone skims reads, at least to start with. So make it easy for your readers to follow your story.

You’ll have skeptics so don’t hang back here. Address your skeptical readers right up front by using words like “you’re probably thinking…” or “you might be wondering…”

For example right now you might still be wondering how you can possibly write your first blog post even with all these tips and ideas I’m giving you. Well if that’s the case please leave me a comment below or contact me direct if you need some more personalized one-on-one help.  

Ask your readers questions. If someone asks you a question then usually you will start

your first blog post

thinking about an answer. So will your readers and by asking relevant, thought-provoking questions you drag them into a conversation. Did you notice the questions I was asking in this post? For example “What is the Key to Success as a Beginner Blogger?” This is an easy way to build engagement with your readers – and not just your mother.

Provide a shock factor or statistic – just like I did with the “number of new posts written daily” and the “blog failure rates.” This can be very powerful because sensationalism sells – provided it’s the truth.

Find your voice. You need to be real, be authentic and be YOU. If you’re not a naturally funny person then don’t try to use humour in your blog posts. Let your personality shine through and a simple way to do this is to write as if you were talking with a close friend about the topic. Keep it conversational and easy to follow.

Use images, videos and podcasts to break up your written content – can you see I’m practicing what I’m preaching here? Let me also share with you 2 sites I always use with my posts. Here’s a great source of copyright free images you can use and here’s a superb free online image editor

Use Highly Relevant Links. Make sure you enable social sharing opportunities for each and every blog post. Share valuable links to gain authority – earn your readers’ respect by providing them with links to relevant sources. 

Encourage feedback by creating compelling content that gets your readers engaged, talking and sharing. Always respect the time of your readers when seeking comments on your content by showing your appreciation. Notice what I say at the bottom of this and every post when requesting comments in the “It’s Your Turn” segment at the botttom of this post.

Recommendation: Be Different and Grab Attention

Here’s something that very few (if anyone else) is doing and it will definitely differentiate you. When someone leaves a comment on your post why not create a simple 30 second “thank you” video that you can upload to say, YouTube, as an unlisted video and then send your new blog commentator an email with the video link?

Try this as it really does work – people are amazed that you took the time to appreciate them and this creates all sorts of networking opportunities even for beginner bloggers.

Proof read your post. Read it out loud. In fact I usually create a podcast for each post and this process always shows me where my writing loses its flow or the focus on the reader.

That’s all you need to get started on your first blog post.

So start writing.

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It’s Your Turn

I know just how busy you must be so many thanks for taking the time to leave me your comments – it is always appreciated.

As a beginner blogger what were the key things you got from this post?
What has been your biggest struggle as a blogger?
What has really worked for you as a blogger?
Do you need help in coming up with blog topics?
Need help in identifying your target audience?
Would you like me to help you with your blogging?


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  1. Great article Peter,
    Well written and informative post for bloggers. Your writing style is amazing, simple and small sentences. I am totally agree with your advice about using images and videos. Videos play a vital role in social sharing and engagement rate of a blog.
    I would like to be blogger like you in future 🙂
    Best wishes!

    • Hello and welcome to my place Jagdeep,

      Thanks for your comment and your very supportive words – much appreciated.

      Actually I write just like I talk – simple things are best for me!

      you are right about videos as they really do place a big pasrt in sharing your content as people like to SEE who they are learing from.

      Thanks again for your constructive feedback o come back again soon OK?

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…15 Smart Ways to Promote Blog PostsMy Profile

  2. What an awesome and totally enjoyable post Peter!

    And thank you for verifying, I definitely need to be
    making myself available on Quora!

    I’ve heard others recommending this source, but now an expert I follow
    and trust is doing so, I’ve got to get with the program!

    And I loved your excellent “how to” demonstration video.

    It was extremely well done and helpful BTW.And so too is your awesome
    idea about sending an unlisted “thank you’ video, because I was totally shocked,
    delighted and amazed, when I got one from you!LOL!

    Great job as usual!
    Mark recently posted…So How Do These Ultimate Insider Type Entrepreneurs Get Free Advertising Over And Over Again?My Profile

    • Hello and welcome back ot my place Mark,

      Delighted you found some real value in this post and many thanks for your kind supportive words. Very much appreciated mate.

      Yes I think every online marketer should use Quora not just as a great source of targeted traffic but also as a way of helping others and giving back to our online community. The more we give the more valuable we become.

      Many thanks as always for your awesome feedback Mark

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome to my place Ankur,
      I am glad you found the post helpful. Care to share with me and my readers what in particular you found to be the MOST helpful?

      I look forward to your feedback as this will help me to help you even more in the future.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment Ankur

      Best wishes from ther remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  3. Hello Peter,

    This is probably my first visit to your blog, and I can say that there is so much of good content here already to read. Good work. I liked your audio as well.

    These 15 tips are spot on for first blog post. First blog post is important because the first impression should always be good.

