OMG! Are You Playing Russian Roulette…


True story this where I literally wet my pants!

So picture this…

At the invitation of a friend you are visiting a brand new club…

With drink in hand you look around for your friend and discover a small group gathered at the end of the bar looking menacingly right at you!

Not only that…

One of them is pointing a revolver right at you.

Your alarm system immediately goes into over-drive.

One of that group – a giant by any measures – ambles towards you like a lion on the prowl.

In an instant the obvious leader of this group of trouble makers has your arms pinned behind your back.

You call out for help but no one responds.Russian Roulette

The next thing you know the rest of the group surround you laughing.

The revolver appears and you feel nauseous and terrified.

The chamber is slid open and all but one of the six bullets removed.

After spinning the chamber it’s closed again and the giant of a man places it hard against your temple.

Sweating badly you think…

This is what Russian roulette is all about.

You know you have 1 chance in 6 of surviving this experience!

How do you feel now?


Let me put you out of your misery And explain…

This actually happened to me.

But…West Side Story Crew

The gun was a fake

The group were part of the club's cast and crew of the West Side Story musical show.

Everyone in the club was aware of the gig being played apart from me!

My friend planned this practical joke for me as a birthday surprise…


Some surprises I can do without!

But how does this relate to your online future?


Cant sellThe visit to the club was to actually help my friend, a fellow marketer who was struggling to make it online.

After things returned to “normal” my friend (I use that term sparingly for him now)…

finally confessed that he couldn’t sell not anything and maybe that that was the reason he was struggling online.


He was simply scared and out off by anything to do with sales and selling.

What about you?

Are you uncomfortable with selling?

It's OK – many people are…

My friend Paul spent the majority of his time trying to make his blog posts and videos perfect, reading all about “how to succeed”, improving the look of his website, buying products he never really used…

Being busy doing things that would NEVER create any profit.

He never tried to sell anything.

He was just hoping people would buy!

They didn’t…

Every activity he did took up his most valuable asset – his time.

His main ammunition!

And these wasted activities were just like the Russian Roulette experience I had…

Sooner or later that fatal shot would happen…

Sooner rather than later he would fatally wound his online future.

If you can relate to this and just between you and me…you are scared about the whole “selling” thing.

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