Most Bloggers Are Broke!

bloggersLet me start by saying the title of this post is accurate but it does not have to be your potential if you want to be one of the successful bloggers of your niche.

Like everything else there are winners and losers in blogging and this post is aimed squarely at showing you the reality of blogging through the eyes of a relatively new blogger.


A few months ago I made the decision to start a blog with the intention of creating attractive content that would lead into future affiliate sales via links in my blog posts.

The typical content of my posts was a lot like “native advertising” and contained very little of me and my thoughts on the topic being discussed.  

The posts were in reality pseudo sales pages even though I did give some real value.
In hindsight I don’t think I did anything disastrously wrong but the problem was my results.

I attracted very limited traffic and even less engagement on my posts. My “blog community” was pretty much just a few supportive connections I had on Facebook.

The upside was for the first time online I gained a few affiliate sales via the links in my posts.

However, in the cold light of day my sales revenues were far exceeded by my blogging expenses of paid traffic and hosting.

Change of Direction Neededbloggers

Reality had set in and I changed my whole strategy of creating blog content.

Sure I still added in appropriate affiliate links but my focus was more on:

Providing attractive compelling content that would hopefully help with the number of pageviews I was getting

Visiting other blogs in my niche that had high engagement and watching just how these guys operated.

I spend quite some time on these blogs contributing the very best comments I could at my level of experience.

I also completely “shelved” the previous sales type approaches I had to everything.

Sales and marketing came easily to me as my role before finally retiring from my “JOB” was running a sales and marketing consultancy business with a focus on training sales and sales management skills.

So to put all these aside took some effort as they are also one of my passions in life but I really wanted my blog posts to focus on sharing my experiences (both good and bad) in the key areas of my chosen niche – internet marketing.

This was my strategy but I soon discovered it needed a lot more work on my mindset.

bloggersMy Thinking Was Way Off Target

Despite my complete downplaying of any sales and hype in my posts I was then concerned if what I had to say would be of interest to anyone at all.

Once again my blogging venture stalled. Put this down to plain old-fashioned “fear” 


Fear that my limited ability and knowledge of blogging would make it difficult for me to create any sort of worthwhile post.

Fear also because deep inside me resided some thoughts about the “time frame” required to make my blogging venture profitable. Is there a better way for me?  

In addition to this fear factor I had to accept that blogging is a lot of darn work and the results are not instantaneous or even guaranteed.

Added to this as a result of being completely outside my comfort zone of a sales and marketing focus, I started to feel the growing negative inside me re “what in the heck am I going to blog about?”

Back To The Blog Starting Grid bloggers

I remember very clearly one particular Saturday morning in early May this year when I almost used the excuse of helping with our annual rice planting here in my Thai village just to avoid the very thing I needed to do.

It would have been obvious to anyone that to succeed with my blog I had to start creating blog posts that were clear, concise and compelling enough to get my blogging strategy restarted.

It was also important to me (put it down to the fear factor again) that my posts had to be good enough to “pass muster” with some of the big name bloggers in my niche. 

When I regularly commented on their blog I was hoping they may after some time pay me some attention, visit my blog and see what in the heck this ancient Aussie marketer was all about.

And they did just that – their visits to my blog were more exciting than any sales I had made previously via my blog.

So there I was sitting there with my laptop and just staring blankly into the windows screen.

Everybody and their dog were telling me that to create a profitable blog I firstly I needed to create posts with compelling content on a regular basis.

But what to create and how in the heck can a brand new blogger like me ever be able to come up with content that is worthwhile let along highly attractive. That latter point is still one of my challenges but I’m working on it!

bloggersMy Simple 6 Step Solution to Creating Cool Content

If you think you are alone worrying like I did about what to blog about check out the screen shot I took today – more than 2 TRILLION search results for the term “what can I blog about”

So let’s fix that issue once and for all.



By simple trial and error plus my in-house research genius, Google Search, I came up with the following process for creating cool content.

Identified the most active forums in my niche

Looked at what was being discussed regularly as well as recent trending questions.

It was easy to identify the most commonly asked questions – the real pains and frustrations of people in my niche. This is what my audience wants and needs

Researched the best answers/solutions

Implemented many these very same solutions

Then I shared the results via video, audio and written posts (the good, the bad and the ugly!)

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My Unexpected Bonus

Like many internet marketers I have build up an email list using various “freebies” and paid traffic sources. However, my list has never been all that responsive with open rates often around the 3% level.

However, since switching my focus to creating more unique and authentic content on my blog, I discovered that the open rates have climbed to around 9%.

My blog posts are my way of building better relationships with my email lists.

