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You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

you're not alone any more

Are you setting up an online business or even thinking about doing so?

Are you busy checking out all the online options and opportunities?

Are you feeling a bit over-whelmed and confused?

        Join Us Here: Don’t Do It All Alone

Do you want to grow faster, make more money and be more relaxed in life?

Are you trying to do all this on your own?

You can buy all the products in the world of internet marketing (and there’s thousands of them) but simply having these and studying them is a great first step but it’s not enough.

You have to take action with this knowledge and almost nobody does!

I’m a perfect example of someone who used to buy all sorts of things to help me on my online journey but sadly I either never implemented them or if I did I was trying out so many things at the same time none of them got the focus and persistence they required to achieve any success.

It’s a bit like New Year resolutions where 95% of them lie dead in the water every January 15th.

never follow up

Why? Because we simply don’t follow through!

So many people never reach their full potential in their online business.

But why don’t they?

It’s not that we don’t yearn for success online. We do.

It’s not that we don’t feel the pain of buried potential. We do.

So, what’s stopping you?

Here are 3 probable answers:

You don’t know how (that’s actually the easiest part, believe it or not)

You don’t have a teacher, mentor or guide that you trust to show you a better way, and

You don’t have a circle of “like-minded friends” who can be there for you, help you when you fall (oh, and you will) and inspire you to take the actions necessary to achieve your online dreams at those time when you really want to “bail out” (and you will, many times).

As a former teacher and an internet marketing entrepreneur the high failure rates of certain careers has always bothered me.

I am not proposing you consider me as your coach or mentor – just as a guide and supporter

If you are struggling along and not making the income you expected to earn online then hear me out:

You Need To Get Real and Manage Your Expectations

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that creating your own online business is a way to escape your problems working for someone else.

Word Of Caution Here:

If you don’t like the boss you have now at your J.O.B then you’re not going to be all that keen on your next one – YOU.

Just be prepared because if there are things you don’t like about your current job then realize you will have to do everything you hate and more, because to start with you will not have the funds or ability to pay someone else to those menial tasks for you.

Perhaps the biggest “dose of reality” I also faced is if you want to go it alone because you want more of your “own time” to pursue other interests or want “more time off” to be with family by working from home,  then sorry to be a party pooper but neither will happen!

Please understand I am not trying to be a “gloom and doom” person here.

I just want you to really understand that starting an online business is not all “bells and whistles”, you have to be prepared to get “down and dirty” and take lots of action.

You Need To Take Consistent Action 

The amount of time you have to put inot starting your online business may come as a complete shock to you.

You are no longer working “9 to 5” and in fact be prepared to be working every weekend as well whilst you are getting your business up and running.

Certain aspects of your life will have to be shelved for a period of time. Things like time off, vacations and even quality of life will all come under pressure as you strive to get established online.

Another Word of Caution

I got this valuable advice from my friend Ryan Biddulph and yes I was guilty of this as well!

Don’t become a “Doing Monster”  where every action you take is tied to some desperately needed outcome.

Actions like these will only build more pressure and tension and reduce your ability to be creative and have fun whilst you are building your online presence. 

You need to be able to strike a balance here but at the same time be realistically prepared to “roll up your sleeves” in a way you probably have never considered before.

There’s no shortcut to online success – it simply takes a lot of work and commitment but the rewards are truly worth the investment of your time, energy and money…if you stay the distance!

You Need Support?

If after all this you feel like you need some support then there are lots of coaches, mentors and “online gurus” available to you.

However, as a simple first step just to get yourself “off the mark” with no strings attached why not join a group of other people who are probably having the very same issues as you but they are sharing their experiences, getting some simple yet realistic support and gaining the confidence to really take some positive steps on thier online journey?

Here’s my suggestion and it’s FREE…


Join Our Facebook VIP Tribe  

This is the official description bit taken directly from our VIP Tribe Facebook Group:

“This group is to help and share with each other as you go on your journey of getting started online.

Please invite anyone you know who is struggling to get started with their online business.

The aim of the group is to create a safe environment where people can ask for help on any issues related to getting their online business up and running.

