1. Hi Peter. Great article. My strategy is to give my subscribers free and valuable content every single time. Actionable tips that they can use right after they read my content. I show them proven strategies that worked for me. They feel pleased and when I launch my product I don’t even have to ask them to buy from me… they are raving fans already. 🙂

    • Hello David and welcome to my blog – great to have you visit with me mate.

      Your strategy of actually showing how your proven strategies work is a very powerful factor in building your “authority” status as well as trust with your subscribers.

      It comes as no surprise to me that you can generate “raving fans” – this is a lesson all of us can learn from you.

      Appreciate you sharing this critically important piece of the email marketing jigsaw David.

      All the best from Thailand


  2. Hi Peter,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. It shows how human you are and how you made the same mistakes I have done. I hate using solo ads but sometimes I still do use them.. I have had a few that were great where I doubled my money, but a lot that gave 0.

    I think blog commenting works the best, just look at Adrienne. She started out commenting on 5 blogs from Monday to Friday, taking the weekends off. She is a shining star now. So that is what I am doing.

    Don’t give up on product creation as that too is working for others.

    Thank you for sharing, Peter and you have a wonderful night and week ahead!


    • Hello Linda,

      Thanks for your visit and I truly appreciate your wonderful feedback.

      My journey has been quite a ride but I’m hoping like mad that my subscribers and others reading my posts like this can learn from my experiences.

      I will continue with my product creation efforts for sure but firstly I need to get my blogging strategy working well.

      My focus right now is to give as much value as I can to my VIP subscribers both via my emails and my blog posts.

      Best wishes and again thank you for your supportive comments.


  3. Hi Peter

    Great to be here again

    And thanks for sharing your story in such a candid way

    We all have struggles along the way but the real issue is this: how do we handle them? Many quit but you hung in there

    which is a real credit to you.

    The main thing is that you – like me and others – are now building your audience properly, using the same methods that we

    have been taught by the blogging masters. Step by step we make progress. Incremental improvements day by day is the way

    to go.

    In regards to open rates I’ve had mixed results. For instance from the purchase of solo ad traffic the open rates are

    usually pathetically low (less than 5 per cent initially), whereas open rates from my niche targeted ads, and from my 2

    blogs are higher – typically better than 50% initially.

    Thanks again for your contribution!


    • Hey Kim,

      Appreciate your feedback mate and very impressed with an open rate of 50% from your niche targeted and blog traffic.
      That gives me a great incentive to continue to focus on building myu blog community and in turn sharing my posts with my lists.

      Thanks again for the guidance and support Kim

      Best regards


  4. Very gripping story, Peter.

    Very soon you will be able to create an entire e-book just from your awesome blog posts!

    Looking forward to your next creation!


    • Hi Sue,

      Lovely to have you visit and delighted you enjoyed my email marketing saga!

      Thank you for your kind comments – it is greatly appreciated and yes I sure have had some ups and downs in my email marketing business.

      However, its also great to know that if you persist and in my case, eventually implement some simple common sense principles, then you can have an enjoyable and profitable email marketing experience.

      All the best and come back for a visit soon

  5. Hello Adrienne,

    Wonderful to have you back as your comments are always so well considered and extremely helpful not just to my readers but also to me.

    I always learn so much from you and this blogging thing for me is an incredible and enjoyable journey of discovery.

    My goal is to make sure I never repeat the mistakes of my email marketing past – well not too often at least!

    I certainly hope by mentioning my absolute failures with something so important as email marketing that I give others the chance to avoid the mistakes I have made.

    My best wishes as always Adrienne

  6. Absolutely awesome message Peter. If I had a dime for each time I ignored good advice I’d have a lots of dimes…..like…..millions of them. I smartened up a few years back but guard against NOT following my good advice from time to time. It’s a struggle, for sure, but at least I’m becoming more aware of my human-ness. Awesome, power post Peter.

    Signing off from Nicaragua.


    • Hey Ryan – absolutely fantastic to have you visit with me mate. I live and learn mate and for sure will continue to make mistakes again but this time like you mentioned I also am much more aware of my weaknesses.

      Truly appreciate your awesome feedback mate and may your travels in Nicaragua be just as enjoyable (and as interesting) as your time spent here in Thailand.

      Sawadee krup Ryan – all the best and come back soon!

  7. What a fabulous post Peter!

    I think I’ll nick name you Dr. Reality!LOL!

    Ah yes, your story rings with such real world familiarity
    my friend!LOL!