Plus just this week have I will have a tech guy install a subscription link on my blog – something I’ve never had before or realized how important it will be to the building of my blog community. Oh we live and learn!

Note: Apart from the “forum approach” I have also used free services like Google Alerts and/or Content Gems to provide hourly, daily or weekly update right into your email inbox of everything trending for whatever keywords you want.

I prefer the forum approach but either way you will no longer a content problem.

Big Problem Encountered 

This process worked well for me and I started to get a significant increase in traffic to my blog

However, the process was also killing me as it took so long to do the forum research let alone the other steps in the process.

I needed to streamline my approach to save my sanity!

Problem Solved!

arrow image transparent1- RESIZEDCheck out my video right here on this post and discover the very clever and free resource called “FAQFOX” 


With this free tool you can now quickly identify lots of potentially mind-blowing blog post content.

Even if you’ve got the cool content thing done and dusted you need to have the correct mindset about your blogging income expectations.


Can you Really Make Money Blogging?

What’s My Earnings Potential as a New Blogger?

If you are reading this post and decide you want to start blogging then make sure it’s for all the right reasons and that you have the correct mindset re expectations.


I have no idea personally. It’s way too early for me in my blogging venture to give you any real results but as soon as I have some I’ll definitely let you know.

However, there are a range of views on this topic but here are some guidelines I grabbed from the more experienced bloggers in my niche:

Don’t expect to earn any more than 1% of the pageviews to your blog. So if your analytics shows you are getting say 30,000 pageviews then expect at best $300 per month

Most of this income comes from banners on your site plus links to affiliate offers in your posts but the banner income is declining.

ProBlogger conducted some research and found that 9% of bloggers who were trying to make money online were earning between $1K and $10K per month but the vast majority make less than $3.50 per day.

Put it another way their research showed 63% of bloggers earned less than $100 per month but keep in mind the majority of this research was conducted with relatively new bloggers.

Tip: Focus first on quality content and creating traffic to your posts. If you’re short of cash and need the money right now then forget blogging and go get yourself a day job.

How Long Do I Have To Wait for Blogging Success?bloggers

Time scales vary and every blogger will have their own unique story to share re their growth journey.

But according to the experts you should allow between 6 months and 6 years to create an income stream that is more than just pocket money levels.

Your blogging activities (even with my recommended free resource) can take 3+ hours per day.

This actual post has taken me about 2 hours to compile before I even upload to my blog. Then I will have to check the formatting and links plus add appropriate/attractive images. 

By asking and researching the top blogs in my niche it’s clear that most of these top bloggers have been at it for at least 4+ years.

So blogging is definitely NOT for those of you seeking “passive income streams”  but it certainly can be both profitable and extremely rewarding if you implement the guidelines I give you in this post.

4 Keys To Become One Of Those Profitable Bloggers

I assume you don’t want to be one of the majority of bloggers who are quite literally flat broke.

If so and you are prepared to put in the work, then here are some critical things for you to do that I grabbed from Darren Rowse, the renown blogger and founder of ProBlogger Tips: 

Always maintain a focus on creating useful and compelling content – and consistently I might add!

Get your butt (my words) off your own blog and go find potential readers – that’s what effective blog commenting is all about.

Sure it takes time like everything else in blogging but even in a few short weeks I have seen significant changes both in the amount of traffic to my blog plus a vastly improved bounce rate. And this traffic is both targeted and FREE!

Always engage FULLY with readers – make sure you always reply to all comments but please don’t just “go through the motions” with your comment responses. Again have a focus on adding value right there as well!

Have some ways to monetize your blog like banners and affiliate offers

Your Turn

Are you a successful blogger? What have been your experiences in blogging especially with potential income levels and the time it took you? Care to share any invaluable tips you have discovered that have helped your blogging business? Do you think the time it takes to create a profitable blog is way too long for you?

Thanks for your visit with me and I look forward to any questions, tips, ideas or strategies you care to share in your comments on this all important topic of blogging.

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    I find it neat to uncover those fears, right? 😉 Maddening sometimes but enlightening in the long run. Donna said it well in her comment; getting clear on your blog and life is one key to making things pop…..OR… allowing things to pop. Example; My intent is primarily to have fun blogging. I hold this intent much of the time. If I feel tense or resistant or anything other than joyful and detached, I drop everything.


    When I’m detached, the blogging fun is the reward and I look for no money or readers or anything. I feel whole, complete and grateful. If I shift from that fun intent, I plan and worry and manipulate to get stuff from blogging. Big fear-based No No for me. Meditating and deep breathing thru the day both help me to feel and embrace my fears in the moment, so I don’t resist them.