    Nice work, Peter. Keep it up.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…5 Free Offline RPG Games for AndroidMy Profile

    • Hello Atish and welcome to my place,

      It’s always exciting to bhave brand new readers Atish and I appreciate you not only visiting but taking the time to leave me your valuable feedback.

      By the way you are right – first impressions are very important. I should have mentioned that myself so thaks for the heads up re this.

      Many thanks for your supportive comment Atish

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  4. Hello Peter,

    This struck me hard and got me rolling on the floor – as a brand new blogger nobody will see your first post initially apart from your mother, if you give her the correct link! – As sad as it might sound, its the reality of it.

    But there’s a strategy a friend of mine used, and he got other family members other than just his mother to read his first blog post. What was this strategy? He was already promoting the blog as a project before it launched. He already had a page for it on Facebook and that way he got more than just his Mother to read his first blog post. Makes sense, does it?

    For the first month or there about, it was just me reading my blog posts and smiling to myself, it was not as rosy as i was told it would be.

    You know that ‘Thank You’ video got me, even though it was my first comment i felt loved and important already, the reason why i’m here again today.

    I totally agree with your points Peter, sorry for the illness and i’m glad you’ve strong and kicking fine now.

    Have a Terrific week ahead Peter.
    Raphael Udonna recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Release Date, Price, Design, Features and Specs.My Profile

    • Hello Raphael and welcome back to my place,

      I’m so glad you got my thank you video OK – was not sure of the email address I used for you.

      Thats a great idea for all beginner bloggers re using a Facebook page to promote your blog. If any beginner bloggers reading this comment would like some help to set up a Facebook page then please connect with me here and let me know OK.

      It takes time to build up your audience. This was the biggest challenge for me – having the patience to gradually build up my target audience as I wanted to grow my blog community a fast as possible.

      Thanks again for your valuable comment Raphael and I’m glad I put a smile on your face with my post

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  5. Hi Peter,

    Your advice is spot on and covers so many questions people have about blogging. Especially what to write for their first post!

    As long as they keep your 15 tips in their mind, their first post and all the rest won’t be intimidating. It will help relieve the pressure of coming up with content because you have put them in the correct state of mind showing how to write for others and never making it all about yourself.

    It does take a while to gain traction when starting to blog and it has to be part of your life. Not when and if you decide you have some inspiration. Otherwise you will hear crickets. Blogging is something that one needs to be committed to. But, as long as they blog consistently, once a week, every two weeks, everyday….whatever they choose and stay on that timeline…they will gain traction.

    This is such a wonderful post Peter. You are helping so many people. They can be new, or seasoned and want to give up. But this sure will give them incentive not to.

    If I read this before my first blog post, I would have saved a few years time learning by trial and error. You know I’m going to blast this out to so many on social media because they need this information.

    Thanks so much!


    • Hello Donna and welcome back to my place,

      It’s always great to have your experienced feedback and its very encouraging that you considered those 15 points so valuable.

      I agree with you that these points can be the basis of not just your very first blog post.

      To be honest I wish I knew all this before I started my blogging journey as well!

      Boy when I look back over my first posts they were all over the place and not really directed at a specific target audience.

      Thank you so much Donna for your very supportive comments as they have added greatly to the value of this post.

      My best wishes as always from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome Zakariya,
      Thank you for your brief note but can you please tell me what you loved so much about this blog post?

      I’d really like to know so I can focus on creating more of the same in future.

      Plus you should know that despite appreciating every cmment please leave for me, yours was so short I nearly trashed it.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  6. Ah, the old quandry about what to write about in that first post!

    You make a great point when yo say it doesn’t matter *that* much as it won’t be read by many!
    Having said that, I like the introduction post for the first one.

    It’s something that any visitor in the future won”t be surprised to see, and might take a look at, and it’s also fairly easy for a new blogger to produce.

    A very quick background, with the focus on *why* they are starting to blog, and what they intend it to give to readers.

    That’s a nice way to get that first post up there!

    • Hi Gordon and welcome back to my place,

      Yes “What should I make my first post about?” it is a very common question I get asked many times.

      I accept the point you make re using your first post as a way of introducing yourself especially as this would be very easy for any new blogger to do.

      My point re this was that very few would ever see it to start with but as you say later on when the new blogger has a fewq more posts on board, it would seem logical if folks checking back over the posts saw that the first one was introducing the blogger.

      However, if the new blogger used that first post to not just introduce themselves and their background, interests, passions etc BUT also included as you mentioned “WHY” they are starting their blog, then that would be a pwerful way to get started for sure.

      People will especially be able to relate to their “why” and how that can relate to them.

      Many thanks for your valuable contribution Gordon

      Best wishes from thr remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome to my place Dimpal,

      This is your first visit so thank you.
      However, next time you visit and I hope you don could you please tell me a little more details about what you thought of my post.

      In that way your comment will not placed into my spam folder, I can then also create even better content in the future and at the same time discover what you are really looking for online. Deal?

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

    • Hello Ashutosh,

      Great to have you visit me and thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blog posts – that means a lot ot me.

