How to Rank Videos Fast

video rankingIf you are not using video in your marketing then you are definitely “leaving LOTS of money on the table!”

However, you also need to be able to rank your videos in the search engines for your traffic. 


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Traffic to your website or offer is ONE of the key elements of your success online but you also need that traffic to be somewhat interested in what you have to offer – for the very best conversions you need “targeted traffic.”

Video is by far the best way of getting free targeted traffic to your website. Better than written blog posts or even podcasts. Your videos have the capacity to show YOU.

Don't worry if you think you have a “face for radio”, viewers prefer to deal with real people who are authentic and if you can display your real personality via video whilst providing a quick solution to whatever problem the viewer is seeking then you are on the way to creating a trusting relationship with people.

This trusting relationship can and will result in far more sales than any slickly presented sales presentation.

Your Challenge!quality traffic

To get your share of views to your video so you can build this trust and get free targeted traffic, you need to be FOUND! You need to be SEEN!

In other words you need to have your video ranked in Google and YouTube plus it will need to be optimized on sites like Facebook unless you are planning on using paid traffic.

There is no point in creating the most authentic and helpful video on whatever topic you can mention if no one ever sees it!

And with thousands of videos being uploaded everyday to YouTube, Facebook and a variety of other video hosting sites, the chances of your video being completely swamped and never to see the light of day is almost a certainty unless…

You can get your video ranked …and the faster the better.

There are a quite a few steps you should take to ensure your video has a chance of being discovered by people searching online. 

There are many courses available about video ranking and I have added some additional links below for your information.

My Plan For YOU

Many people are simply confused or totally overwhelmed with information about video marketing so my plan for you is to give you what you need in simple easy-to-implement steps in a series of blog posts.

Google rankingWhat YouTube Wants?

You can be a very succesful video marketer using only a smart phone but you must know exactly what YouTube (and Google) want to be successful.

1. Video Engagement – your videos must be short, sharp, enjoyable, interesting and watchable to keep your audience watching.  Your videos must attract likes, shares and comments plus new subscribers. This engagement is absolutely the key to your potential ranking and success.

2. Channel Authority – if your YouTube channel has 100+ videos, 500,000+ views and hundreds if not thousands of subscribers then you definitely would have some authority in your niche – Google and YouTube would reflect that in their ranking of your videos. If you have a new YouTube account and channel then obviously you have no current authority – but that is your exciting challenge and by following my posts you can quickly and easily gain that authority – if you are prepared to do some work!

Does This Sound Daunting?video ranking

The above 2 key elements are not that difficult to attain – even if you are a complete new comer to video marketing.

Don't lose hope – the secret to your video marketing success is CONSISTENCY.

Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them.

In the coming posts I will be sharing with you:

How to optimize your YouTube channel?

Things you must do BEFORE making your video

Simple ways to create your video – even if you don't want to be on camera.

Little known secrets about the video uploading process

Tips to optimize your video that most people don't get around to doing

How to simply get bookmarks and backlinks for your videos

So watch out for my posts and enjoy the learning curve.

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Facebook video Marketing

Watch for my future posts as I will be giving you lots of video examples and sharing some little known secrets of getting your videos ranked quickly.

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Your Turn

What are your video marketing challenges are? What has worked or not worked for you with video marketing? Are you petrified at the very thought of appearing on camera? Please leave me your thoughts as a comment below – I always respond.

Let's talk to make sure this program is the right fit for you. If so we can then come to an agreement on the investments required