How To Fail Your Way To Success With Internet Marketing

Want to know the real secret of internet marketing success?

It's not rocket science and you probably already know but just knowing it will not prevent you from failing online.

Many marketing experts claim the failure rate for new internet marketers is above 90% – in fact, many claim its closer to a 97% failure rate. 

This high rate of failure indicates some serious challenges for any new online marketer.    

internet marketing

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Let me tell you that time and time again I have personally experienced this struggle to succeed online. I faced failure and disappointment so many times!


At the same time, I have also seen literally hundreds of marketers achieve online success enjoying the freedom that internet marketing can provide. I checked out these successful internet marketers and many of them are not that smart and I often asked myself…

I’m just as smart or maybe even smarter than some of these guys so why not me? Why is it me that’s failing?


internet marketingBut I Was Asking Myself The Wrong Question!

What I should have been asking is…

What are these successful online marketers doing every day that is different from what I am doing?

Once I start asking the right question and was totally honest with myself the answers came along loud and clear.

By simply working backward or to use more fancy terminology, reverse engineering the processes of successful internet marketers, it was easy to discover their secrets of success

As I mentioned earlier it’s not rocket science!

The issue is not the knowing but the doing! 

Let me explain. Many of you failing right now online are aware of these secrets but you’ll still fail. Why? 

Because you are not prepared to do what it takes to succeed online

You may not like that statement but sadly it's the truth

If you were like me not that long ago, you want shortcuts, a quick solution and….

You already have queued up a series of excuses to give yourself the right to quit…and fail…maybe many times.

Excuses – The Big Lies We Tell Ourselves!internet marketing

Excuses like you can’t or don’t want to write blog posts, create videos, make podcasts, sell to anyone, etc. Yes, I had these “excuses” lined up and a lot more like I’m too old or I don’t want to wait for results because I need the money now.

I also got totally fixated on the “search for something new.” The LURE Of THE CHASE – the excitement of the SHINY OBJECTS – drew me away from what’s started to work for me….and I chased dreams not reality.

This is sheer madness and stupidity and I must admit I did this many times as the attraction power of the shiny object is almost impossible to resist for people who have not yet achieved online success.

It’s that shortcut to success you’ve been dreaming about that has come along at just the right time…

And they arrive time after time after time!!!

Can You Relate to This Internet Marketing?

Have you been guilty of buying stuff that you never used? 

Who’s the winner here? It’s certainly not the new online marketer who really we should be calling..

An online “Customer”…because they’re always buying and never marketing or selling anything!

Yep…I had a hard drive full of ideas, tips, software, and a mirage of other magic solutions that quite often I never even tried out.

internet marketingThis Weakness Was Crazy But Hard To Resist!

I even kept copies of the sales pages, not for learning all about these brilliant sales skills but simply to remind me what I had purchased and why..

Crazy eh but absolutely true!


Always Looking For Quick Solution

 I was continually looking for that easy, quick solution even though I already had started to make money online with some particular marketing method. This was simply a perfect example of ignorance about how to become successful with your internet marketing.

The Most Horrible Day Of My Life

Crunch time for me came when one day I faced that awful fear of failure head on!

That horrible day is still clear in my mind. I did not have enough money to pay our monthly bills and even more hurtful, I could not find enough money to give our eldest daughter for her school lunch money.

Now that’s a pretty low position to be in and yes there were lots of reasons why I found myself in this bloody awful position……..

My Activity Overhaul…Long Overdue!

The major cause of my failures was a lack of persistence and consistencyI looked at what I was busy doing every day and realized I was busy doing nothing but spending money I could not afford.

Once I accepted my real responsibility in life was to become a marketer…not a customer…and to look after my family.

Then the activities I was busy doing every day got a complete overhaul

Income Producing Activities…At Last!internet marfketing

My entire focus then changed to doing “income-producing activities” FIRST before anything else.

What were these IPA’s? let me share with you as they are critical to my success.

My internet marketing involved:

1. Identifying my natural target audience and creating targeted traffic to that audience.

2. Building a mailing list around me and my unique offers by providing lots of value and sharing experiences just like I’m doing here in this video

3. Converting leads into long term relationships and potential customers – this is taking me lots of time and effort so if you want quick results I can’t help you.


internet marketingMajor Mindset Changes

Gone forever was the “quick fix solution” thinking – this was what had kept me struggling and broke with my internet marketing activities in the past. 

Let me share 3 critical things that are working for me right now –  sure I’m not there yet but well on the way.



1. Communication was a key skill for me. I was lucky with my previous experiences to have the confidence to write and make videos that clearly showed my online journey – warts and all just like I’m doing in the video on this page. Make sure you watch it before you leave as I confess everything I did wrong so you can avoid these mistakes on your journey online.

You need to be YOU – being totally honest and authentic is the only way to communicate and build trust online.

I share my internet marketing failures and successes regularly on my blog and if you do this…

You will also shine brightly in an online sea of hype and promotions.


2. Overcome that dreaded “information overload” that we all have experienced by simply have FOCUS….

Focus only on what you need to do, to learn, to implement EACH DAY to create your Income Producing Activities. This is the key to a profitable internet marketing experience. 


3. Be persistent and never give up. So many stories of famous people who simply followed this rule internet marketingevery day of their life.

Here's an interesting blog post about 7 famous stories of success through failure – some of these are very surprising so there's hope for all of us! 

It’s probably the biggest secret to success – never give up!


So if you want to succeed with your internet marketing stop planning things and start doing things – take action. 

Sure it may not be perfect action as you are learning as you go but take action every single day – no excuses – it’s your business and your responsibility so get on with it.

Let me conclude by asking you to…

Prepare to make mistakes as you’ll make many

Prepare to face failures that you will definitely endure at sometime on your online journey but…

Be strong, remain focused and use these failures as a learning experience.

Keep your focus on doing only your income producing activities and…Never ever give up

If you have the determination to do this then you can and will succeed….

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Want a Real Life Case Study?

Just follow me, subscribe to my blog, and watch for my posts that will show exactly what I am doing to succeed with internet marketing. 


Let me conclude by stating I am determined (and committed) to never again be placed in that awful situation of not being able to take care of my family and my business.

Your Turn

Are you struggling to make a success of your internet marketing? Are you sure internet marketing is “your thing” as there are plenty of options to build a successful online business outside of the very competitive (yet lucrative if you get it right) “make money online” type niche?

As always I look forward to your comments and thoughts on this on-going saga of failure, disappointment, and frustration for so many. 

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