      Can you please tell me if there is anything I can do to help you in any way with your online goals?

      I’m always happy to share my thoughts and experiences – so just connect with me and let me know OK?

      Best wishes and thanks again Ashutosh from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  7. Wow, I didn’t know that over 95% of blogs are abandoned, but it makes sense. I mean, I have to admit that I abandoned quite a few blogs before deciding to delete them all together. You hit the nail on the head with this article and I know it’ll be a huge help for anyone who is new to blogging and working online.

    I think most people forget that it takes time to see results and you can expect to publish a few articles and make cash. You just have to keep writing and writing and writing until you find something that works, but during that time you’ll learn a lot, so it’s worth it. Thanks for another awesome article.

    • Hi Timothy and welcome back mate,
      Yes its an amazing statistic re the number of blogs that bite the dust. It’s a bit like the number of people who fail with their online marketing ventures.

      Just maybe there is a close correlation between the two. People are just not prepared to put in the time and effort to achieve success online and that’s the real message I see.

      Timothy your comments are always so much appreciated mate and thanks for adding value to my post.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  8. Hi Peter

    Wow – this is quite a post you’ve created here. You’ve done the topic proud.

    All I can add is that people shouldn’t look at a blog as an end in itself. They’re not starting a blog to make money directly, but rather they should be facilitating a process that will ultimately make them money.

    The process should include various other elements such as a lead magnet, an autoresponder system, a traffic strategy, and a conversion strategy to convert the leads into paying customers.

    A blog works best for people who already have a business, but if they’re starting from scratch they should have a product to promote by now. Or at the very least they should have a plan to monetize their traffic with a product/service strategy, when they have a good sized audience.

    When I started my first blog I already had an affiliate business in place, something I kicked off 2 years prior. So I had traffic and leads – the blog was simply an add-on strategy.

    My first blog post? Well, it sure as heck wasn’t about my wonderful product. Instead, I wrote a post about the real issues and concerns being faced by my target audience. Then, I sent the link to my email list. There’s a clue here. I already had a list – it was built from other traffic sources.

    Newbies need to flesh out a multi-faceted traffic plan. Expecting traffic to magically happen simply because they now have a blog is delusional.

    Your advice about understanding the niche is spot on. This is key. When that happens there is no limit to the niche specific topics you can write about.

    Great stuff, Peter

    Kim Willis recently posted…Susan Jeffers Says ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ (Is She Right?)My Profile

    • Hi Kim and thanks as always for your visit to my place,

      You are absolutely right when you talk about the blog not being an “end in itself.”

      For me, my place here online is my home and I hope people always feel welcome here. However, the real purpose of “my home” is to encourage folks to join my community and connect with me. This brings in your points about the processes required like lead magents, email follow up systems etc.

      Slowly but surely I am building my blogging community but the basis of my reputation will always be my blog.

      So as far as I’m concerned the more quality, brutally honest content I can create for my target audience (whch is obviously beginner bloggers) the more people I will attrract to join my lists.

      Kim the point you raised about traffic for newbies is just so important. I know from personal experience that to simply rely on your blogging activities to drive traffic and build your lists is a very difficult and time consuming process. We all need to have a range of activities that promote traffic and to have that traffic directed to our blog posts.

      This is the reason why I spend a lot of time repurposing my blog post content with podcasts, slideshare presentations and YouTube videos all aimed at driving traffic back to my home online – and hopefully attracting people to not just read and comment on my posts, but to join my community.

      By the way this is why my next post is going to look at some practical ways to “market our blog post content”

      As always your feedback is very much appreciated Kim and to my readers I strongly recommend that you check out Kim’s Blog as he is one of the very top realistic and successful marketers out there online.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come marketer (or vide versa!)

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  9. Hey Peter,
    like I keep saying you are such a great teacher. I love all the information you have provided here for people who are just starting out. But seriously, I can see you taking it further as a business of your own.
    You are so great on camera and I think you would do well to make courses for people who just want someone to show them how to do it easily. I’m serious, you are so underestimated …..looking forward to seeing you in the future in your new role-Your as always-the annoying Aussie…….lol-Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer and welcome back to my place,

      Many thanks for your very kind accolades – and yes I am thinking seriously about creating some more training programs for maybe Udemy. It just takes some time to create the reqauired high quality videos but I enjoy that challenge and will et you know when they are ready. Maybe you can become my first Udemy student!

      I’m glad you found the information helpful here and hopefully lots of new bloggers will find their way to my blog and save themselves some anguish with their blogging futures.

      Jennifer I truly appreciate you my feloow Aussie

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  10. Hi, Peter. A great experienced man you are.
    It’s a great post. Really, i mean it. The tips provided by you, it shows your experience in the field. Great work sir.

    • Hello Sourav and thank you for your visit with me,

      I am delighted you found the tips hepful – care to share with me and my readers what tips wewre the most helpful to you?

      your feedbacvk would be much appreciated as feedback from my readers forms a big part of what topics I will create future posts on.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

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