    And I love how you were eventually able to make the necessary
    strategic adjustments, that all extremely savvy marketers must learn to or risk

    And your brutal honesty is truly refreshing as well!My friend I would any local
    small business owners and or service providers, would be darn lucky to have
    you as one of their online marketing/online consultants!

    You really did an excellent job sharing the reality about online marketing!

    • Hi Mark,

      Well I have been called many things in the past mate but never a Dr (of anything!) so really appreciate your supportive comment.

      I would love to be able to provide my services locally Mark but sadly most of the folks in my part of Thailand are poor rice farmers with monthly earnings less than $80 – “small business” is not in their vocab!

      But these folks here in my Thai village are also extremely proud and never let their lack of financial capacity stop them from doing their best for their families.

      They work so hard for so little and that is why it’s my mission to help the kids here to get the best education thay can have and try to help them break the “vicious cycle of poverty” they are in.

      I share my email marketing proceeds with the families here as the looks on the parent’s faces when they can now purchase new schiil uniforms is priceless! It’s also the reason why my wife and I set up our mission with Thai Silk Magic that helps them to help themselves by exporting their fantastic handmade Thai silk and sharing all the profits.

      As always appreciate your thoughts and kind support Mark – come back soon mate

  8. Hi Peter! –

    GREAT article my friend!

    I enjoyed reading about – dare I say…

    Your failed experiences with eMail Marketing.

    I myself never suffered with these problems for two reasons:-

    1. I didn’t have the money to waste on buying traffic.

    2. I was very fortunate that a month after I first became interested in IM I came across my first Mentor – who just happens to be the ‘Master’ of ‘Relationship’ building Chris Farrell.

    The great Zig Ziglar got it right when he said:

    “Help enough people to get what they want and you will get what you want”.

    Put the money out of you mind and offer help and give real value and the money will surly come!

    ** Prime the pump — And wait for that flood! **

    Thanks for giving the value today Peter! 🙂

    Kindest regards

    David Knight

    And remember Rome wasn’t built in a day…but they were laying bricks everyday!

    • Hi David,

      Many thanks for the visit and interesting comment. Yes I must admit I sure did spend way too much money on paid traffic. Maybe it was my lazy streak coming out or perhaps in my desperate reach for success I fell prey to anyone and everyone who had a good sales story to tell. Boy was I vulnerable and did not even realize it at the time!

      Yes I have heard some great reports about Chris Farrell who sounds a lot like the UK male version of Adrienne Smith! Both these folks plus other top bloggers have conquered the secret of relationship building. This was a lesson I wish I had learned like you.

      Thanks again David

  9. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Very interesting stuff.
    I own several niche blogd and in my main niche ” oracles ” I have 500 subscribers with an open-rate over 50 per cent and around 10% spread my massage and share my emails.
    With my subscribers list I plan to do webinars soon and so I monitize this list. For sure I have small offers and I direct them into my Amazonstorefunnel.

    greetings from Germany

    • Hello Jochen,

      Nice to have you visit my man and enjoyed your comments. Wow I am mighty impressed with your open rates – 50% is fantastic!

      What’s your secret? Care to share with me and my readers as this is something very special. It doesn’t matter whether you have 500 or 5000 subscribers – whatever you are doing it’s working brilliantly my friend.

      as you are planning on doing webinars soon may I suggest you check out this excellent post from John Cororan about “How I Quadrupled My Email List in 7 Months.” I think you’ll find it extremely helpful. All the best Jochen and look forward to your next visit with me

    • Hello and thank you David. I appreciate your kind words and supportive feedback but really all I did was to tell is as actually happened.
      There were so many mistakes I made and will probably make even more in the future but at least I am learning how to give the best possible value I can to my lists. Be aware that it can take subscribers some time to “warm” to you, to get to know, like and hopefully trust you enough to follow your recommendations. Finally I always make absolutely sure any recommendations I give to my subscribers are products or services that I have actually purchased myself and found them to be helpful in my online marketing journey.

  10. Hi Peter,
    Really enjoyed your blog my friend, absolute amazing and spot on, some great points i have caught from here so thank you for sharing this valuable content with us.

    • Hello Munir,
      Always great to have you visit with me mate. I am glad you found the post interesting.

      I sure have made some classic mistakes with my email marketing but hopefully by confessing these I will help others to avoid the same traps that I fell into.

      “Engagement” is the real secret of email marketing and I cannot stress that point enough. Forget the ego bit of list size and focus all your attention on building a great relationship with the people who decided to join you for whatever reason.

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