    Congrats on that open rate Peter. Well done my friend, and thank you for sharing with us.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Great to have you visit again mate – always appreciate your comments and thoughts and this time was no exception.

      I was fascinated with your ability to get fully detached and to seek the reward of blogging fun. This is something brand new to me my friend but it does explain how and why you can create such fantastic prolific posts and content.

      Ryan you are in a class of your own mate and I don’t mind admitting that I get great inspiration from you.

      Thanks as always for being you and for always providing my blog posts with your special brand of genius.

      All the best


  2. Hi Barry and thanks for your visit.

    Blogging success is something I’m still working on and I think it will alwayts be that way – a constant “work in progress” sitaution as there is always so many things to improve upon. Appreciate your kind thoughts and feedback and yes my focus is always on total sincerity and honesty, even if at times it makes me look a bit like a dork!

    All the best mate


  3. Hi Peter

    Another really helpful post from you!

    One of the things I like about your content is that its very practical and you project as a candid and trustworthy guy. A powerful combination

    Its great that you changed your approach this year. I made the same kind of change just 3 months ago. Already its paying off in terms of engagement (way more than before) and social media shares.

    Understanding that most bloggers make little or no money from their blogs, it’s probably true to say they need to make similar changes. Perhaps they need to spend less time on content creation and more time on content promotion.

    Before I made the change I WAS making money from blogging. I guess I’ve made over 6 figures from my blog for the simple reason that i managed to get a few of my key posts ranked in the search engines. This in turn gave me quality leads that bought a lot of stuff from me.

    But despite this I wasn’t getting as much traffic as I wanted and I was getting minimal engagement on my blog/s. Three months after making the shift to blog commenting and networking I now get more comments in a day than I used to get in an entire month! Social shares have jumped as well.

    Thanks again Peter and thanks also for that great tip about FoxFaqs – I’m gonna use that!


    • Hi Kim,

      Great to see you again mate and many thanks for your supportive and valuable feedback.

      I made the switch re my blogging approach but unlike you I was not earning 6 figures from my blog. Rather it seemed like a desert island with few visitors, even less engagement and displayed very little authority. It was basically a set of pseudo mini sales pages with no prospects to view them!

      By conributing (and learning heaps) to other people’s blogs including yours Kim, I quickly discovered not just a huge spike in my blog traffic but more people discovered my posts, made the visit here to my blog and got engaged with me. That to me was just magic and I know its just the start of what I hope will become a really supportive and engaged blog community. This stuff is really exciting and has given me the incentive to do even more.

      Glad you found the little tip about FAQFOX helpful mate.

      All the best as always


  4. Hello Adrienne,

    It’s always great to have the “queen of engagement” visit with me. Very special and always appreciate your great feedback.

    Not sure what happened re the video as it works OK for me – hopefully no one else has this issue.

    Time was the biggest challenge for me as far as blogging is concerned. Maybe I wanted things to happen faster but I now realize that in today’s internet world people are extremely wary and skeptical so to build my blog community and my list will take time, patience and lots of effort.

    But I look forward to the challenge with great expectations as I truly love to help others just like me wh have been struggling to make a success online.

    As always my best wishes and thanks Adrienne


    • Hello Tasleem,

      Nice to have you visit and thanks a lot for your kind and supportive comment.

      So pleased you got value from my post and I hope your blogging future goes well.

      Please stay in touch and we can share more tips and ideas togther. Yes?

      All the best


  5. Hi Peter,

    You’ve put together some interesting observations about blogging, and yes, it takes time and effort.

    That said, I think blogging is the best thing you can do to bring focus and clarity to your online business. When you send emails to your list, you can occasionally link them to a relevant blog post you’ve written. Same thing when you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social platforms.

    When you get down to the business of promoting your own products and services, the first thing people want to know is if you are trustworthy and authoritative. Nothing will answer their questions better or faster than checking out your blog.

    Your blog gives you the opportunity to establish your personal brand, whatever that is. It lets you showcase your authority and expertise in your niche. It provides your readers, buyers, prospects with the social proof and testimonials they’ve been looking for.

    I don’t think anything else can do all this. Blogging, I believe, is the best foundation for your online business or network opportunity or anything you’re trying to establish on the internet.

    How long does it take? The branding process begins with your very first blog post. Of course, from there, it’s an endless and shifting work in progress, but what isn’t?

    How much can you earn? This depends on what you offer and how effective you are at building meaningful relationships with your followers. It can be a tiny bit, it can be huge. The potential is there, awaiting your eager implementation.

