How to Create a Video With No Camera, No Script and No Worries

If you don't have a video camera, a smart phone or some video creation software but still want to create videos then I have a simple solution for you. 

self belief arrowThis method requires no camera, software or scripts and it's free. Interested?

Then check out my quick video 

This method of video creation uses “Creative Commons” source material and the video shows you were to find videocreationthis magical sopurce of copyright free data.

You can use this material in any way you want – in fact I have used it to create very successful Facebook video promotions.

In addition, I recommend you joining VidIQ site – this will help you to rank your videos by using the tags of currently high performing YouTube videos

Ranking your Videos FAST

Check out my other post about How to Rank Your Videos Fast for more details especially as far as video engagement and your YouTube Channel Authority are concerned. 

But if you want an even faster way to get your videos ranked and seen then best check out my post called How to Get Your Videos Ranked in less than An Hour?

This post will give you the step by step method of getting your videos ranked in 60 minutes or less. Enjoy

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Your Turn

What challenges are you facing with video marketing? What help would you like? Careto share your tips, ideasd and/or successes you have had with video in your marketing? Others would appreciate hearing your experiences. Please leave you thoughts, suggestions ideas and requests in the comments section below.


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