Moments of Truth


I thought I’d share this as we all have moments with potential clients when we really do need to sit them down and have a moment of truth with them.

We want them to come clean with themselves as well as us, about why they are deferring a decision to accept your offer.

But when the potential client hears, especially in these times of skepticism and uncertainty, statements such as “I can find any business an additional $10K to $50K in less than 45 minutes, without spending a cent on marketing or advertising”, do you really think they believe you?

Or “Let me show you how to unlock the hidden treasures in your business”

Or “Do you have 15 minutes for me to show you how you can save XXX or make YYY?”

All these statements may be true but the perception of the prospect is all that counts at this stage. Stop leading with approaches like this as you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Check out this important PDF that will help you with your moments of truth with your prospects & clients 

Moments of Truth

Read it, Use it, and DON'T just save it on your hard drive!


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