I will be posting tips, ideas and videos in the group to help you but you can also visit my blog for lots more info.” 

But a quick disclosure…

This Group Is Not For Everyone

If you’re NOT trying to set up your own online business or you’re NOT prepared to share and help other members then our Facebook group is NOT the group for you.

If you’re already very successful online then you no doubt already have your own support networks and mentors in place. This Facebook group is really for “newbie” or “struggling” online marketers but of course as a successful online entrepreneur you’d be more than welcome to join and share your wisdom and experiences.

However, if our “little Facebook tribe”  seems like something you need right now then please accept this as my personal invitation to join us on Facebook and enjoy your online journey amongst some new friends

      Click Here To Join Our VIP Facebook Tribe

Your Turn

Are you just getting started online? Feel a bit lost, confused or over-whelmed with information? Not sure what your first steps should be? Disappointed and perhaps even frustrated with your progress online so far? 

If these questions relate to you in any way then you definitely need help and just maybe our Facebook group is a good place to start. 

Many reading this post are already highly successful and have no need for a group like “our little Facebook tribe” but it would be great if you could also share in your commnets here your “early days online” experiences. That would be great to read about. 


Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    I just send a request to join the group and I’m looking forward to networking with all of you! I also know how hard it can be to work on projects alone. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Timothy and delighted you are joining our “little tribe” mate.

      Look forward to sharing and growing our businesses together.

      All the best from a very hot Thai village


  2. Hi Pete,

    Great Post, I personally believe in order to succeed in the online world or even in life, you need the right mindset, and then the right coach. Going it alone will never work. I spent, or should I say wasted many trying doing it alone without any success.

    Tasleem Khan

    • Hello Tasleem,

      Many thanks for your visit and supportive comment.
      Yes, like you, I also wasted a lot of time and money trying to make a success online until I realized the vital importance of having some guidance and supportive network around me.

      For way too long I tried to do it all myself – not because I didn’t want to spend money on mentoring or coaching but simply because I truly believed (incorrectly) that I didn’t need any help to achieve success online.

      Many thanks again Tasleem


  3. Hey Peter,

    What a wonderful message and I’m sure that those who are new to this online world need someone like you and your group to help them along the way. We all need support and not quite sure who we can trust will give us the right information. I’m sure that those who have joined your group are so happy they found you.

    I think anyone who wants to carve out a place for themselves online is not only brave but smart. Sure, it’s not going to be easy but nothing in life worth having has come super easy. I think they’ll find this as one of the most rewarding things they’ve ever done though.

    At least they have you so they are definitely headed in the right direction now.

    Really great post and I’ve shared it already. Hopefully those in need will take you up on this.

    Enjoy your week.


    • Hello Adrienne and welcome back – it’s always so good to have you visit.

      Many thanks for your kind and supportive thoughts and yes I really do think our “little Facebook tribe” will help folks who are battling to get started online.

      I truly appreciate you sharing this post and coming from someone like you who is highly respected as an authority means a lot to me – thank you.

      Totally agree with you about folks wanting to create an online presence – they must realize that’s it’s not as easy as many people think. The ignorance here is quite scary so no wonder the failure rate of new start ups is so high. People often assume building a business or even just a presence online is simply a matter of creating a website and then wait for the profits to roll in!

      Many thanks again Adrienne and best wishes as always from a remote Thai village


  4. Hi Peter,

    What a wonderful post on not having to do it alone. I have a mentor and a coach to help me through all of my issues I don’t understand. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired so I got help. The technical issues were killing me.

    I like it that you started a group for people who don’t understand as our first priority is to help others who don’t understand. They come to me in the comments section where it is easier to help them and if I can’t help them then I know someone who can.

    Thanks for sharing, Peter and you have a wonderful night and week ahead!


    • Hello Linda and its always great to have you visit,

      Many thanks for your kind words.

      It’s so sad that many people battle on for way too long on their own, getting no-where and simply building frustration and disaapointment that can so very easily be avoided if they only realized they could.

      My challenge is to get folks to accept that they would be better off with some guidance and support.