    Obviously, I love blogging and that’s a big part of the reason why I’ve had the success I have. That, too, pertains to any business on or offline. The more you love it, the more persistent you’ll be, the more resilient you’ll be when things go wrong, and the more steadfast you’ll be in building meaningful and rewarding relationships.

    This was certainly a thought-provoking post on blogging.


    • Hello Donna and welcome,

      What an absolute honor to have Donna Merrill visit with me today This is a red letter day for me having not 1 but 2 of the greatest bloggers online visiting and leaving me their thoughts and helpful feedback. Thank you from my heart for your constructive and very helpful thoughts.

      It took me some time to fully realize the importance of my blog as a branding tool.

      People who visit with me now can see this ancient Aussie marketer “warts and all” and I am more than happy to share my failures as well as my successes with my blog community.

      The time it takes to build my community as you say will be a continual “work in progress” but I’m loving the process.

      To me it’s not “work” at all but more a sharing of ideas and tips that I have found useful and discovering everyday bloggers way more advanced than me who, like you have just done Doona, have shared their experise freely. This to me is priceless!

      The earnings potential aspect is something I’d love to optimize obviously but thanks for sharing your guidance here. Once again it will take lots of time and effort to build but the end result will be worth it.

      Actually as I mentioned in this post, my blog has helped me to relate more closely with my email list who previously had simply received emails from me with links to suggested articles, videos or recommended products that I also had an affiliate interest in.

      Now I can link them to my blog posts and let them get to see the real Peter Beckenham and how I am facing the challenges of building an online business just like them.

      Ths has been a very powerful thing for my branding as people can see, read, listen to and share what they feel is useful – and at the same time get to know and understand me a little bit more each time they visit.

      Donna once again thank you – you have made my day with your visit.

      Best regards from Thailand


  6. Great article Peter.
    Love your honest approach and reflections and hope that others read your article to see what happens when you follow your passions. Connections, value and consistency certainly keep you in the race.
    Cheers Kate

    • Hello Kate,

      What a lovely surprise to have you visit with me – that is just so good.

      Thank you for your kind and supportive words. Sometimes I think I share too much about my failures but then I realize people can relate to them and learn from my experiences.

      Not sure how many of my VIP email subscribers actually are considering blogging as a business venture but will be sending them a link to my post so they can follow their passions/experiences with me hopefully!

      All the best Kate and thanks again


  7. Excellent post Peter!

    Thanks for sharing your powerful stat about, what you can typically expect
    to earn in relationship to your total number of monthly page views.

    I’d never heard that particular relationship shared previously. Which
    is very good to know for future references.

    So basically, you can usually expert to earn about one percent per month
    of your total page views.

    And it’s also extremely helpful for your readers to be aware, that it
    definitely takes time and some continuous dedicated effort, before their blogging
    efforts really start to yield consistent bankable results!

    Great post and I’ll definitely be sharing this one!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks as always for your ongoing support mate – greatly appreciated.

      The verey issue of “time” may be the one thing that prevents potential or even exisitng bloggers from making a success of this venture.

      Blogging sure is not for those wanting a quick fix or an “instant solution” but there are ways to make the process easier and more enjoyable to do. That’s why I shared the FAQFOX free solftware tool as it saved me so much time.

      The earnings potential per month was gleaned from another blogger but I don’t have the experience to share my results just yet.

      Best wishes and thanks again Mark


    • Hi Darren,

      Many thanks for your visit and comment.

      Glad you found some useful tips here as I was sharing not just my rather limited blogging experiences but the knowledge of bloggers way more advanced than me!

      Best wishes


  8. Yes Peter you are definitely on the right track. I feel just by reading your latest post you have come a long way since May. You have done in a very short time what most people give up on. Finding your niche and passion is helpful, but sometimes just making a start and figuring it out is key. Enjoying the process is also key. I think having a great mentor and programme also helps. I like your blogging style and I learned a thing or two. Some of it I am already doing myself. Keep at it my friend-Jennifer

    • Hello Jennifer,

      Great to have you visit and share your thoughts – very much appreciated.

      My niche is obviously internet marketing but my passion is helping the kids of my little Thai village.

      The key for me is to be able to link my niche and my passion via my blogging.

      Actually just last week I got an email from one of my subscribers asking me more about my mission with the village kids so I created a video showing some of the lifesyles and challenges we have here in this very poor little Thai village.

      And you know what…her first reaction was…”Hey Peter why not create blog post and show the world your passion?” – and just maybe I will do just that sometime soon!

      Thanks again Jennifer -you’re an awesome supporter


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