      You are right I could also help folks in the comments section of my posts but some people prefer the more personal approach of a Facebook group so I’m hoping the creation of my “little tribe” will encourage more folks to seek help.

      Thank again Linda and best wishes from a remote Thai village


  5. Hi Peter

    Yes, you are dead right – we can’t do it alone. ‘Man is not an island’ is the saying and it’s true – every success that I’ve had has come as a result of input from others.

    Having good teachers and coaches is important. They add fuel to our fire. They can also help pinpoint where we are going wrong, and why we do the (often silly) things that we do.

    Of course, this is on the proviso that we put our phoney baloney egos to one side and take on board the advice and guidance that is on offer.

    Associating with a group of like-minded people can also be helpful (although not as potent as having a one on one relationship with someone you respect). That is why I have just joined your Facebook group – looking forward to making a contribution!

    Thanks, Peter!


    • Hi Kim and welcome back mate,

      The key issue is to be able to as you so rightly say “put aside our egos” and be prepared to accept the support and guidance of others around you.

      And yes…some people may find this very difficult to do!

      Great to see you join our little tribe as you have so much experience and success to share.

      The initial purpose of the group was to provide a safe environment where people who are just starting out online (or perhaps having some struggles) can seek ideas, tips and support from fellow members. We are fortunate to have someone of your calibre join with us and I am extremely grateful to you for doing so.

      However, I must add that I do not want this group to be simply a place where people source our free advice and then do nothing with it or never return the favour and help others. With your your joining our tribe the last thing I want to see is people taking advantage of your expertise with nothing coming back in return.

      My best wishes as always and thank you for your continuing contribution and support


  6. Thanks for the kind mention Peter! LOL on that boss line too…if you dislike your boss at your 9-5 you will despise you as an entrepreneur. Can’t get over something that’s still in you and not only that, you can’t outrun pressing problems. If you hate authority, you’ll hate yourself when you need to be in charge, and this leads to all types of actions including being a Doing Monster, which leads to all sorts of failure, stress, worry, anxiety and struggles. Gotta address the problem NOW because it follows you around like a tiny little puppy when you try to ignore it. Take it from a guy who tried to sweep most of his crap under a rug; when someone stops by and accidently kicks the rug everybody’s gonna see the junk 😉 Deal with it and you’ll be free of it for good.


    • Hey Ryan great to see you again mate,
      When that time arrives and you want to get away from your current work environment (and perhaps your boss) you better be sure you are ready for the challenges ahead of you if you decide on the “online business route”

      You will need to become a very effective leader who can enable consistent actions to be taken in such a way that you can still enjoy your new online experience but at the same time make significant progress towards your planned goals and objectives.

      This is not an easy thing to achieve and taking the wrong actions (or lack of action) can result in stress, confusion, frustration and eventually failure.

      This is where the importance of a group comes in with one of the main factors being that of accountability.

      It’s great to have people around you that can support you but at the same time make you accept the responsibilty for your own success or failure. This is very powerful and will definitely test if you are serious or not about your new online journey.

      Many thanks for your insightful comments Ryan – always appreciated


  7. Hi Peter,

    No way can we do it alone! We need others to share our blogs, our products, whatever we do.

    Most of all we need a plan. We need to know what exactly we want to do online. Then, have a mentor or teacher per se to be accountable to. This is why we need others. Accountability is one of the main reasons people need each other.

    Yes, I have seen wonderful people leave this business because of the lack of having others help them out.

    Your group sounds great!


    • Hello Donna and thanks for your visit with me again,

      Many thanks for the reminder about planning.

      The need for a plan is something I overlooked in my post and it is so important provided whatever you plan to do is actually implemented.

      Way too many people spend a lot of time planning and never get around to the “doing” bit or they only paritally implement their plans and wonder why there results are notr what they expected…something like New Year’s resolutions!

      Having others around us to help, support and more importantly make us accountable for what we plan and say we will do, is one of the key reasons why people should consider being part of a group.

      Thanks for your encouraging comment Donna – it is much appreciated

      My best wishes


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